If you like white wines, this Chardonnay is the best wine to go with a smoked or baked ham. The crisp apple taste will blend wonderfully with the glaze of both hams and leave you with a nice, smooth finish. The Rombauer 19 Chardonnay is a good choice if you want to serve a smoked or baked ham. It offers flavors of honeydew and lemon peel, as well as hints of Christmas flavors like vanilla and spices. Towards the end, you will experience strong aromas of peach and spice that will delight and amaze the drinker. This is also a great wine to pair with a variety of popular side dishes like asparagus, buttered potato puree, and more.

La Crema Chardonnay Reviews

If you counteract the sweetness with a dry, living wine, the wine becomes even stricter. However, we don’t need too much residual sugar, because ham has an inner balance between salty and sweet. This dry example from Josmeyer shows the right flavors, depth and body / weight to get on the plate. In addition, the spicy notes of the wine add complexity to the combination. Fruity, juicy and fresh, the Riesling can help to emphasize the sweetness of the spiced ham, which would otherwise go unnoticed. In addition, Chenin Blanc goes well with ham thanks to undercurrents that are both vibrant and creamy.

New Zealand Pinot Noir

The wine shows aromas and flavors of spiced pear, golden apples, clover honey, sliced white mushrooms and baking spices. The body is of medium strength, with a hint of residual sugar, balanced by acidity. The ham dish attributes show a sweet versus salty tension over a ham taste in a meaty texture. In preparations where sweetness is found, it is important to reflect the degree of sweetness of the wine.

This sparkling white wine typically has hints of citrus fruits, apricots or pears, which balance the salty or smoky taste with a refreshing sweetness. For ham with spicy mustard, use the slightly sweet taste of a Californian zinfandel as a contrast or complement the mustard with Syrah, which often has an earthy-spicy note. While there are many different types of wines to choose from, it can be difficult to put one on the table that best compliments the flavor of the ham. Not all flavors bring out the best in ham dishes, no matter how they are prepared.


Ham is a versatile main course and finds its place in everything from formal Easter meals to laid-back summer picnics. This versatility also makes ham suitable for numerous wine pairings. The key to a perfect pairing is to emphasize the specific ham recipe; for example, a honey-glazed sweet ham requires a different wine than smoked ham.

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A Zinfandel or a dark rosé offer a delicious combination for lighter palates. These wines are packed with sweet and fruity flavors like apricot, peach and apple. A great option from California’s Sonoma coast is Gundlach Bundschu Gewürztraminer. At around $ 22, it’s one of the cheaper bottles of this style, offering a light, dry white wine with just the right acidity. While it would work with any recipe, the honey butter ham would be perfect, especially if you add herbs to the icing. If you want to add a glaze to the flavor of your city ham, consider wines with a slight sweetness like glaze or more pronounced fruit flavors to withstand the glaze’s more impactful zipper.

Does The Red Or White Wine Go Well With The Ham?

Like other Grenache and Syrah mixes, Côtes du Rhône has a full body that goes very well with this ham. Fruity enough to complement the ham’s acidity, the wine’s rich body prevents the fruit from being overwhelming. For other wines that can produce a similar effect, consider Zinfandel or a less dry Merlot as well. Ham’s popularity in the United States stems from its taste, a salted, cured, or smoked product that turns the meat of a piece of pork into the main rich and flavorful event at Christmas parties. Technically, the hind legs and rump of the pig are, the ham goes well with a rich, fruity and not too light wine.

It is versatile and makes the food less salty, tames the character of the smoked ham and adds complexity with its apple and honey notes. The field ham cured in salt impresses with its taste, but is still the drier of the two types of ham. For a wine that appeals to the intensity of the country ham, consider a rosé with a significant balance like Côtes du Rhône.

Wines To Serve With Christmas Ham

Both wines work well with city hams, but when choosing a vintage, watch out for bottles that have a hint of honey for the best pairing. But when it was made into ham, the pork leg was cured and flavored with sugar, salt and possibly wood smoke or a manufactured facsimile of it. As a result, high acid white wines like Sauvignon Blanc and astringent red wines like Cabernet Sauvignon tend to taste bitter or tart with ham. Pinot Noir and Riesling also go well with hearty ham, as a smoked or baked starter. To create a contrast between sweet and savory, opt for Chilean, Italian, or Californian moscato.

