Like I said, it’s bold and as you mix it, keep that in mind as you use it to make drinks. It’s an excellent old fashioned, but simply good Manhattan. When the product was introduced in 1870, Old Forester bottles were sealed to prevent adulteration and content exchange and were initially sold as pharmaceuticals in pharmacies. This innovation was made possible and driven by emerging advances in the mass production of glass bottles, soon to be developed by Michael Owens. The sealed bottle approach was popular with doctors and pharmacists selling the product, and its approval for the product was announced in public. “As the single barrel program progresses and you select barrels for it, you need to reach a certain volume in that barrel in order to qualify for the program,” she says.

  • They adapt well to the taste profile of the palate and give the finish a little more complexity.
  • On the nose, this Warehouse K Bourbon offers faint caramelized banana opening notes, along with darker fruit impressions of plum or grape; the quality of the fruit has something vinous here.
  • When tested alongside Old Forester 1897 Bottled in Bond, the signature finish is the only thing stopping this bourbon from being almost on par.
  • But he does everything I can ask of a bourbon and does it very well and for a fair price.

I usually have all 3 at home because apparently I’m a huge Brown Forman fan. I find this smoother and more interesting than a typical NAS straight bourbon. Personally, I’ll be up against Buffalo Trace, Ridgemont 1792, Wild Turkey 81, Beam Black, Evan Williams 1783, and even Eagle Rare. It doesn’t mean I think you like it as much as I do, but I think it is definitely worth trying for anyone interested in bourbon or looking for a solid mean.

Old Forester Loves Derby Day

And above all, you will be able to make a name for yourself and set a qualitative counterpoint to your competition. There is almost a slight liquorice aftertaste here, once the liquid is gone, at the end it mixes with some spicy aroma thanks to the rye (but not as much as I would expect from the 18% rye content on the grain bill, I have to period ). While the attempt below ended with no issues, here’s a bite that can almost be described as the tannin of a good bottle of aged red wine.

Medicinal whiskey had to be bottled at 100 degrees, but in the Old Forester tradition, if you “knew a guy who knew another,” you could get it straight out of it at anything closer to the 115 degrees it was bottled at Get a barrel. No matter how much truth there is in the story, the highest proof works wonderfully here and gives the whiskey a bold and oversized taste without getting off course. I bought a bottle of this bourbon a few weeks ago to try a product from the Old Forester line.

Is it the BEST whiskey I’ve ever had for any of these things? Woodford and Blanton are better clean or on the rocks, OF Signiture makes a better highball, and the best Manhattans I’ve had so far are made with rye. But it’s very good at all of these things, it can be found in almost every liquor store in my area, it doesn’t break the bank and it never leaves me disadvantaged.

Kentucky Old Forester 86 Proof Straight Bourbon Whiskey

The idea is to “show the many facets of Old Forester flavors” by bottling unusual selections from barrels.

Taste Test: This Year’s Old Forester Birthday Bourbon Will Burnish Any Collection – Robb Report

Taste Test: This Year’s Old Forester Birthday Bourbon Will Burnish Any Collection.

Posted: Fri, 10 Sep 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

I get a little ginger-like warmth, plus an important rye spice and a lot of spicy oak. When tasting it, you get the feeling that it has interacted quite intensively with the barrel, and it is the extracted tannin that softens the sweetness, but also exudes a decent helping of alcoholic spiciness. Master taster Jackie Zykan’s tasting notes mention “bitter molasses,” and that could be a good word to describe it: you need something that you can make so objectively sweet and more than balanced. All in all, I find this a bit hot, and it’s not as readily available and easy to drink as the 115-proof Old Forester Prohibition Style 1920, for example, but its boisterous flavors are interesting nonetheless. Regardless of what we have here, on paper is a pretty standard Old Forester bourbon release made with the only OF bourbon mash note and no age indication, like almost every Old Forester bourbon is. It was aged in Warehouse K, which, like many Brown Forman warehouses, is characterized by being exposed to thermal cycles, the aim of which is to drive the spirit in and out of the wood to aid the oak and whiskey interaction.

Old Forester Bourbon Fragrance

The liqueur has a good thickness, which I would classify as medium strength, what a 43% vol. As with the Statesman version I reviewed above, it’s not a lot of flavor at first, but as the liquid settles in your mouth the flavors start to develop and the idea that you were just licking the inside of an oak barrel starts to form charred. The caramel and vanilla are very noticeable, and I think I’m getting a bit of a woody and oaky flavor too.

Like the latest version of the 117 series, High Angel Parts, it was bottled at 55% ABV, in 375ml medium-sized bottles, and retailed for an MSRP of $ 50. It’s a double-edged sword in the eyes of whiskey fans – it allows for more bottles to reach more hands, but others want a full bottle. We personally are pioneers in making limited-edition bottles larger and priced as needed, so this is a win-win situation for me.

