Since Italy is a Mediterranean country, it makes sense to prepare the palate for Mediterranean flavors when trying a pasta dish. Seafood is a staple of this seaside meal, which means you need a wine that will bring out the delicate flavors of seafood without overpowering them. If you’re cooking with a meatier fish dish like crab and lobster, you can opt for a fuller-bodied white wine. More fruity and softer than Cabernet Sauvignon, this gentle wine goes well with tomato-based pasta. If you add bacon or mushrooms, a light merlot is sure to complement the pasta dish well. Tomato-based pastes have a high acid content and require wines with the same or higher acid content.

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Fall 2021 Food and Wine Pairings to Try.

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This delicacy goes perfectly with the delicate earthy flavors of the basil pesto. The berry undertones of the wine bring out the acidity of the sun-dried tomatoes and the rich but muted mushroom taste goes perfectly with the crisp finish of the Pinot Noir. The depth of the tones makes the wine the perfect accompaniment to tomato-based pasta dishes, such as a classic meatball marinara or a hearty tomato sauce with sausage. Pinot Noir is a very versatile wine and also goes perfectly with traditional pesto sauces. Who can resist the fresh tomato flavor of a hearty marinara or spicy Amatriciana? All that this amazing flavorful masterpiece is missing is a glass of red wine as well!

Discover The Best Wines For Spaghetti

Rich, creamy sauces such as carbonara and parmesan go wonderfully with a rich Chardonnay. These wines complement cream sauces and also go well with filled pasta or mushroom pasta. This wine is known for its rich, dark color and its high tannin and alcohol content.

Pasta Wine Pairing

Tart, bright and clean, these wines will not dominate the variety of vegetables. Instead, the subtle citrus and floral notes underline the intricate balance of the garden green. Sangiovese is a red wine that is neither strong like Cabernet Sauvignon nor soft like Merlot. This naturally fruity, high-tannin wine is very food-friendly and goes well with tomato-based sauces. This wine has a cherry and violet flavor and is known for its lively acidity. No wonder it goes so well with pasta in tomato sauce, like lasagna, spaghetti, and meatballs, etc.

Sparkling Wine And Pasta E Fagioli

The heavier your pasta dish, the more body and strength your wine should have. A Napa Cabernet Sauvignon or a spicy Sangiovese goes better with meatballs and minced meat than a light wine. Herbal noodles like pesto go perfectly with white wine to balance the flavors without overwhelming them.

It is available in light, medium and full-bodied varieties that vary depending on the spice and tannin content. In addition, its spicy and tangy taste, with a hint of red fruits and cherries, complements the tomato sauce well. But the lighter varieties, such as the white Zinfandel variety, can also be taken with the cream-based pastes. This wine also goes well with spaghetti and meatballs, sausage-based sauces and Bolognese.

Tomato Basil

Sauvignon Blanc is a surefire hit here too, as it has those delicious herbal notes. If you’re feeling a little more creative, you can consider a dry Sicilian white wine or even a light Chardonnay. Fresh tomato sauce on pasta, for example, complements dry white wines really well, but it doesn’t go best with sweet white wines. If the tomato sauce has meat in it, it makes for really tart, medium-bodied reds, but can be overwhelmed by deep oak reds. Olive oil-based pasta dishes such as Agelio e Olio and Spaghetti Carbonara go well with dry, crunchy white wines such as Sauvignon Blanc.

Pasta Wine Pairing

For example, a pesto-based pasta goes particularly well with Sauvignon Blanc, and some other types of white wine can go well too. However, if you add tomatoes and meat as well, the pesto will be less intrusive and you will have to pair it with a red wine instead of a white wine. If your pasta dish also uses tomatoes, you may need to change the wine pairing a bit. A Sagrantino or a Rosso Piceno can be an interesting option, although they’re reds rather than whites. It works because the wine compliments the tomatoes well while contrasting the richness of the pasta. If pesto is the dominant aroma in your pasta, then a dry white wine is a good first choice.

“a Meal Without Wine Is Like A Day Without Sun”

The high acidity of the Pinot Grigio balances the smoothness of the sauce and cleans the palette for the next delicious bite. This light and crisp grape is a delicious combination of wine and pasta. Make the classic combination of basil, garlic and parmesan or try spaghetti with parsley and almond pesto.

