In fact, such traditional pairings are not made arbitrarily, but build on tradition. Manufactured in the city of the same name in Emilia-Romagna, the best examples of Parma ham compete in taste and texture with Spanish acorn ham. Cured with salt and usually aged between one and two years, this Italian delicacy requires wafer-thin slices and is probably eaten alone.

Yes, my trendy gourmet friend, I just compared crispy ham to some of the most iconic fashion accessories of all time, but if you try it, I think you will agree with me, its savory and savory delicacy can really enhance it. But first have a sip of wine and let me tell you a little backstory. Made from high quality pig’s feet and matured in Carpegna, Le Marche, this ham has a slightly sweet taste with a deliciously smooth texture. The pork legs are massaged with a mixture of lard, spices and local Cervia salt and then matured for 20 months.

Combinations Of Food And Wine

This is the easiest and quickest starter to prepare; it’s salty and sweet, a bit like yin and yang. Their success depends on using the sweetest and freshest melon and the best quality Serrano ham, a dry Italian ham. Choose a melon that is heavy for its size and has a sweet, fresh aroma.

Prosciutto Wine Pairing

Pork goes well with anything, but some wines complete a plate in ways you didn’t think possible, say the experts at, who market prosiutto around the world. “The rule of thumb when combining wine and Prosciutto di Parma is to avoid wine with very heavy tannins, as the salt makes the tannins taste sour. Also avoid wines that are too sweet as they destroy the natural sweetness of Prosciutto di Parma ”.

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Jamon Serrano is less glamorous than Iberico ham, yet a welcome tapas bar that is kindly enriched by different types of wine. Made from European white pork, the name Serrano specifically refers to the piece of ham and not a breed used to make the tasty ham. The best example is the salted ham dried in the mountain air, which can be a tasty and cheaper alternative to the more expensive Iberian ham. Often paired with sherry, we find that young, fruity and light tannin reds (carbonic acid maceration is your friend here) harmonize very well with Serrano ham. While not a patriotic choice, Beaujolais Nouveau makes a good companion, Joven Rioja, made without the influence of oak.

6 best salami and wine pairings that will never go out of fashion – Architectural Digest India

6 best salami and wine pairings that will never go out of fashion.

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It is similar to the maturity of complex wines in the sense that there is a waiting time before market approval, as is the case with Italian premium wines such as Brunello, Amorone or Barolo. There is a nine-month period for the table from pig to table. The Italian government allows a certified label with Protected Designation of Origin as a symbol of quality, and now we come to the front runner, Prosciutto di Parma. Cattle must come from certain districts and be fed certain grains in order to receive this designation.

Wines That Combine Better With Sausages

Walking through your winery or the aisles of your local Monoprix can be a little tricky finding the perfect wine for your charcuterie board. But it gets easier: We have the perfect combination of wine and sausage for you to make your days a little more relaxed. It is said that wine and cheese are a perfect combination, but when you add a bar of sausages to it, you have created the perfect ménage à trois. Choosing cheese wine right now isn’t really that complicated, but choosing the perfect wine with your charcuterie board is where most people don’t know which route to take.

But deli is as good a companion to wine as cheese, if not more. Like any successful combination of food and wine, the best charcuterie wine pairings celebrate the best characteristics of the meat without dominating it and make the wine shine. The salty taste of raw ham from the northern Italian city of Parma goes best with a safe wine, not red, not too bold, but pleasant on your skin. This elegant and decadent ham is loved for its slightly salty, sweet, nutty taste and its silky, buttery texture.

Prosciutto Di Carpegna Dop

If you want to find out which wine goes with which food, you can use the Hello Vino tool on this page or check out our extensive list of food and wine pairing suggestions. If you prefer to drink full-bodied and alcoholic red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot, avoid salami with a pepper crust or other spicy meats. Sharp heat can ruin a wine, so for this combination we chose a warm salami with baking spices like cloves and nutmeg, but not a lot of black pepper. Bresaola (air-dried beef tenderloin), which can withstand fuller red wines, is another great option for an older, smoother red wine. With cheese, as with other salty foods, the wine has to be heavier to keep up. Lighter types of cheese such as cow or goat cheese go better with lighter wines such as Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc or Beaujolais.

Prosciutto Wine Pairing

Our recipe with Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus contains fresh asparagus wrapped in hearty prosciutto, along with some delicious goat cheese, which makes for a delicious starter. When choosing a wine to be drunk with a ham dish, the subtle, sweet taste and delicate texture of the ham require a wine of equal sensitivity that does not overwhelm the meat. Prosciutto, thinly cut as paper and melt-in-the-mouth, high salt content and dryness factor, is a popular combination with sparkling wines. Bubbly rosés, or perhaps a bright, bright red, go well with ham.

