Butterscotch, caramel, toffee, citrus and hazelnuts are common aromes that identify people. Distilled from 100% blue agave carrier, is normally not aged, clear and filled directly after distillation. Sometimes rests in stainless steel up to 60 days and can also be aged in wood for not more than 30 days. Is popular with beginners and experienced tequila drinkers alike, and they want to drink all day.

  • Nothing else is added to the process, not sugar or chemicals are accelerated by yeast.
  • Our tequila is made by listening traditions, which were founded centuries ago, from 100% stone agave, completely produced in our farm.
  • Back to profile expected after a bit hypo with a lot in the 50s.
  • The mostgave is then of course fermented for five days in small wood cubes and then double-distilled with small and intensive copper residues.

Is based on the valley of the tequila of the homonymous city of tequila in jalisco, fortification linked to classical production methods from more than a century back. They manipulate their agave, roast them in brick ovens for 3 days, which are then comminuted by a tahona thrown by an electric tractor. Later, the pulp is rinsed with local swell water and the maic is fermented for 3.5 days in a wooden fermentation weighing. This rest is rested in American oak barrels for 7 months in barrels of scotch.

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From a 100% blue agaven, this white man swallowed the Tequila.net prize, won “better the best” medaille in 2012 in the category of white tequila. Aromen include citrus, boiled agave, vanilla, basilikum, olive and limette. The finish is long and deep, complex but easy to drink. The agave is comminuted by a traditional tahona, fermented in small wood cubes and distilled in small copper residues for maximum quality control. Especially fortification is a tequila of lowlands, which from agaven, takes longer to ripen than the versions of highlands and has in the regular a sweeter taste. Once in mouth, the full experience of the boiled agave sets with a thick and oily texture that covers her mouth in a very relaxing wise.

Fortaleza Tequila Review

Here our blue agaven grow for seven to eight years, stroked with the warmth of the Mexican sun, nourished by the summer rains, and protected from the hard and cold winter winds. Agave boiled, caramel, vanilla, butter, citrus, black pfeffer and earth. Put this into their bar and they get tips from someone else in knowing. This was more spicy than a new repos that had seen a general one.

White Tequila Still Strong

Oted can taste the blue agave " the volcanic earth in which they grow. White fortification is the best tequila I’ve ever had. I prefer it on so other tasty brothers, the rest & a?

Lot 80 ← my first .375, after 2 pouring the bottle is lost 1/3 lol. This is a very rich version with caramelized agaven, icy frying, caramel and vanilla, that is tequila cream brulée in mouth. White fortification is made by the fifth generation of the family sauza. Made with traditional methods, this is exceptional with notes of black pfeffer, land and butter.

Spiritual Patterns

A good change of rhythm with agave, as always, more seasoned of the barrel of vanilla and oak plus some pleasant aromes. Zitrus aromas, sweets, butter, cooked agave and sage are the beginning of a pleasantly balanced and very unique tasting experience. Reposed fortification has its own distinctive character, and it is not like any other tequila. White tequila fixation rests in stainless steel tanks before being filled by hand. The tequila has notations of earthly minerals, zitrus and sweet agave, and won the “best of white tequila” medaille at the Tequila.net awards 2012.

Fortaleza Tequila Review

Tequila is known in mexiko as tequila the grandparents, named to honor his great grandfather, grandfather and grandfather who did so much to promote the tequila indotria. From mexiko, the brand is known as strength (currency.) Taste medium oil, good anesthesia of agave, butter and earthy with zimt, vanilla and spicy beautiful anesthesia of zitrus, vanilla, caramel, olive and obst. Nase- a bit Parmesan cheese and olive, citrus, butter, caramel, agave cooked and anise. Is delicious, silky, but dared, balanced and tasty. 47 silently the same thing that was never, although this seems particularly fragile in nature.

Fixing Tequila White

Then it is distilled twice in the original 100+ years antique copper pot. Solidification distilled near the test to obtain the largest part of the agavenaromas. Fortification tequila is with a 100% blue agave of fabric that grows in the rich volcanic earth of jalisco.

