Rum is often aged in toasted oak barrels for 10 years or more to add flavor and color. Filter your rum through cheesecloth or a clean cotton shirt to trap wood particles. This guide includes instructions on how to make rum, a link on how to make your own reflux still, and a link on how to dilute the final product. Rum has been made in the Caribbean since the 17th century, where most of the rum production is still made today.

Once you have dissolved the sugar-molasses mixture, add the remaining liters of water to reduce the temperature of the hot water-sugar mixture. You can even chill the remaining gallon to get cold water to help the wash temperature drop faster. The distillate obtained can be consumed as white rum. The brewing process can be stopped at this stage. Now all you have to do is dilute the drink with 40-45% water, bottle and cap it, and then let it stand for 3-4 days for the taste to stabilize. This rum recipe allows you to toss the yeast dough in your pot while you heat the molasses and sugar, saving you time and clean up.

You can also age your rum in a stainless steel barrel, which will allow your rum to mature without darkening the color of the spirit. The results of aged rum can vary widely depending on a few factors to consider. The type of barrel, whether charred or newer, greatly affects the aromas of the rum.

In practice, the amount of rum is always below the theoretical 8-15% for sugar and 15-25% for molasses. Using blackstrap molasses is an absolute must if you want to reproduce the original taste of the best Cuban and Jamaican labels. If you don’t have molasses, you can also use brown cane sugar. The final product will not have such fragrant organoleptic properties, but the technology is a bit simpler.

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Traditionally it was made with sugar cane juice, but today it is generally made with molasses or brown sugar. Heat the water to 120 degrees Fahrenheit by stirring the sugar one pound at a time. Once most of the sugar has dissolved, add molasses one at a time. For a smoother, more even end product, cool to 70 degrees Fahrenheit and add the bread oven. For the best yield, use “Super Start” yeast and ferment at 90F. Install the air chamber and let it ferment for at least 2 weeks.

You can easily use raw cane sugar or cane sugar juice to make rum. The sugar content of the molasses is 30-73% (usually 50%) depending on the production characteristics. Knowing this index, one can estimate the distillate yield. 1 kg of cane sugar results in up to 1.2 liters of rum, 80 proof. Therefore, 1 kg of molasses (50%) results in up to 600 ml of 80 percent drink.

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This is always the final step in a vintage liqueur before it is bottled. Make sure your alembic is properly set up for this step. Secure all clamps and domes, and make sure the capacitors and tubing are properly connected. You then turn on the heat source and start increasing the temperature of your rum laundry. You have to run the rum wash through two separate distillations. During the first, collect all of the distillate without separating the heads, hearts, and tails.

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In general, it’s okay to leave a sealed wash in the fermenter for a few days if necessary before distilling. Add flavors of other additives to enhance the taste. Make seasoned rum by adding cinnamon, ginger, and cloves to the final rum mixture and allowing it to steep for weeks. Some choose to add a small amount of caramelized sugar to the rum.

How To Make A Spiced Rum Recipe From Scratch

Aged in a bourbon barrel for a smoother drinking experience. Once the traditional white rum is distilled, spices and molasses are added and the rum is then aged in oak barrels. You can buy spiced rum from brands like Captain Morgan, but better yet, you can make it at home! It’s that simple (and it’s a great Christmas present!).

  • You can buy spiced rum from brands like Captain Morgan, but better yet, you can make it at home!
  • The final product will not have such fragrant organoleptic properties, but the technology is a bit simpler.
  • Simply dilute the drink to 45% with water and mix the mixture well.

This is due to the amount of product that is lost through evaporation. Always make sure to dilute your distillate 50% before starting the aging process. Rum washes that contain molasses differ slightly in their fermentation process from those that are only made with raw cane sugar. When washing, yeast can completely convert all sugars into alcohol. From spiced rum, dark rum, and white rum, this fermented molass liqueur can be as malleable as what people feel at a given time.

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The rigorous fermentation becomes evident on the second and third days after the yeast is thrown in, but after that it becomes much more subtle. The best way to tell when fermentation has finished is to use an airlock fermenter. This way you can see when the airlock completely stops gushing.

Spiced Rum Recipe Homedistiller

As mentioned earlier, the process of making rum can vary greatly depending on where you are or what culture you live in. There are a few different ingredients you can use to create your rum wash, but they all come from the same source. Rum is mainly made from sulphurized molasses, a product that is obtained when the sugar cane plant is refined.

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Visit our shop for accessories or equipment you need for future distillations. We hope you enjoyed learning how to make rum with a molasses wash and unrefined cane sugar. Many countries require rum to be aged for at least a year after distillation. This is in no way necessary, but it definitely results in a darker, richer tasting rum. A good rule of thumb is to age your rum for 6 to 18 months in a charred oak barrel or with oak shavings to give your rum a distinctive aged flavor. Regardless of how long you want your rum to mature, you’ll need to blend your blend to ensure a consistent taste.

Spiced Rum Recipe Homedistiller

Specific turbo yeasts developed with the right nutrients for the application (whiskey, vodka, rum, etc.) are perhaps the easiest and safest to use. Generic yeast works well for grain mashing, and especially for making ethanol fuel. Requires additional nutrients in sugar-like mashes. Wine yeast is often quite cheap (try Lalvin EC-118) and needs additional nutrients even in sugar washes.

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Other brands of rum include Sailor Jerry, Chairman’s Reserve, and The Kraken. In this guide we will show you step by step how to make rum from scratch. Unlike other spirits like whiskey and vodka, rum has some pretty ill-defined manufacturing methods.

Spiced Rum Recipe Homedistiller

To make homemade rum, you will need cane sugar or molasses. Nowadays it is very easy to get any of these ingredients, you can simply order them online. We are going to go over the old Cuban recipe that is popular with local islanders. I can’t say how good the quality of the light rums is, because personally I was never a fan of light rums. But the quality of the rum can be just as good as store-bought products after a few weeks of aging in oak or with added flavors.

A charred barrel gives a darker, richer taste, while a new barrel gives a lighter taste. The time the rum has matured is also an important factor in the final taste of the liqueur. The older you age your rum, the more time it will have to absorb the flavors of the particular barrel you are using. The area in which you make your rum also has a big impact on the aging process. If you are in a more tropical climate, your rum will ripen much faster.

Just take your desired mix of spices and other ingredients, put them in a bottle of rum for, oh, two days, and then give them a try. Do you need the spice mixture a little stronger? Let it sit for another day or two, or gradually edit the flavor profile and add more than one ingredient if you want to improve it. Thank you for visiting Mile Hi Distilling, your one stop shop for all of your distillation needs.

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