It’s also available here for $ 20 for the 0.75 liter and $ 30 for the 1.75 liter. I don’t know about Alabama, but you can only buy liquor here at the ABC store, and there are plenty out there. It definitely helped me stop spending more money on the more popular vodkas like Absolut, Smirnoff etc. who are not as good as Sobieski and Svedka in your ratings. Time for a glass of sobieski, haha.

Sobieski Vodka Review

We were looking for a cheaper rye-based vodka alternative. Based on the reviews I read mostly about Vodkabuzz (great great resource by the way, thanks!) We tried our regular cocktails with the sobieski last night. But first we made a direct comparison between Square and Sobieski.

What Is Sobieski Vodka?

As bad as straight Sobieski was, he really failed as a mixer. So I added another 50ml Sobieski and again I couldn’t make out the vodka, it just tasted like cranberry juice and spring water without burning. My suspicion that this product was faint with a diluted taste was confirmed when I felt no effect after consuming 150ml of the product.

Sobieski Vodka Review – Drink Spirits

Sobieski Vodka Review.

Posted: Tue, 08 Feb 2011 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Tito’s and Crystal Head are incredibly smooth, and Crystal Head has a cooling effect similar to talk, but nowhere near the crunchy gin martini experience. In contrast, these non-assertive vodkas (especially Titos) forego the oily pickled feel of vermouth, which I find less desirable. Maybe I should try a more confident vodka like Russian Standard, Sobieski, or even the refreshing 360 sweetness to see if I get the best of both worlds. Sobieski Vodka, owned by the Belvedere Group in France, is after Jan III. Sobieski, the greatest king and military leader in Polish history. Made from the famous Dankowski rye from the rich fields of Mazowse, Poland.

Sobieski Vodka Review By Kevin

Since you are probably not prepared for it, I will give you no less than 3. Rye predominates in nose and taste, it is too medicinal and too tart to drink. Of course, that’s just my reaction and my opinion. Half a pint costs around $ 3.50, so if you’re interested this is a great way to try it out.

Sobieski Vodka Review

Your girl will be happier in bed, that’s a promise. I discovered Test 66 about a year ago. What I like most about her is that the reviews are written by real people, with different perspectives, different tastes, but all with a true love of good humor. In other words, the reviews are genuine and insightful.

That’s why I keep buying it because it has proven itself. I’ve always liked vodka cocktails but bought and heard for the price that it was excellent. Now it’s best to drink directly with my meal. Every now and then I have another cocktail, but Sobieski is really there to drink alone. He has a strong nose, but not overwhelming. I like a little punch with my vodka and he does.

An Animated Review Website

Sometimes the taste test just doesn’t tell you enough. It’s the hangover the next morning that tells you what your drink is really made of. Sobieski was one of the more forgiving alcohols of the 80s that I can get drunk on and I still feel good the next day.

  • They don’t start with rye, they start with “agricultural rye ethanol” which is 90% + alcohol, maybe dozens of ethanol from many places.
  • People are stupid and cowardly.
  • I don’t know about Alabama, but you can only buy liquor here at the ABC store, and there are plenty out there.

This led me to research the ratings and reviews of rum, which made it clear to me that Bacardi is not viewed well overall. With that, I decided to look up vodka reviews and came across this website, among other things. Once again, I was enlightened about the overrating of Gray Goose and learned a lot about vodkas that I had never heard of. As a side note, I decided a few days ago to “borrow” my father-in-law’s Beefeater London Dry Gin to try a gin martini at home, as gin is the “official” main ingredient in a martini.

Sobieski Vodka Review By Bob James

Drink it cold and drink it alone. It’s not as creamy as Wyborova or Fris, it’s crisp, crisp, and clean. It’s not a bad vodka, but apparently they are outsourcing the Everclear. They don’t start with rye, they start with “agricultural rye ethanol” which is 90% + alcohol, maybe dozens of ethanol from many places. Then they are distilled and purified to achieve the product.

I had stuck to Gray Goose Martinis ever since. My wife and I went to the Bacardi rum factory in PR about 15 years ago and got a bottle of Bacardi Reserve. When we finally opened it recently, we were disappointed.

Sobieski Vodka Review By William

Meh, reasonable price and good enough I guess. Last week I bought a bottle of Sobieski. My fellow drinkers here at Proof66 are right. Sobieski is an extraordinary vodka.

Sobieski Vodka Review

A liquor store owner told me that Sobieski Belvedere was in a different bottle because Belvedere was losing money and he wanted to sell his vodka without losing the premium product. When I got home I did some research and it turned out that while Sobieski’s parent company is called Belvedere, it’s not the same company and has nothing to do with Belvedere Vodka. However, after reading all of the good reviews, I gave Sobieski a go, hoping to find a new favorite.

I’ve tried most of the high-priced vodka and many cheaper brands. I looked at the different types of vodka and found that the sobieski was distilled from rye, like most other types of grain alcohol. I was pleasantly surprised that Sobieski is a great tasting vodka. I have never tried Luksusowa, but I will have to try these expensive things. So Sobieski is made to have good taste at a good price. When I tried it later in the day after freezing it a little, I was immediately impressed.

That being said, I tried a shot and luckily the alcohol taste fades in no time. It mixes well with grapefruit juice. I reviewed this vodka a few years ago and gave it four stars, but over time I’ve found that it deserves more. Needless to say, I bought everything that was left.

Gin Reviews

Sobieski got only excellent reviews so I had to give it a try. Now I openly admit that I’m not a fan of vodka. I see vodka as a neutral liquor to mix with. My wife enjoys Smirnoff Raspberry with some Sprite and a dash of lemon and I put a bottle of Skyy on the counter for the guests.

It’s half the price of Skyy and the quality is much better. Highly recommended if you want to enjoy mixed drinks and are on a budget. If you are young and want to explore the mysterious world of vodka, this is a great option. A Polish potato-based vodka for the same price we like is Luksosowa. Impressive in very dry martinis.

Sobieski Vodka Review

We used it for years and then moved to an area with several Polish restaurants where it’s their premium vodka. When smelling it smells like alcohol. I am thinking of rubbing alcohol, but it has to be ethanol. Take a light bite and taste the ethanol. The suppleness is noticeable and the alcohol taste noticeably decreases. Trying to recognize the flavors results in a palate full of alcohol.

Soft, crunchy and very fresh taste. This vodka is made from Polish Dankowski rye grain with water from Oligocene springs. Sobieski vodka has been distilled since 1864. In the fall of 2007, the Beverage Tasting Institute rated Sobieski No. 1 based on a blind tasting of 108 different vodkas.

Sobieski Vodka, the #1 Rye Vodka in the U.S., is Changing the Conversation about Vodka by Putting the Focus Back on Ingredients and What’s Really in the Bottle – Business Wire

Sobieski Vodka, the #1 Rye Vodka in the U.S., is Changing the Conversation about Vodka by Putting the Focus Back on Ingredients and What’s Really in the Bottle.

Posted: Thu, 29 Oct 2015 07:00:00 GMT [source]

If you offered these things straight from the freezer to a native Russian, he would laugh at the room. I’ve been buying 1.75 liter bottles of Sobieski vodka for two years. I just paid $ 20.00 for another bottle today. I have to say that this vodka is of a very good quality.

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