Honey and caramel come into their own, followed by a hint of marshmallow. It has a lot of corn flavor and all of that sweetness is well balanced with spicy tannins. There’s a bit of heat from the high ABV, but it’s not harsh. The baby does not have a long finish, lingering honey and dryness from the tannins.

Most veteran bourbon drinkers I know don’t care about Hudson Baby Bourbon because it’s so different. And if you try it with the expectation that it will be a traditional bourbon flavor profile, you will be disappointed. If so, please let me know what you think. After the overview of Gable, we plunged into the whiskey tasting and that’s where Hudson Whiskey convinced me.

Review About Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey Review

I enjoyed every whiskey I had that night, even the baby bourbon. Each whiskey was so different and unique compared to other bourbons on the market. The flavor profiles were a huge change from what I’m used to and they really agreed with me. Knowing that the Hudson whiskey line is made up of very young spirits, I’ve definitely changed my mind about aging in relation to bourbon.

Hudson Baby Bourbon Review

If you’re so curious and willing to stay open-minded, a splash of baby bourbon may not be warranted for any reason other than seeing what the deal was (we are now closed). Stick with who you already know you enjoy. On a clear Manhattan morning, we met Ralph Erenzo of Hudson Whiskey for a taste test. He introduced us to Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey ($ 45), the first bourbon whiskey ever made in New York and the first legally distilled whiskey made in New York since Prohibition.

May 18, The Weller 107 Review

There is also an unexpected spicy note in the drink. It’s a spice there and adds quite well to the overall experience. They call it the ‘baby bourbon’ and they are right. The name is apt in many ways: First, the bottle is small, seriously, even Mav’s little lady’s hands look huge when they hold them.

  • So yeah, ‘baby’ is definitely a clever name.
  • I can smell the caramel and vanilla from the charred barrels as clear as day, with a little apple crunch in the background that seems appropriate to a New York bourbon.
  • I wouldn’t necessarily say the experience is great, but it’s not the worst or least interesting vibe I’ve ever had.
  • Bourbon, by definition, has to be made with at least 51% corn, but bourbon made with 100% corn is not really available on the market.

That is a reduction of about 50 gallons compared to what is normally used. So yeah, ‘baby’ is definitely a clever name. There are also rumors that the master burner is addicted to cookies, but we’re not sure about that. I went to a New York upstate tavern recently and they had this and the Hudson Four Grain. Waited to try them out but was skeptical about the price.

Hudson Baby Bourbon Rating

And now I come to the end of my short stay in American whiskeys. I have a scotch jam I’ll be working on next. But in the meantime, the Whiskey Wafflers have tried a Hudson malt whiskey in their American poll. This time we have a more typical Hudson style, American style.

If you’re used to a moderately developed, well-matured American whiskey, baby bourbon can feel like you’re bumping into a concrete wall. Sweetcorn is the name of the game with a few passing notes. To this end, those who just know aging spirits better may be more receptive to the experiences offered here. I wouldn’t necessarily say the experience is great, but it’s not the worst or least interesting vibe I’ve ever had.

The Revision:

The nose is a little unpleasant as the main note is the smell of hay that can be smelled on a farm. There are also notes of corn and wheat that don’t really add much to the flavor profile. As the first whiskey from Tuthilltown Spirits, this bourbon is made from 100% corn grown in New York, an unusual mash, but not unusual. Bourbon is aged in small new charred American oak (ranging in size from 3 gallons to 14 gallons) for less than four years. Aging is aided along with the heavy bass music that is played on the bass speakers in your camp every night. On the palate, the aroma of the Hudson proves to be true, as it is a very tasty liqueur.

Hudson Baby Bourbon Review

I had a glass of baby bourbon at the bar the other night and it tasted like cheap moonlight soaked in a barrel. No depth, no other flavors than corn and wood. As you can imagine from a 100% corn whiskey, it smells sweet and delicious. I can smell the caramel and vanilla from the charred barrels as clear as day, with a little apple crunch in the background that seems appropriate to a New York bourbon. 100% corn, matured for three months, at what price? I’d rather buy a bottle of Heaven Hill’s Mellow Corn PiP for under $ 20 that is 100 proof and has matured for at least four years.

Whiskey And Words Number 74: Hudson Whiskey Baby Bourbon

Which, if you live in New York, you’ve probably seen other whiskeys in upscale places. Made from 100 percent New York corn and aged in American oak barrels for at least two years, it proves that not every good bourbon has to come from the south. I agree with Pops, I tried HBB a second time and came to a similar conclusion.

Whiskey Reviews: Hudson Whiskeys – The Whiskey Wash

Whiskey Reviews: Hudson Whiskeys.

Posted: Fri, 16 Oct 2020 07:00:00 GMT [source]

The other interesting aspect of Baby Bourbon was the use of roughly 3 gallon barrels for aging, compared to the standard 53 gallon used in most distilleries. Some may hate the comparison, but this seemed to give Hudson’s Baby Bourbon a few similarities to various Texas whiskeys. The nose is caramel corn with hints of vanilla and oak. It won’t burn all of your nose hair, thank god. Less than 4 years is not a long time for a distilled liquor to absorb the rich flavors we are all looking for in bourbon these days. And in a normal barrel that is entirely true.

May 6, The Hudson Baby Bourbon Review

The price of the bottle or the price of the safe bar. I like looking back at life, sipping this bourbon. Yes, it’s young, but it’s crisp and clean, and has a depth that extends well beyond its stated age of around four years. Great burnt sugar nose, wonderfully flavored and warm.

Hudson Baby Bourbon Review

It has a great color, a rough nose, and is a great addition to any whiskey enthusiast cabinet. I had one of their whiskeys, but I can’t remember which one. I went to a whiskey bar in Brooklyn once when I can’t justify buying a bottle of their stuff with their crazy price tags. Really enjoyed it, but I prefer to choose some tougher ones to get cheaper brands. The sweetness of the caramel and the spiciness of the cinnamon remain in the finish, which is long and persistent, with a lot of aroma behind it and a final touch of oak.

I got this “Baby Bourbon” as a present and thought we’d try it out. On the way I will compare with the other tested whiskeys in this series. I don’t have many artisanal whiskeys to compare, so we’ll be using the recently revamped Rogue Dead Guy as a benchmark, as well as Knob Creek, which has a more traditional mashbill.

Hudson Baby Bourbon Review

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