Fortaleza Tequila Review

After 24 hours of cooling, the agave is removed from the hand and cuts stone with a traditional tahona. A tahona is a large volcanic stone of 2 tons, which comminutes the agav fibers and releases the sugar so that fermentation can occur. Although they are considered by many as inefficient, the comminution of knowing to keep the best aromes and contribute to the best end result. I had so much tequila, but it’s great for the price. Anejo fortification is what I recommend to search single malt trinker to explore the tequila. I keep a bottle on the shelf at any time as it offers softness, a clean agaven taste and a soft and pleasant wood print.

Guillermo erickson sauza, a Tequila manufacturer of the fifth generation and a descending of this Tequila family resurrected his family distillery in 2005. Tequila is traditionally made with ovens to cook agaven, which are then crushed with a tahona. Are then naturally fermented in outdoor wood tanks.


A delicious softdrink with strong earthly notes of roasted agave and black pfeffer. Butter and warm vailla linger jot under its surface. Wise on olive, lemon, zitrus and agaven around the palate and make way for a dry but deep and clean surface. I bought random white fixation based on a few internet reviews a few months ago, while I was in front of the bottle in the likör, I had never seen, at least never noticed fixing before. I’ve tried many tequilas since I finished the first bottle fixing.

In the coldest climate I drank older tequilas, and I have to say I could even prefer that to her goal, and that’s a lot to say. I’m usually not a big guy, but that can make you a quick believer. This is world-class rested, and I have never found a better restrained tasting than rest. I just bought 4 bottles to get through the biggest part of the winter. Produktions- stein boiled of, 100% crushed tahona, open air fermentation in old world wood fermentation tanks, double distilled with natural swell water and copper cloths. Here our blue agaven grow for seven to eight years, supplied with the warmth of the Mexican sun, nourished by the summer rain protected from the cold and hard winter winds.

Tequila Fixation White

The only way to test this was to visit the distillery in tequila, jalisco. Double distilled in copper pots up to 46% off, white in its purest form. Aromen von obst, boiled agave completely sorted, green olives and earth are invited to present. A very interesting nase of olive, agaven, land and some citrus. A clean nozzle, not too thin, not too thick, followed by agavensweet, bright white pfeffer, lemon bark and crust.

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The agave, fed by the summer rains and protected from hard winter winds, is cultivated for seven to eight years before they are harvested in their ripe tip by experienced jimadores. After agaven harvested, hearted or pineapple, they are steamed for 33 hours in a oven with underground walls. So soft and sweet ananas are crushed by a tahona who has heard the same method as the great suuza grandfather a hundred.

Our tequila is made by listening traditions, which were founded centuries ago, from 100% stone agave, completely produced in our farm. We are located in the city tequila, jalisco, mexico, first settled in the 1530s by our Spanish ancestors. Our country is located in a valley rich in 4,000 feet high, in the 9,560 feet high, tequila vulkan.

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Aromen include boiled agave, zitrus, vanilla, apfel, earth and cinnamon. The finish is long and rich, spicy and has an oily texture that makes this a joyful drink. The consolidation uses a special yeast that has been in the family since generations. Nothing else is added to the process, not sugar or chemicals are accelerated by yeast. The fermentation with this rate takes about four days.

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I usually prefer a well made recovery, but this brand packs a serious tequila taste of authentic sorts. Make sure they have a drink or two as soon as they open the bottle, the rest will be wonderful, but the first are the best. Somewhere between aroma and taste, they know that they drink the juice of a woody pulp.

That might sound a little strange, but go with him, they’ll be happy. There are no additives or production cuts, and it shows. Later, the pulp is rinsed with local swell water and the mash is fermented by 3. Start 66 quiet los 66r of the 80ml mini bottle sold in the distillery in a 3 pack with white and old. Back to profile expected after a bit hypo with a lot in the 50s.

Fortaleza Tequila Review

Fortress fermentationsfunk (that is a good thing) is always present and this has been aged for an appropriate time, as it has no sticker. Something touched by the barrel, some eggs and agaven seasoned are in prove. Caramel, vanilla, butter and agavaromen, which in this highly trained and perfectly mature vintage practically jump out of the crystal. This tequila is so rich and complex that some people even can recognize ananas, pfirsich, orange blossom, muskatnuss and rais the nase. In tequila the grandparents, we are obliged to produce the best possible tequila.

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