The milk chocolate is also more pronounced this time and the underlying spices of oak and cinnamon with a light herb also permeate the aromas. To illustrate the “funk” that I keep mentioning, it manifests as aged Gouda cheese that adds salty “umami” components to the flavors. The finishes are very prominent and add extra layers of flavor that make Joseph Magnus Bourbon delicious. So that I don’t forget, everything is wrapped in an oak blanket.

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Move Over Hot Cocoa Bombs, Chamoy-Filled Michelada Bombs Are Here.

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Even so, Joseph Magnus’ sip is still nuanced enough to be noticeable, and it is this combination of flavors from numerous barrel finishes that adds layers of subtle nuances without going too far. It’s more than fair price for the process you went through to get here and the end result that supports it. The sip begins with sweeter notes of sour cherry filling, vanilla and brown sugar. Dark fruits appear behind it and help close the transition to drier oak and leather notes. The fact that this bourbon touched four different casks seems to be more noticeable here, as the drier notes become more dominant the longer the sip is stirred in the mouth. While the delivery may not match what triggered the nose, it’s pretty close.

Wild Turkey Of The Rare Breed Rye

Taking a sip confirms this is a richer, darker version of a bourbon and that’s what I’m here for. Immediately I get a little bit of charred brown sugar, almost like the top of a crème brlée with a little cinnamon and nutmeg added to it. As the flavors develop, they get darker and richer, turning into a darker chocolate flavor with a hint of bitterness. There is a hint of dark cherry in it, but the liquor ends with that chocolate flavor that mixes so well with brown sugar and vanilla. The color is dark copper, 100 proof, has the viscosity and legs you would expect. Caramel and toasted almonds and walnuts explode in the nose.

Michelada Recipe With Chamoy

Joseph Magnus has released 34 batches to date, all of which are highly regarded in whiskey clubs and aftermarket. The bottle that we opened next to the river that day in December is lot no. 27, which, according to official tasting notes, contains a mix of 12 to 20 year old bourbons. This is a darker and more saturated colored bourbon than we usually see.

Joseph Magnus Bourbon Cigar Blend

And second, the retail price, which I’ve seen up to $ 90, is a bit high for most casual drinkers. Whether the bottle is worth the price is a personal decision, but I think most won’t regret buying it. Barrel made whiskey is by no means a unique concept. Most companies only use one type of barrel to refine a whiskey, with used wine casks being the most common type of refinement cask. Sometimes they want to try to stand out more from the crowd by using an unusual finish barrel like Willett did with the Curacao barrels for his XCF.

The art of reviving finished bourbon. Joseph Magnus Bourbon consists of 12-year-old bourbon from MGP in Indiana and is refined in the Jos Distillery for several months in barrels made from Oloroso Sherry, Pedro Ximénez Sherry and Cognac. A team of industry experts were inspired to recreate the original Joseph Magnus recipe from the 1890s after discovering old bottles and tasting some of the centuries-old bourbons from before the ban.

Jos A Magnus & Co ‘joseph Magnus’ Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Finally, this mixture is given extra time to refine in barrels that previously contained Armagnac brandy. In fact, this liqueur is said to have matured between nine and eighteen years, depending on the batch and origin. As much as I enjoy all of the interesting layers, it sometimes feels a bit plain, similar to District Distillings Untitled No. 13. There are a lot of great grades, but I always have the feeling that something is missing.

  • Lots of cocoa, honey, vanilla, some syrupy fruits.
  • This is a dark and brooding bourbon that cleverly balances sweet and powerful while ultimately delivering on both fronts.
  • Joseph Magnus has released 34 batches to date, all of which are highly regarded in whiskey clubs and aftermarket.
  • This is lot 11 of which there are 892 bottles.

To get to the point, Joseph Magnus Bourbon is a 100 percent bourbon that is refined in Oloroso Sherry, Pedro Jimenez Sherry and Cognac barrels. While I don’t know about finish lengths or mix percentages for each type of finish, I do know something about what finishes can add to bourbon. Joseph Magnus will always be a polarizing bottle for many who pass it on on a shop shelf just because it is a bourbon refined in the barrel. Seeing Joseph Magnus refined in three unique barrels won’t help your case with these consumers. Plus, a higher price for a NAS-based bourbon is also a tough pill for many. However, after getting a chance to really dive into this finished bourbon, I tell these people that it is worth their time and money to shake it fairly.