Although pasta may seem like a heavy dish, pasta primavera and pesto sauces carb pasta taste as light as a salad. Fresh and spring-like vegetables, from artichokes to pumpkin, peppers and broccolini, ensure that your pasta dish is as crunchy as it is tasty. Look out for a light white wine to match the sunny taste of these pasta dishes.

Chardonnay And Creamy Sauces

If the wine lacks additional acidity, the acidity of the pasta will overshadow the wine and make it taste bland. Pasta with creamy sauces needs dry, no-bake whites to penetrate the rich flavor, but not to overpower it in any way. As a deep red wine, Zinfandel is similar to Cabernet Sauvignon in that it is rich in tannins.

  • If you cook a hot red pasta sauce on the stove, you need a medium-strength red wine to develop its aromas.
  • A wine that does not match the acidity of the sauce will make the wine taste bland.
  • All that this amazing flavorful masterpiece is missing is a glass of red wine as well!
  • If the wine lacks additional acidity, the acidity of the pasta will overshadow the wine and make it taste bland.
  • America’s # 1 white wine Chardonnay is the most widely consumed variety in the world.

This adds a touch of acidity and bitterness that, when combined with the wine’s spicy undertones, makes it the perfect accompaniment to virtually any Italian pasta dish. Tomato sauces are preferred, but you can even choose creamy sauces without sacrificing the flavor profile of a lighter version of a zinfandel. A dry and sufficiently cold white wine offers a delicious contrast to the herbal notes of the pesto.

The desired color of the wine depends mainly on the sauce that is served with the spaghetti. Creamy or olive oil-based sauces, such as pesto and alfredo, go best with white wines. We talked about linguine with clams and spaghetti with prawns; Medium-bodied white wines go well with these dishes. In order not to drown out the freshness and taste of the seafood, usually pair your dish with a crisp, dry white wine like Pinot Grigio.

Buon Appetito: The Ultimate Guide To The Best Italian Pasta And Wine Pairings – Forbes

Buon Appetito: The Ultimate Guide To The Best Italian Pasta And Wine Pairings.

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Lifting your plate begins with considering the taste of the sauce, cheese, and other ingredients incorporated. Choose a wine with a higher acidity than the sauce to avoid a tasteless experience. If your dish is prepared with creamy sauce, a full-bodied dry white permeates the richness without stirring.

The apple and pear notes balance the herbal taste of the basil pesto without drowning out the subtly refreshing taste of the shrimp. Garlic and spinach give this light meal a delicious note that goes well with the dry taste of the Pinot Grigio. Complex, medium-bodied and low in acidity, Zinfandelis is the ideal wine for a daring red sauce. We therefore recommend combining this rich wine with an equally rich pasta dish.

If you cook a hot red pasta sauce on the stove, you need a medium-strength red wine to develop its aromas. Red wines are full, rich and powerful and can keep up with the spiciness of your sauce. When you add richer flavors like meat, cream, and thick mushrooms to your pasta, you add to the body of your wine. Creamy pasta sauces go wonderfully with non-baking dry white wine that can cut through the rich flavors without dominating the dish.

Fine Wines That Go Well With Pasta And Make A Heavenly Meal

To balance the richness of the seafood-based pasta, it adds a slight bitterness to your palate. Medium-weight whites pair best with most seafood-based pastas, unless they contain tomatoes, then you should consider an Italian rose. No one can resist the sticky, tangy, and smooth taste of melted cheese, especially when topped with a savory pasta recipe. With such a large selection of cheese flavors, intensities and degrees of spiciness, however, an equally wide range of wines can go together perfectly. Pinot Grigio is an Italian white wine known for its light body and crisp fruity taste. This clean and simple wine is exactly what this fresh and earthy pasta recipe needs.

On the other hand, if you have a lighter version, you know it goes very well with cream-based pasta, Bolognese, sausage-based sauces, meatballs, and spaghetti. You can’t go wrong with a medium-bodied Italian red wine like a tart, a Barbera cherry that brings your plate to life, or a typically earthy Chianti. A Spanish Graciano is another option as it balances out the rich sauces of the lasagna. Full of tomato acid and supplemented with basil, olive oil and garlic, these dishes are often combined with spicy cheeses such as Parmesan or Fontina. This paste works best with light fruity wines that are sour enough to withstand ingredients like Chianti, Merlot, Grenache, or Zinfandel. For spaghetti Bolognese, earthy wines with a hint of cherry are a good choice, such as Nebbiolo or Dolcetto or a Tempranillo with raspberry notes.

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