  • For the former, try Vintner’s Reserve Muscat Canelli in Lake County.
  • They also complement the vinegar mustard that is usually accompanied with ham.
  • The lively acidity of this wine is so cleansing and delicious that, after the nutmeg matches the sweetness of the ham, it refreshes the palate for the next bite.
  • White wines that have seen some oak that are richer and fruity can really impress with holiday ham.
  • This type of ham is juicy, not so salty, and full of aromatic flavors.

Fruit is one of the signature notes you’ll find at Chateau Souverain Chardonnay, and if there’s a bottle that sings “spring”, it is it! This full bodied Californian white wine also boasts layers that range from roasted pears to mild spices. It’s more luxurious than its $ 13 price tag suggests, and offers flavors that even those who prefer red wine will enjoy.

Salted And Smoked Ham

Both wines are lighter, which means they won’t overwhelm the taste of your dinner. One of the fun things about pairing wine with ham is that it has this great sweet and salty taste profile. That makes it a pleasure to combine slightly sweet white wines like Gewürztraminer. On the other hand, a delicious baked ham goes well with mild red wines such as Garnacha or Pinot Noir. There are so many options and we look forward to diving into the best of ham wines. This Californian table wine goes particularly well with baked ham with pineapple.

La Crema Chardonnay Reviews

For a red wine adventure, combine your ham with The Chocolate Block. It’s a fascinating blend of five South African grapes that’s as vibrant as it is dark, and worth the $ 30 more price tag. This has a classic dry style with rich chocolate, spicy wood and black fruits, balanced by an ideal acidity. This deep red would be a great option if there is baked ham glazed with brown sugar on the menu.

The salt from the ham brings out the fruity taste in wines such as Pinot Gris; since the sweet wine and the glaze counteract the salty ham, you will achieve a balanced taste. For a more subtle pairing, try a dry German Riesling with your sweet ham. This tangy and crunchy wine has just a hint of fruity taste and lets the sweet ham glaze shine.

For the former, try Vintner’s Reserve Muscat Canelli in Lake County. The lively acidity of this wine is so cleansing and delicious that, after the nutmeg matches the sweetness of the ham, it refreshes the palate for the next bite. If you prefer a dry wine with more generous fruit, the Grand Reserve Sonoma County Rosé is an excellent choice. It has more Syrah than Pinot Noir (in inverse proportion to the Vintner Reserve) and a considerable portion of Garnacha intoxicating fruit.

When you know what more of a wine you want to go with your ham dish and which wines to avoid, you can prepare your dish to create a pig-heavenly wine and ham pairing. One of the most popular ways to cook ham is to cover it with a honey glaze, and if you choose to use this method, there are several wines that go perfectly together because of their sweet and moist tastes. You can also opt for smoked Black Forest ham, which also has many strong wine pairing options.

Since Black Forest ham is not as sweet as glazed ham, sour and rosé wines go well with it. Just a few types of wine to consider here are red zinfandels, pinot noir, and even sparkling wines like Lambrusco. If you love red wine with your dinner, smoked ham goes best with your wine selection. This type of ham is juicy, not so salty, and full of aromatic flavors.

Smoked Ham

Honey, pineapple, or other citrus flavors are very popular methods of making holiday ham. The sweet taste of the glaze compliments the salty ham (is your mouth watering?). Surprisingly, this sweet and savory combination is often paired with sweet wines. Dry or slightly sweet white wines such as Dry Riesling, Chenin Blanc or Pinot Gris create a good balance with a little contrast.

La Crema Chardonnay Reviews

While several grape varieties can achieve this pairing, it is important to consider the type of ham on the table, its side dishes, and the notes in the wine that best match its flavors and substance. Even a simple meal of ham can benefit from a little shine, and this $ 12 bottle of Stella Rosa can do that wonderfully. Rosso is a delicately fizzy, semi-sweet red wine that is perfect for spring break refreshment.

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