I think the 90 test is a huge plus and the label is promoting it. Since they are not diluted to increase production, they can deliver more flavor from each barrel. The Ezra Brooks 90 test is classic quality. It outperforms its competitors Jim Beam White and Black Label with no competition. The nose is rich in spices, oak, vanilla.

Very similar to Heaven Hill Black Label, but maybe a little more oak and a longer finish. A classic and solid bourbon at a great price. As each handpicked barrel is unique, the exact flavor profile can vary. In fact, I can sip these things straight from the bottle, an act that often stings my stomach with people with low alcohol levels like Jim Beam Black. I prefer it more than the Dickel 8, which gives me nightmares. I prefer charcoal filtering after four years of aging over the Lincoln County process.

Bourbon Whiskey Black Label

Let’s all be clear, this isn’t old Jack # 7. But for less than half the price, it’s the best alternative you will find. It’s soft and old-fashioned in charred white oak barrels. Before taking over the distilleries in the 1990s, Ezra Brooks launched a 15-year-old batch of bourbon about every two years.

Whiskey Review: Ezra Brooks 99 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon – The Whiskey Wash

Whiskey Review: Ezra Brooks 99 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon.

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Instead, the bourbon is simply mixed with the pack of other test bourbons from the shelf, such as Rebel Yell 100. They are replaced with dry oak, leather, peanut shells and a layer of rye spice. This subliminal spice gives the composition a subtle warmth.

How Does Bourbon Taste?

At a consumer-friendly price point, it’s hard not to recommend trying Ezra Brooks 99 just once to see if it deserves a spot in your regular rotation of drinking or cocktail bottles. Fortunately, in terms of the boldness of its flavors, the palate is closer to what it expected of a 99-proof bourbon. Creamy caramel, vanilla and light brown sugar flavors are immediately noticeable, followed by a hint of oak. They are associated with white pepper and peanuts. It’s a very welcome focal point and frankly a necessary sip after such a mediocre opening in the nose.

Faded with floating notes of oak and peanut. Naturally shorter, the finish is a great way to end the sip. TASTE – Evan Williams is definitely smoother, with a more oily consistency. It’s also sweeter in a more classic sweet bourbon form (think Maker Mark) than Ezra Brooks 90.

Round 7: Tasting Notes

The only difference is that younger Bourbons have less to show. And if you swallow it, like a cheap vodka shot, the flavors are lost. All that’s left is the alcohol burn; a reminder that bourbon connoisseurs enjoy our slop; do not throw it around your neck to avoid an unwanted gag reflex. But i deviate Ezra Brooks is an acceptable cheap bourbon with a respectable taste.

I did a blind taste test with several of my friends, and each of us had it in our top 3 of 8 brands tested … Which included companies like JD, Elijah Craig, and Makers. Buy a bottle, you won’t be disappointed.

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Ezra Brooks 99 is a bourbon that is hard to praise but also hard to fault. While the sip is generally average, it offers fantastic access to higher strength bourbons so those who haven’t tried their hand at this area can easily access them. In addition, thanks to its higher test point and classic taste profile, it is a versatile base or additional ingredient in bourbon cocktails.

Ezra Brooks Bourbon Review

You will definitely find it for under $ 15, closer to the $ 13 price mark. Probably the second most common, although not considered bourbon. The puree consists mainly of rye whiskey, 95% even of rye. (With enough barley to make it tasty.) And bottled at 90 degrees. So this is definitely a spicy whiskey for those looking for a kick.

Rating: Ezra Brooks Straight Bourbon

Ezra competes well with Jack Daniels because the price is right, often with a discount coupon of $ 5 per liter. This is a bourbon to slurp, a good blend of flavors, not one for notes of cinnamon or dark toffee. I have a bottle of this, Proof 90, with a black and white label instead of the white and black label I see in the ads. I also have a bottle of Old Rip Van Winkle around the same age. I broke Rip Van Winkle’s seal the other day‚Ķ How wonderful. You convinced me to do the same with Ezra Brooks.

There is a lot more power and warmth, but the classic sweetness is still there. The price is usually around $ 15, but you can sometimes find it around $ 18. Thank you all for directing me to this top selection on the “bottom shelf”. I agree to the comments of the published reviews. Outperforms many bourbons, including Evan Williams’ extra aged black label. It’s ironic that Heaven Hill is making this bourbon for another company that surpasses them in their own listing at this level.

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NOSE – Ezra Brooks 90’s nose is unmistakably young. He suggests he has 90 tests and has no real age. It starts with corn and alcohol and then moves on to its other notes.

  • This Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey has no age and is bottled with 90 proof.
  • The notes are subtle and should be taken out of hiding.
  • I would call Evan Williams the dessert whiskey and Ezra Brooks 90 the standard pour.
  • I have a bottle of this, Proof 90, with a black and white label instead of the white and black label I see in the ads.
  • Kentucky – Sweet notes of honey and vanilla, accented with plum notes on the nose and a palate of caramel and vanilla with a hint of spice and chocolate.

I know this is going to sound crazy, but if I were to test it blindly I guess it’s years old and really 50-55% volume. None of these whiskeys have an age on the label. Each is referred to as “Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey,” which means that the liquor was required by law to age in new charred American oak barrels for at least two years. It’s difficult to give yourself a specific flavor profile as the barrels are a little different every year. And they are chosen for their unique qualities. But over time, you will notice more wood spices in the oak, such as vanilla, caramelized brown sugar, and honey.

The taste is more astringent than sweet with a hint of sour puree that comes out hard in the end. During this time, the company began producing new versions of whiskey and often produced and bottled spirits as private label for other brands. Some of the first bottles of Pappy Van Winkle came from this distillery, and a man named Frank Silverman saw an opportunity. I’ve been a moderate whiskey drinker for decades. I find ezra brooks 90 to pack a flavored hit. Ezra needs water and a little time to really open up.

Ezra Brooks Bourbon Review

I like straight whiskey, so I won’t tell you anything about “old fashions” etc … Age is in the bottle and I can taste it, but that’s not uncomfortable. The charcoal flavor isn’t as strong as some bourbons … It’s a very good bourbon for my taste. No buts and no one else will get this bottle. I kept it for 30 years, just like the Rip Van Winkle and it’s mine.

Ezra Brooks Bourbon Black Label Whiskey

Ezra Brooks 90 gave me a cleaner sweetness but has a certain presence of oak bitter from oxidation that Evan Williams doesn’t feature. This is positive or negative depending on your preference. Both have roughly the same amount of spice or pepper, but the way it is conveyed is affected by a stronger or lighter sweetness. I would call Evan Williams the dessert whiskey and Ezra Brooks 90 the standard pour.

Ezra Brooks Bourbon Review

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