It is very soft, but it lacks the agaven character that all tequila afficionados lovemos. With so many attractive options out there, I do not see investing in the sample with its premium price. Every time I had patron, it was on a party or bar, in another person tm dollar. I cannot really add something useful that has already been said – very neutral nose and soft tasting. Ja oted tm looking for a super soft tequila, then this will do the trick, but there are many other options that are much cheaper.

  • This is one of the best silver tequilas I’ve ever tried.
  • Without exceptional aromas, it will be easy to drink if they are just looking to get drunk.
  • I also bought a white juli don who used to be my favorite summer drink for years.
  • The nase is full of bonbons, vanilla and melone, all mixed with a beautiful roasted agave.

Pretty grundnase, but still a good amount of boiled agaven, zitrus and black pfeffer. These notes are present in the palate, but they are soft and come with too much alcohol for my drop. In general I find this simple, thin tequila, and a bit bland – especially for the price.

Confused By Tequila? Have They Ever Wondered Which Words Are Like Old And White? The Best For A Straight Line?

This is finally a bottling that has 45% alcohol after volume filling power, and I know from my previous Tequila-Muster reviews that the brand is known for its special solid fragrance seasoned from highland. This particular pattern is very different. The taste of agaven in the rule punky and the typical pfeffer spice of a highland tequila are both tempered in this bottle. Instead of sealing me with a full tone alcohol of 45%, the silver pattern is almost smooth in its approach. Almost there are enough pfeffers and seasoned so that my mandels know that I drink tequila.

Patron Tequila Review

There are earthly aromas of pumpkin and garden gurke embedded in the fruity agave, and for me everything knows very well with a subtle complexity that is attractive. Muster is a popular tequila brand, and its silver tequila is one of the hottest spirits on the market that can be found in almost any bar and liquor store. While many amateur tequilas discredit and exist, added, many tequilas that exceed it in quality and taste, silver sample is the perfect introduction tequila.

Sample Tequila Series Review

I was always more inclined to spend my time and money to explore smaller and less well-known brands. But, recently, boss has injected a new energy into the market. Have some really interesting products that shake things and create excitement.

Patron Tequila Review

The original Tequila pattern was a brand of the spirit produced by the distillery seven ligen, owned by don ignacio gonzález vargas. The name “7 ligen” was the name of the famous popular pancho Mexican revolutionary villa. It was his pride in the Mexican history that led vargas to use this reference for his distilled spirituosenfirma, which owned two destillaterien, as a patron, whose oldest was founded in 1952 and the last in 1984. Green nase oily and taste pfeffer, zitrus and alcohol are also present in a smooth and short finish. It is also from this reason that I personally never really had the urge to drink patron all this often.

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The bottle itself rubbed, but not in a sexy wise, more like it has been in the freezer. It is a bottle of squat style, so if they have narrow regale in their alcohol cabinet, they must hold it next to their neck. Throw it back and they get roasted agavenaroma; nothing else is unmistakable. There is a light incineration, but there is no overload.

A strange future story for tequila, high olmeca was initiated by two bartenders of the united kingdom and an experienced tequila master of mexico. The agave is slowly roasted before double distillation in copper in crucible and bube ovens. Tequila is aged for 18 months in bourbon iron barrels. This is one of the best silver tequilas I’ve ever tried.


Joto behind it is the usual citrus note that is finished with something of the sweet of agaven plant. The experience ends with a touch of crisp black pfeffer. Casamigos is the popular tequila created by george clooney. Alcohol brands are often disappointing; but the marihuana tequilas are all solid (come in hair, rested and aged) the rest is aged for seven months in barrels whisky. Most tequilas are 76 tests (38% alcohol), but these are 80 tests (40% alcohol) but it is so soft that they would never know.

Then a part of the liquid is aged in barrels, while some of them are filled directly into the bottles of hand patròn. The result is a tequila line that is quite different from the current cartridge products. Moreover, for the rockets of rocking, they have overcome the abbot who is a great victor in my book. The predominant majority of tequilas on the market, conventional or handcrafted, are released on 80 tests.

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So aromas of agave, eukalyptus and white pfeffer lead to a smooth and tasty finish. Large silver pattern is packed in a beautiful bottle curved glass. It is treated as a designer liqueur, with a sticker with the head ornament pattern on it; if the upper part is removed, a bit is atomized within the bottle lid, which has a lot of patron symbolism on it. It seems very pretentious, but it is not so annoying.

Patron Tequila Review

Chef deserves credit to bring qualitatiw high quality tequila to the mass market, but they tend to crush a lot in these days. I don’t deserve it when they ask me. silver pattern is really pretty good, and to be a huge brand, make a better job than many other small batch brands on the market. The only thing that took my points away must do with a bottle-to-bottle inconsistency. It is not that every quantity knows exactly the same, but I should really have a good feeling so that I can get out of a bottle. And yet, if you do, chef is nothing special. The tequila offers a big nase, and a little nutty and fifty, with pronounced noten agaven.


I don’t think I would buy a bottle, but there are some solid aromen here and it’s a decent if it’s their only good choice in a bar. The fact that it is free from additives is also a plus. For the first time I am prepared for a complete agaven and pfeffer in my teeth kicking.

Bacardi Patron XO Café coffee and tequila shot to cease production – St Albans & Harpenden Review

Bacardi Patron XO Café coffee and tequila shot to cease production.

Posted: Fri, 08 Oct 2021 14:19:19 GMT [source]

The nase is very clean, rich and refined: spicy agave, black pfeffer, green chili and deep vegetables. There is also light citrus peel – it is not surprising that this couple is so good with lemon juice. Muster has a lot of tequilas to scream, but we have reserved special lob for the rest. A folded tequila is one that has spent between two months and one year in a barrel of oak – a short ripe point that helps to rounded rough edges.

The history of the tequila indotria can be divided almost before pattern and by pattern. Released in 1989, sample absorbed the perception of tequila as a drink of the lower platform party of bad quality and almost lifted it from a hand in the spirit pantheon along with whisky and cognac. The distinctive bottle in the shape of hive and the round cork of pattern became iconic in bars and liqueurs in the years 1990 and 2000, and the brand remains today a symbol of quality and opulence. That is my preferred drink, but it is not a drink for people who are not familiar with their own fleet tolerance. I personally get the taste silver and coffee pattern. I have to make goose blooming with taste or make a shot with lime and good friends.

Patron Tequila Review

Products like its big boss line, which includes the ultra premium-sized stone pattern, a tequila monster sold for about $400. 1800 silver is a soft tequila, which is added 15 days resting in American oak barrels with a small French oak. The name 1800 comes from the Tequila year was successfully aged in egg barrels. (2.5 out of 5.) it is difficult to check this because, although it is not terrible, there is no reason to buy it. What it is, simple, is a soft tequila, but without dancing. Very soft agavennase and very soft, but this is the best thing you can say.

From View

It’s a little sweet, almost like caramelized. It tastes like a medium tequila first, but it gets better when it comes to the end. It is soft and buttery with a small bitter kick at the end. The postgot is pleasant while it is not completely persistent. The taste that is soft sweet with the earthly agave mixed with light pasty aromas of lemon balm and lemon zeste. A lightness within the mind offers a refreshing mentholein pressure that is perfectly frustrated by a black and white pfeffer construction at the back of the gaumens.

This is an unoffensive tequila, but it lacks deep and complexity. I have visited their distillery so I know that they make tequila traditional wise and strive for superior quality. The pattern silver tequila is a finer spirit without ageing, which works well as a chef and a mixer.

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