Old Forester Bourbon Review

The Spirit has about the same weight as the ’86 trial version, not particularly thicker or heavier than the lower trial offer. As soon as you take a sip, the flavors start to evolve and you gradually realize that you have simply licked the inside of a charred oak barrel. There is another caramel and vanilla mixed in, but I also add a little nutmeg and cinnamon seasoning to the mix before the strong taste of charred oak completely dominates the rest of the experience. “We have this great opportunity to deconstruct what we’re already doing for our blends and our products, and that’s where the 117 series came in,” he explains. “It’s not just about giving people a different side of the Old Forester flavor profile, but it also helps them understand the process we went through to make Old Forester that beautiful, balanced and consistent bourbon.

4 Easy Facts About Old Forester Bourbon Review Described

In modern times, Old Forester is still owned by the descendants of George Garvin Brown, who own a controlling interest in parent company Brown-Forman Corporation. Involved in the distillation, bottling, maturation and bottling of their brands. Old Forester has only owned 3 Master Distillers since 1963 which has helped maintain consistency across the board. The Old Forester brand suffered from the brand identity for a long time. They were one of the greats on the shelf, but the brand wasn’t fashionable. They offer a special birthday bourbon release once a year that didn’t interest anyone until about five years ago.

Old Forester 86 and 100 Proof Bourbons have struggled with this for many years. They were far from bad Bourbons, they just weren’t that memorable. Unfortunately, the most memorable thing about them was their terrible end. With that almost fixed and a rich palate and respectable depth, Old Forester Signature now offers a solid spout at a great price.

Other Reviews

The distillers affectionately call Angels’ Share whiskey, which evaporates in the warehouse as the barrels age, but the angels have taken too much with these barrels. The brand is considered the official Mint Julep Bourbon and is therefore often drunk over crushed ice in pewter glasses. Old Forester loves the cocktail so much that it even has a 60 degree mint julep whiskey expression that is perfect for mixing the classic cocktail. With the original 86-proof version, I said it could be the perfect bourbon for a Kentucky mule. Just the right flavors and level of boldness for the bourbon to come out clear in all that ginger ale, but not so overwhelming that the drink stops being refreshing. The first thing I smell is brown sugar with a hint of caramel.

Old Forester Bourbon Review

To further differentiate your bourbon, each bottle of Old Forrester Bourbon was bottled, sealed, and bore Brown’s personal quality promise and signature to authenticate it as such. Old Forester 1920 is the third of four Old Forester Whiskey Row expressions that document the evolution of bourbon over the brand’s long history. Old Forester was one of the few distilleries allowed to continue the limited production and bottling of medicinal whiskey during Prohibition, and 1920 is a testament to that era of the brand.

The Old Forester brand was Brown’s response to a medicinal whiskey market that was once hampered by the sale of poor quality whiskey and inconsistent whiskey to unsuspecting customers. In Louisville and began sourcing high quality bourbon direct from three different distilleries. These were blended for quality and consistency and marketed exclusively for the medicinal whiskey trade. Brown also took advantage of advances in the mass production of glass bottles to exclusively offer bottled bourbon, making him the first to commercially bottle his bourbon.

Old Forester Bourbon Review

It’s sweet, carmely, woody, with a distinctive charcoal note and a pleasant rye note for balance. But he does everything I can ask of a bourbon and does it very well and for a fair price. But it’s also very nice on ice, in a Coke Highball, in an Old Fashioned, in a Sour, and it’s probably even a passable Manhattan.

Old Forester 2020 Bourbon Birthday

This year, Bourbon 21st Birthday will be launched, a 119-barrel blend that was bottled on April 16, 2009, aged for 12 years in Lager G and bottled with 104 proof. My first thought when testing the 2021 release was that it was a bourbon with some cognac character, full of deep notes of cherry and caramel that appear on the palate with a bit of spice at the end. As you retreat for a few seconds, dry, but not overwhelming, tannin notes are released, aided by a symphony of caramel, vanilla, and peaches in syrup. On the palate, there is a good initial sweetness, with brown sugar and more confectionery notes / hints of nutty cocoa, quickly transitioning to dark fruit and plums, but at the same time also quite spicy.

Old Forester Bourbon Review

On the nose, this Warehouse K Bourbon offers faint caramelized banana opening notes, along with darker fruit impressions of plum or grape; the quality of the fruit has something vinous here. There’s a fair amount of moldy and slightly funky oak, too, followed by brown sugar, charred cinnamon, and a dash of pepper and rye. There is a bit of game here and a good deal of oak; Looks pretty shocking on first inspection.

Since 2002, Old Forester has been publishing a limited edition of the “Birthday Bourbon” on September 2nd, the birthday of George Garvin Brown. The 2020 edition of this whiskey was bottled with 98 proof after 10 years of aging. Bottle hunters are looking for the annual term everywhere, but it will cost them. In the secondary market, bourbon is currently sold for just under $ 1,000. For the price, I think it’s good, but in my mind I would be happy about a little more manual skill. I appreciate the craftsmanship and ingenuity that goes into some of the smaller series productions and the interesting flavors the process brings out.

And they have a unique flavor profile because everything is so concentrated. They’re a little older and yes they have a slightly higher test, but they don’t significantly reflect how much fluid we’ve actually lost. Yes they are concentrated but if you dilute it back down it still doesn’t taste like regular bourbon I’m trying to say.

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