Buffalo Trace Rating

No age information, but rumor has it that it is a small batch mix of 8-9 year old MGP barrels. This is lot 11 of which there are 892 bottles. If I continue with my finished bourbon kick, I’m happy to say that I really like Joseph Magnus Bourbon. However, I’m a bit biased because I love the finishes / aging of sherry in general.

Michelada Recipe With Chamoy

Many deeper leather-like fragrances ensure that the elegant bottle does not promise too much of the luxury experience. By the way, they also make 375ml bottles for a lower price and even a 100ml bottle for $ 16. Overall, I liked that, but found both the palate and the finish good and overall not very complex. What I liked, however, was the nose and components of the sherry and cognac that were there and combined very well with the bourbon notes without being intrusive. Ali Anderson, general manager at Joseph Magnus, said all cigar blend batches are part of a 16-barrel bourbon masterbatch between the ages of 12 and 20 years. Each batch is selected from this masterbatch and then mixed with regular Joseph Magnus Bourbon, which is refined in sherry and cognac barrels.

Tasting Notes: Pure Bourbon Joseph Magnus

Joseph Magnus Bourbon is a combination of pure Bourbon whiskey that is matured in white oak and refined in Jerez Oloroso, Pedro Ximénez and Cognac barrels. Rich, deep notes of vanilla, citrus fruits, dark chocolate, brown sugar and dark stone fruit make for a warm, persistent finish. The selected keg was our most exclusive option with only 124 bottles in it and recorded a surprisingly low 94.2 degrees in keg strength. Which turned out to be sandalwood, sawdust, and cloves.

Michelada Recipe With Chamoy

Overall, Joseph Magnus Bourbon is fragrant and tasty, which makes me a happy drinker, but I realize that not everyone likes this type of finish. Started selling tips on tap shortly after opening in 2015. Magnus was a 19th century Ohio distillery that, like most, did not survive Prohibition. The founder’s great-grandson has revived the family recipe, bringing together a high-profile cast of industry experts to create exceptionally sourced whiskey blends in homage to the original bourbon.

Here we have a haunting and rich bourbon that corresponds to the style of the Magnus house, but looks meaty, chewy and with a very tasty note. The air brings seductive notes of chocolate and cherry and a hint of cigar box. This is a dark and brooding bourbon that cleverly balances sweet and powerful while ultimately delivering on both fronts.

It’s a nice solid brown in the glass that lightens to a rusty brown slightly in Glencairn. The aroma that comes out of the jar is delicious and well saturated – I get a few notes of cinnamon and brown sugar topped off with a bit of light vanilla and a bit of buttery goodness. Now, of course, the result has to be worth it to justify the price. Joseph Magnus may not be as memorable as previous cask whiskeys that really focus on adding a strong flavor to the second cask, such as Angel’s Envy Rye.

Whiskey Review: Joseph Magnus Straight Bourbon Whiskey

It is refined in ex-Armagnac barrels and bottled with 50.35% vol. Magnus & Co. was rebuilt in 2015, but Joseph Magnus Bourbon legacy dates back to the 1890s. After Magnus’ great-grandson rediscovered an old bottle of his ancestor’s whiskey among the family heirlooms, the idea came up.

Michelada Recipe With Chamoy

Fermented grapes, dark chocolate, steamed pears. Among the other fragrances there are more familiar bourbon notes of caramel, almonds and a little clove. However, their best-known and most sought-after whiskeys come from the cigar blending bourbon series.

The palate continues with dried apricots, caramel, burnt dark sugar and vanilla. The cognac blossoms in the finish and mixes with the caramel to create a long-lasting finish, with just a little stinging to heat the mood. Maybe a late smoke note, but only to add more complexity and mystery.

Michelada Recipe With Chamoy

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