They arrived early on the market with a finished weeping of bourbon and defended so private sections of individual barrels that only offer custom surfaces for this application. During the same time, high west released campfire, a mixture of bourbon, roggen and whisky, an undeniable practice and even today. After the high west the three whiskys are not full of cold, not treated with carbon, and the three are source.

High West Whiskey Review

The scotch used has a particularly smoked torf odor, but high western states that no scotch islay was outdated. With the additional advertiser I think that the drink is finally balanced. There are enough sweet to kill the bitter finish, the aromas of caramel and vanilla supplement the ingwer, and in general it is just a pleasant experience. I even have something of this spicy case that makes it a more interesting note. Everything seems to have added a kind of south sweet black tee with crimped anise.

How To Drink High West Whiskey

There is nothing from the game about the persistent smoke and torf. In the opposite, it goes a long way to improve any swallow it needs. High western ghost has a pot of 250 gallons still and a production plant, but most products mix whisky, which mix the product of several other destilleries and packages it under its own label.

High West Whiskey Review

Perhaps it is the fact that the company founder, david perkins, is no longer the person behind the wheel. The point is that the history of American bourbon is interesting, but bourbon is unfortunately not. For a whiskey from an established company and such a unique mix, I would like to see a little higher west in future versions of this. However, there are no signs to the bottle over the percentage of this spirit from bourbon whisky came right. The annoying about the mixed whisky is that they don’t always know what they get and that they get only 20% real whisky with “neutral chalk spirits” that includes the rest.

Our High West Whiskey Review Statements

Smoke and torf weave all along and are hard to ignore, but also does not make too much. Is an effective taste profile that cannot impress completely, but it is quite unforgettable and pleasant. Crescendos of seasoned in the finish, which finally gives a feeling of energy that could expect to drink a clean bourbon. Sweet notes are mixed with apricots, vanilla and honey, accompanied by the underlying spices.

Test 92 (abw 46%), high Western American prairie is a mixture of straight bourbons that are at least 2 years old. The relationship of the mixture is the top secret, like the exact source of the mysterious 6-year-old kentucky bourbon and 13-year-old. We know, however, that the 2-year bourbon is indian mgp, with 75% mais, 20% roggen and 5% gerstemalz. As mentioned above, it is a mixture of three straight roggen whiskys, which then ends in barrels that had previously held california and syrah weine. Rendezvous rye has a dry and oak nose with fruity leathers, seasoning, orange peel and a noticeable whip of fresh seasoning. At the palate, the mint feels particularly prominent at the front where it is coupled with fertile leather and new cowards.

Good Reviews And High Western American Prairie Bourbon

During all my years of enjoying the wonderful whiskys in the west, I’ve never tried to her American prairie bourbon until recently. One of the whiskys in the mixture is of mgp and has 75% mais, 21% roggen, 4% gerstemalz. Eight years to advance today, and somehow the magic is gone. Maybe it is because there were so many new releases from producers and distillers – many late are pretty nice.

High West Whiskey Review

Utah – high western passion brings us this complex mix of straight bourbons from 2 to 13 years in carbonated white egg barrels that produce an aromatic whisky. Balanced aromas of sweet mais, honey torf and sweet corn cookies, with a vanilla finish and caramellapfel. In this case the American prairie bourbon is a mixture of straight bourbon whisky. High west took the bourbon market boomed by the storm in the early half of the 2010s with a portfolio on unique blends and surfaces. Bourbon and rye were mixed together before they became a recognized practice.


Aromen are mixed in a certain way that reminds me of pastel flour in breakfast, sweet, with a little brown sugar. Like a mixed whisky, this is a product that combines several different types of whisky from different distillery to create a unique taste profile. At high west, the large part of their product is obtained from the mgp plant in indiana. The soft notes of torf gently lift out the glass, like sweet mais, light caramel, brown sugar and toffe follow. This delicate delivery allows the mob to shine, but not exaggerated, as it can often show. In this case gives an already sweet and risk-free aroma an additional dimension.