The Best Wine To Go With Melon And Italian Parma Ham:

Other possible combinations are still rosé with a crisp minerality or a light, fruity white wine. A dry sherry or a dry Madeira (like a five-year-old Verdelho or a Sercial Madeira) have also proven themselves well in the pairing game. But here the salty prosciutto and hearty goat cheese form a nice bridge to wine. There is a lot of taste in every bite: vegetable taste of asparagus, salty prosciutto and salty goat cheese. No combination is more typical or expected for this evening ritual than that of prosciutto and white wine. Both this food and wine are made in the province of Udine in Friuli.

Bisol’s Crede is a great place to start, with or without Parma ham. Definitely a good pairing with the ham-wrapped asparagus with goat cheese. I originally came up with this goat cheese-wrapped asparagus recipe for a spring tasting menu that I put together for a small gathering. The ham also goes well with “everything that includes fresh sage, mushrooms of all kinds and ingredients with a syrupy sweetness like figs, raisins, port wine and aged balsamic vinegar,” says

How To Combine Wine And Serrano Ham

Lighter hams like Serrano and Prosciutto have a sweet and salty balance; Therefore, they go best with wines that are sweeter and fruity, with a lot of acidity. A dry Riesling in combination with a prosciutto platter will definitely make a delicious combination. The best way to enjoy the taste of Pinot Noir is to pair it with a pork based sausage and add a little mushroom here and there for extra flavor.

Prosciutto Wine Pairing

A plate of delicious bacon will satisfy even the toughest food critics, a characteristic smoked raw ham from the South Tyrol region in northern Italy. It has a much lighter taste than the smoked ham north of the Alps, but more robust than the delicate Mediterranean-influenced prosiutto from Parma. Typically boned before ripening, the deeper flavor of bacon deserves an equally robust combination. Gewürztraminer likes smoked food; The best South Tyrolean examples give the rich, smoky taste of the bacon a delicious note. Take our advice, try to find a bottle of Cantina Valle Isarco Aristos Gewürztraminer the next time bacon is on the menu. As a great example of an aromatic Gewürztraminer from South Tyrol, the wine is left on its fine yeast for seven months before being bottled to give it texture, fullness and complexity.

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As the moisture evaporates during the drying and ripening process, the flavors of the ham will concentrate, so it is best to cut the ham into thin slices. And it is the distinctive marbling of the ham that gives every heavenly piece a wafer-thin mouthfeel. Like wine, prosciutto also tastes slightly different depending on its origin – each region presents its own unique and delicious ham terroir. The high salt content and dryness factor of the meat calls for sparkling wine. It also goes very well with a sparkling rosé or even a sparkling red. Other great combination options are still rosé, mineral and herbal crisp white wines, dry sherry and dry Madeira (like a 5- year old Verdelho or Sercial Madeira).

  • This is the easiest and quickest starter to prepare; it’s salty and sweet, a bit like yin and yang.
  • The salty taste of raw ham from the northern Italian city of Parma goes best with a safe wine, not red, not too bold, but pleasant on your skin.
  • Sharp heat can ruin a wine, so for this combination we chose a warm salami with baking spices like cloves and nutmeg, but not a lot of black pepper.

This makes them easy to combine with prosciutto, they eliminate the salty taste and are also good to drink neat. Another grape variety of the autochthonous white grape from Friula, Ribolla Gialla, combines very well with the fat of the meat; Italians say the fat in prosciutto is the best. However, this does not mean that you cannot have a fresh and flavorful Friulian red wine with prosciutto, let’s say a Refosco or Schioppettino, both indigenous red grape varieties from Friula.

This type is usually smoked, but varies in size from fresh full-size ham that you bake in the oven to pre-cut ham that you buy in the supermarket. This less sweet type of ham could also include processed hams like mortadella and spam. Since this type of ham is juicier and not as salty as a raw ham, it’s one of the best options to pair with lighter red and rosé wines. While it is often served wrapped around fruit or vegetables, over pizza or flatbread, crispy for a soup or a salad or cut into thin strips to make pasta, good prosciutto is a stylish snack or starter on its own. It has several different flavor components that invite creative wine pairing, depending on which one you want to highlight. We found that a light white wine with a slight mineral undertone goes well with this ham-wrapped asparagus.

Prosciutto Wine Pairing

Zero dose examples work best; our best option would be Bellavista. When paired with the right wine, Prosciutto de San Daniele can really be extraordinary. Although versatile, it goes best with fresh, fragrant white wines. Local wines from Friuli offer similar taste characteristics as air-dried ham. Friulians traditionally combine their ham with, you guessed it, Friulian white wine. All Friuli Venezia Giulia wines have the longest growing season in Italy, which allows them to be high in acidity but also easy to drink.

“Prosciutto goes very well with sparkling wines and spicy white wines, but also with young, fruity red wines such as Chianti, Dolcetto and light Pinot Noir.” It should be noted that Prosecco is generally sweeter than other sparkling wines, especially the “extra dry” style that goes best with cakes, biscuits, pastries, and other sweet things. Or it goes well with a plate of Serrano ham with ripe peaches and figs. Cheese and crackers, peanut butter and jelly and wine and Prosciutto di Parma – some things are just better together.

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