As cheese ages and loses water, it becomes richer in flavor due to its higher fat content. These two properties are ideal for combining strong red wines, as the fat content of the cheese counteracts the high tannin concentration in the wine. We have compiled a list of the best red wine and cheese combinations that are sure to impress when meeting friends and family. Created through human observation, ingenuity and ingenuity, cheese and wine are these two amazing things that show what comes out when nature and man work together. Although wine and cheese appear absolutely self-sufficient at first glance, they have been a classic gastronomic combination for centuries. It is noteworthy that the two products share similar traits, including age, texture, and many taste and flavor characteristics.

Learn about the basic properties of wine to refine your combinations. It is a light, dry white aroma with a fruity bouquet and a sour spiciness. The combination of Pinot Grigio is very diverse, including Thai and Chinese dishes. It is ideal for soft cheeses, including mozzarella, ricotta and fontina. Combining dessert wines with cheese is easiest as the sweetness of the dessert wine happily offsets the salt content of the flavorful cheese. There is a saying in the kitchen: “When it grows together, it goes together.” This can also apply to the combination of wine and cheese.

Everything You Need To Know About Hard Cheese

Camembert is known for its delicate taste and goes perfectly with white wines like Chardonnay. The acidity of both can cut through all of that creaminess and create a complete combo that won’t disappoint! If you can’t get camembert, try other cheeses like Gruyere or cream cheese. Asiago cheese has a subtle taste that is reminiscent of Parmesan, but it also contains creamy and nutty flavors. The fresh version of this Italian cow’s milk cheese actually has a mild taste, while its spiciness becomes clearer when it matures for around nine months. Gouda goes well with a wide variety of wines, from white to red.

Gruyere Wine Pairing

For example, I had Corsican rosé wine made from the Aleatico grape that I wanted to pair with. It was bursting with floral and herbal scents known in Corsica as Asthmaquis (those scents of the “Herbs de Provence” such as rosemary, thyme, lavender and sage). Corsica makes a sheep cheese called “Fleur de Maquis” by coating the wheels with herbs before aging, but I couldn’t find it here. While technically it wasn’t a regional pairing, it was conceptual! Chardonnay is a dry white wine with a rich creamy and nutty taste, sometimes with hints of apple or citrus.

Guide To Combining Wine And Cheese

Let the white wine on for minutes before drinking it; Put the red in the refrigerator for 30 minutes before serving. Ray explains that red wines smell more like alcohol at room temperature or slightly warm. Ideally, your red wine should be a few degrees below room temperature for a more refreshing taste.

Sparkling wines, too, from dry to sweet, almost always work well. Its broad acidity and its roasted and nutty aromas complement the cheeses, from fresh to aged. A mixed cheese platter is a great excuse to open another bottle of champagne as if you were needing it. Sweet wines are wonderfully balanced by salty cheeses such as hard grana, blue cheese, aged Gouda or feta. The salt in the cheese enhances the perception of the sweetness in the wine, so a wine that is already heading in that direction is a happy pairing. Wine and cheese are two of life’s great culinary delights, and finding the perfect combination can be a delightful task.

Malbec And Aged Or Añejo Cheese

This classic Italian hard cheese made from cow’s milk goes well with a sweet Riesling. Saltiness and sweetness combine to create this delicious taste experience! Feta cheese, which is mainly made from sheep’s milk, has that rich buttery flavor, while goat cheese makes the cheese tougher but softer in taste. Like cheese, wines range from delicate to strong, and their depth and complexity can also be correlated with their age.

Champagne sparkles with brie, camembert and mild goat cheese and is a great accompaniment to every meal. Cava Español is a good refreshing sparkling wine with broad and light aromas of citrus fruits and apples. It is a versatile drink that also perfectly emphasizes the flavors of meat, fish and pasta. Tavel Rosé is drier than other rosé wines and resembles a red in texture and character. To start your wine and cheese journey, here is a list of cheeses that go well with popular white wines.

Everything You Need To Know About Bloomy Cheese

Wines with apple, berry, stone fruit, tropical, melon, or citrus flavors work best. Avoid great, tannic red wines like Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bordeaux, and Bordeaux blends. According to this old saying, the French Loire goat cheese goes well with Loire Sancerre; the herbal and mineral qualities of the wine complement these aromas of the cheese perfectly.

Burgundy red is of course with Époisses, a creamy cow’s milk cheese whose rind is washed with a brandy made from Burgundy grape skins. Manchego, a hard cheese made from Spanish sheep’s milk, goes well with both Jerez and plump, sticky Monastrell from southern Spain. Proseccos differ in sweetness, but all have light citrus and floral aromas and thick bubbles.

Guidelines For Pairing Sparkling Wines

Also take into account the texture of the cheese and wine that you plan to serve together. To complement the textures, pair a rich, creamy cheese with buttery and oak wines. To play with contrasting textures, serve a rich hard cheese with a bubbly sparkling wine. Sauvignon Blanc is a dry white wine that has rich aromas and fresh aromas of herbs and fruits, harmoniously combined with a delicate acidity and minerality. The crunchy and refreshing character of the wine is perfectly underlined by the creamy, flowery rind of goat cheese as well as Brie De Meaux, Cambozola or Feta.

Gruyere Wine Pairing

However, combining wine and cheese by region isn’t safe and doesn’t guarantee the two of you will get married well, but it’s a good general guideline. So when you drink an Italian red wine, pair it with an Italian cheese like Parmesan, Asiago or Gorgonzola. If you drink a good French white wine, choose a French cheese like Boursin, Camembert, or Roquefort.

Its taste is enriched with age and reveals notes of citrus, apricot and peach. The wine shines well with hard Gouda or Edam cheese and soft Cotija or Mascarpone cheese. More and more high-end restaurants have sommeliers and fromageries and even they cannot agree on the perfect combination of cheese and wine. More importantly, most people don’t have the sophisticated taste buds for wine like a sommelier, nor can they taste all the nuances of cheese like a fromagerie. So people can only experiment with wine and cheese combinations.

How to Pair Wine and Cheese – Food & Wine

How to Pair Wine and Cheese.

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The drink is paired with soft cheeses such as fontina, mozzarella, ricotta, including cheese soaked in the prosecco wine itself, such as ubriaco. With its fresh, cleansing properties, this is a good wine to kick off the party. Soft cow’s milk cheeses like brie, gruyere, and cheddar go well with chenin blanc, especially cream cheese. The creaminess of the cheese creates a fantastic symphony of flavors with the fruity aromas of the wine. For something more adventurous, you can try other cheeses like goat cheese with a herb crust. Red wines have a variety of properties and tasting profiles that can be intimidating in finding the right cheese combination.

Guidelines For Pairing Rosé Wines

As with any food and wine combination, there are a number of considerations such as texture, acidity, fat, and tannin. Instead of complicating things with exotic parties like Garrotxa and Meursault, we’ve broken down the art of combining wine and cheese so you can create your own. Soften the stiff tannins and invigorating acidity with a slightly less firm cheese. The fat content compliments the tannin and the texture absorbs the high acidity.

Gruyere Wine Pairing

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