High West Releases A Midwinter Night’s Dram Act 9 – The Whiskey Wash

High West Releases A Midwinter Night’s Dram Act 9.

Posted: Fri, 08 Oct 2021 16:10:24 GMT [source]

Direct and somewhat more attractive than the palate, the finish is medium to long and pleasant, the end of the bourbon in a high note. If they are not one to enjoy spicy crescendos mix with sweet honignotes, then high west whisky is not for them.

Sky Door Doppelfass Whisky

Bourbon comes from mgp and has a maize bill of 75% mais, 21% roggen and 4% gerste. Roggen whisky also comes from mgp, with a maceral bill of 95% roggen and 5% burst. Whisky is a mixed malt of 100% gerstmalz of a nameless distillery. The nase has a light sweetness and fruit notes along with a hauch of vanilla.

“Crecer” leaves a similar sweet, bitter oak and crumbled with a little vanilla. The finish really covered with dark oak, chocolate, licorice, zimt and mint, followed by green grapes. Is a very sweet, vegetable and slightly bitter finish, such as sweet tee with tee bags / extra leaves. High west campfire is unique that it is a mix of bourbon, roggen whisky and whisky. Is derived from a story that the owners had experienced when it was about seeing sotch used as ingredient to make a dessert topping and experimenting with the integration of this scotch into a product that would lead up to the west.

Good Antique 107 Review

It is difficult to ignore a sharp and soft taste of smoke and torf. Is not as insulting as these combative aromes can sometimes be thanks to their smooth delivery. Other notes of cedar, taboo, light clot and a hauch of maple-interject, but smoke and torf are the center of attention. Are not too affirmative or shy, the notes of smoke and torf have gone long ago after swallowing and will continue to be with them when they take their next swallow. Vanille combined with barrel carbon hit first before lighter notes of orange cream, toffee, mixed nuts, salty sweets and black skyberries have their time to shine.

  • Maybe it is because there were so many new releases from producers and distillers – many late are pretty nice.
  • The fire is an unusual mixture that exceeds geographical and stylistic boundaries.
  • Smoke and torf weave all along and are hard to ignore, but also does not make too much.
  • Eight years to advance today, and somehow the magic is gone.
  • Is not as insulting as these combative aromes can sometimes be thanks to their smooth delivery.

This high weft filling of utah is a combination of three different whiskys. Combined bourbon right (71% mais, 21% roggen, 4% gerste malt) and right roggen (95% roggen, 5% malted gerste) both distilled in the dystyria mgp indiana. A morning in the distillery of bruichladdich, david and jane perkins smell the torf in the air.

The combination of melone and sweet smoke really worked – so (natural.) david thought why not mix sweet bourbon and torf? The taste of the improvement is the fruity floral flavor of a mature roggen whisky. The akzent (the heavy voice of the satchmo!) is the smoke of a torn scotch whisky.

High West Whiskey Review

With campfire now including some of their own distilled, I can not help but enjoy a little more early to their mix. While this brings some advantages to this particular publication, generally high Western products are not what they were more despite the burden. At the same time, if it was less expensive, it is difficult not to get the quality of the basic whiskys that entered it.

Customer Reviews

High western yippe Ki-Yay is a mix of three straight roggen whiskys. Was produced by the creative heads of the high west, a distillery that began with humble roots when it was founded in 2006 by david perkins and his wife jane. After visiting the brandy distillery of the manufacturer in kentucky in 2001, david was interested in the fermentation and distillation and inspired to learn more. It is difficult to take a courageous, french spirit and to mix it with many others and still maintain all this makes, and the result we see here is almost the best they can expect in this situation. There is a spicy case that comes tasted by measured quantities and a Bourbon style oak, but in general it is a rather generic bourbon.

High West Whiskey Review

Is earthly and rich, with some of these vanilla notes come loud and clear. From there the spirit has a different flavor of the pfeffer that begins to crawl what would make sense if there is a dye in the source whisky. It reminds me very much of the little Bourbon election we recently reviewed. The finish is sweet and bitter with honey, spicy, oak, dark chocolate and a little sweet like rosmarin and mint.

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