The heat of the astringent alcohol envelops the tongue, while notes of caramel and toasted oak prepare the palate for the next sip. Subsequent sips reveal red apple, dried orange peel, cinnamon, milk chocolate, sweet vanilla, and bitter oak tannins. The finish starts off with a sweet and buttery caramel from the aroma, but then turns sour and ends pretty quickly.

No set time is required for the duration of aging, but age is often given. The front of the short-necked squat bottle has a cane stick on the left side with the blue and gold label covering the center and right side. A natural cork is attached to the plastic cap and wrapped in a transparent security seal. The mahogany rum clears up a bit when poured into the glass and shaking the liquid creates a middle band that rotates with quick movements of the legs. The rum evaporates pretty quickly, leaving behind a pearl ring.

Caña Flower Bathrobe 18

There’s vanilla and brown sugar that I’d expect, and it definitely smells sweet enough to be a rum, but there’s also a bit of industrial alcohol that ruins my profile. This is a medium-bodied column distilled rum, and the flavors in the rum linger on the palate for a short time before fading in the throat. This makes the finish clean and crisp, although the traces of chocolate and baking spices seem to last a little longer than those of spices and caramel. It doesn’t burn, just a refreshing hint of oak spice after swallowing the rum. This rum is a rich, full-bodied rum that contains the Central American tropics of anise, vanilla, caramel, honey-sweet oak, baked fruits and especially espresso beans!

The light rum has a relatively clean finish with traces of caramel and fine oak spices mixed with dry herbal tobacco. Oak spices and dried herbs are great for daiquiri-style cocktails. In 2018, Flor de Caña became the first spirits brand to receive Fairtrade certification. The company practices safe working conditions, protects human rights and follows best environmental practices.


Flor de Caña, Spanish for “sugar cane flower”, is the only mass-produced rum line from the Central American country Nicaragua. Distillation is done in a three column alembic before being stored in ex-bourbon white oak barrels, which are stored in a thermally insulated warehouse to reduce the involvement of angels. A closer look at the bottle reveals a raised outline of a sugar cane stick.

Flor De Cana Rum Review

Once a slightly alcoholic blend has been created, this liquid is distilled five times before it becomes the “new brand” white rum. From there, the rum is poured into previously used bourbon whiskey barrels to age over a certain period of time. I have come across two bottles of rum that I would love to drink, but for the most part I enjoy the flavor profile of a bourbon or tag tequila more than rum. In fact, someone left a bottle of these things with me so I decided to take a bite to see if it’s worth keeping. It’s pretty smooth and balanced, though it smelled a bit like those liquid soap bottles that kids use to blow bubbles. With the great price of this rum, I will definitely buy it for myself once this bottle is up to make any rum cocktail I want.

Rum Review: Ron Flor De Cana 18

However, the taste is an incredibly dark and rich experience. There are also some baking seasonings to make things interesting, but not enough to overwhelm the other components. During our travels across the Caribbean we found this bottle for sale in a duty free store and decided to pick it up. All Flor de Caña products have been made on the sugar cane plantation of Chichigalpa, Nicaragua since 1890.

Flor De Cana Rum Review

The number 12 on the label represents the average age of the rums in the mix, with the actual age varying depending on the mix to maintain a consistent flavor profile. According to the residents of Flor de Caña, this vintage brandy is suitable for drinking as well as for cocktails. On the nose, caramel and caramel aromas with hints of oak spices and orange peel.

Recommended Cocktails

It goes without saying that every 12 year old is supposed to be a sip of liqueur, not a mixer. Surprisingly, I was able to take a sip while staying at an exclusive all inclusive resort. With “first class” spirits like Bombay Gin and Gray Goose Vodka. It took him about half a second to decide what to order.

Flor De Cana Rum Review

That said, the ‘7 Slow Aged’ is way better than this one. Dry nose, with dried corn husks, lots of oak, rich earth, tamarind, brown sugar, butter and mustard seeds. Flat, a relative loss of taste, but oak and citrus play with each other.

Five Things To Know About Flor De Caña Should Know

It is instantly forgotten, tasteless, thin and watery when it is bottled. Priced at £ 35 in the UK, and I can think of numerous not-so-expensive bottles, some even using the same distillation method, which are far better than this rum. The nonsensical number also leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

The 21 Best Rums of the 21st Century (So Far), Ranked – Robb Report

The 21 Best Rums of the 21st Century (So Far), Ranked.

Posted: Tue, 02 Feb 2021 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Although the bottle has a noticeable “7”, the brand no longer states that it has been aged for at least seven years. According to the folks at Flor de Caña, this vintage brandy is great for traditional cocktails or to mix with soda. As you will see in the review, I think it has potential for sipping too. The finish is dry and more like golden rum, full of sweet spices, vanilla, woody aromas with a little liquorice and notes of cinnamon afterwards. Time goes by and the finish becomes a little warmer and is generally warm, smooth and pleasant. The liquid has a nice dark amber color, but the aroma is a little off.

In The Glass 8 5

A large drink creates a hint of bitterness on the palate, but this quickly subsides. There is a sweet and indulgent ending that is delayed after a big drink. Obviously tough enough for a blender, but I don’t mix. Rating as a sip, I got it at 2 1/2 stars, I got Mount Gay Eclipse at 3 stars. Pitching a tent in the shadow of an active volcano may seem risky, but this particular property is entirely responsible for Flor de Caña’s distinctive flavor profile. The soil is fertilized with ash, the ideal root soil for rich molasses.

Flor De Cana Rum Review

According to the company’s website, all of the Flor de Caña rum is made from molasses, which is obtained from sugar cane harvested in fields next to the distillery in Chichigalpa. This molasses is fermented and then distilled five times in a continuous column. The resulting distillate is stored in small American white oak barrels in traditional warehouses without air conditioning in a quiet environment. When you take a sip, the flavor profile isn’t as rich and complex as it was with pure flavor, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. The dark chocolate and coffee have been significantly reduced and what is left tastes like a good flan.

The same mineral-rich soil contributes to the enrichment of the water and seeps into underground reservoirs over the centuries. As a result, this unique biome artfully shapes the two most important ingredients for high-end rum. Aged rum, but no specific barrel type or size is required.

Five Things to Know About Flor de Caña – VinePair

Five Things to Know About Flor de Caña.

Posted: Mon, 11 Mar 2019 07:00:00 GMT [source]

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