This bottle has extra warmth for an 86; I wish it was less because it feels like 100pf. As almost always, I drink it straight, without water or ice, from a larger Glencairn-style glass. This is delicious inexpensive bourbon and I’m glad I tried it again. All of the big differences we’ve listed above make each of these brands suitable for very specific drinkers.

Evan Williams Bourbon Review

If I try too hard I can spot a hint of rye, but that’s all I can do here. Interestingly, I like that better than his two older brothers Evan Williams 1783 or Evan Williams Single Barrel, who have a little more play, but are much more bitter. In fact, I prefer the even cheaper Heaven Hill black label to this one. Vaguely comparable to Jack Daniels, but Jack tastes like wood and maple syrup, with Evan Williams pretty much all being maple syrup and amber to Jack’s darkest degree.

Show Us Id And We’ll Show You A Good Whiskey

This is a small step up from Jim Beam (I picked up a couple 50 of these too). This has an age indication of 7 years and the additional 3 years on the beam are shown, but not enough to earn more stars. Definitely more drinkable than the Beam, but still not as good as the benchmark, which costs a few dollars less.

Today, the modern version of the company, Heaven Hill Brands, has grown into a diversified supplier of whiskeys, spirits, vodkas, rums and other spirits. They own 57 rickhouses in Central KY and sell more than 48 brands, including 17 bourbon brands such as Henry McKenna, Elijah Craig, Evan William, Larceny, Old Fitzgerald and Rittenhouse Rye, to name a few. Under 7th Master Distiller Conor O’Driscoll, the distillery was well on track to fill nearly 400,000 barrels over the past year and with continued investment, production capacity is growing every year to meet growing demand. Because they offer so many different choices, the flavors and tastes differ dramatically from one selection to another.

Blanton’s Single Barrel Rating

This bourbon whiskey has a very robust palate that includes different tastes and aromas including smell. There are hints of pungent spice, citrus peel, and caramel corn that offer a powerful combination of flavors and textures that excite every fiber on your tongue. In addition to all of these unique flavor traits, this whiskey also has a nice blend of corn nuts and fake vanilla that is nice and robust without being too much on the tongue. Everyone has their own preferred tastes and tastes that they enjoy experiencing when drinking pure bourbon whiskey, and when it comes to getting the right attitude, you certainly won’t be short of options.

Jim Beam is known for the smooth, rich, and powerful flavor elements found in every bottle made. Old Crow has 43% alcohol and is made in Kentucky, making it a variety of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. This selection has a hint of vanilla, caramel and oak and creates a nice and delicate balance on the tongue.

However, based on this example, I’ll try out some of Heaven Hills’ other offerings. I took a photo of the Evan Williams Long Neck Whiskey bottle on my back deck last fall, and that photo is on the left. The black label with white lettering goes well with a simple “no frills” bourbon. As mentioned above, the labeling claims to be “extra aged” but the term is ambiguous, making it more of a marketing tactic than an actual statement about the age of whiskey. I tried the white “bound” label and found it even more delicious than the black (and it was less than $ 18!), But as someone who rarely eats 100 proof bourbons, the added alcohol definitely surprised me. .


On the palate it is mostly sweet, but with enough wood in the finish to give it a little vitality and not appear too young. The fruity notes here tend towards caramel apple, while the ethanol is very moderate, which makes for an effortless drinker. Jim Beam offers a wide variety of different bourbon whiskey options, each with unique recipes that differ in terms of taste and the way they hit the tongue while drinking. Since every recipe varies widely, we are only providing you with the core flavor profile of your classic bourbon options.

Evan Williams Bourbon Review

I’ve had EW many times and always found it good enough. That being said, I never really sat down to think about it and really evaluate it. I recently purchased a handle for $ 19 from our local Costco equivalent.

Vodka Reviews

Turned out I like this after it was open for a couple of days. It has a lot of flavor including the play dough that Ctrexman pointed out. Their charcoal is filtered like Tennessee whiskey so we definitely have that charcoal flavor in a nicely balanced way, but I don’t miss the oak. I like how this tastes with a good amount of flavor for 86 proofs.

Evan Williams Bourbon Review

You should probably give it a try just because it’s sleek and very inexpensive without being trash. It’s drinkable alone or on the rocks, just not very interesting to me. However, this could turn out to be your kitchen budget / bourbon, or it isn’t impossible for this to be your daily goal. But for me personally, I’ll be drinking Old Forester as my favorite and cooking with Old Heaven Hill.

Makers Mark Vs Knob Creek: What’s The Best Brand Of Bourbon?

When it comes to pure bourbon whiskey, there is nothing like distillers Jim Beam and Evan Williams, as both brands have very long histories in the industry that go back centuries. The overall profile of this classic Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey option from Evan Williams includes hints of several opposing flavors that seem to go very well together. This bourbon is very smooth and rich in terms of key tasting notes that you will find everywhere, and it has an entirely different flavor that you cannot find in other options currently on the shelves. There are also notes of corn on the nose which provide a nice neutralizing base to counter some of the other very strong flavors. This particular straight bourbon whiskey from Kentucky has a very unique nose. In addition to all of the items we covered, you’ll also find references to red licorice and spices that set this selection apart from a number of competing brands in the market.

  • I let the ice melt a little more, and as the medicinal taste wore off, any taste, unpleasant or not, went away to the point where I was left with a pale amber glass of alcohol.
  • Since then I’ve learned to give a whiskey a good week to open the bottle before making a decision.
  • However, if Evan Williams’ top white label is available, I recommend spending the extra $ 3 on it and skipping the black label entirely.
  • This is a small step up from Jim Beam (I picked up a couple 50 of these too).

Two of the most popular brands of bourbon whiskey on the market are Jim Beam and Evan Williams. Both whiskey selections are made using very different distillation, fermentation and aging techniques, all of which allow very characteristic aromas to flow into each bottle. Depending on your preferred taste and flavor profile, these two varieties can satisfy your need for a chilled glass of whiskey at any occasion.

This printout will cost you $ 10 or less (depending on which liquor store you are in). From there, Evan Williams touches on the terms of link bottling, small batches, and individual kegs, but prices never go above $ 30. Heaven Hill Distillery is currently the largest family distillery in the United States and the second largest inventory holder of bourbon whiskey in the world.

If anything, the added flavor adds extra sweetness that helps bring out the flavors without much additional heat. While Jim Beam has built a reputation for himself in the industry for making high quality bourbon whiskey with an extremely smooth character, Evan Williams surpassed them in this comparison. While Jim Beam’s choices are unquestionably fluid, it’s the kind of suppleness you’d expect from a regular glass of water. This is in contrast to the velvety smooth texture you experience when drinking the Evan Williams selection.

Yamazaki 18 Year Old Japanese Whiskey Rating

If you’ve been drinking pure bourbon whiskey for some time, you will have no problem realizing how all of these different elements affect the quality of the whiskey you experience in your glass. All of the American whiskey options available in the market have very distinctive tastes and aromas that go into your main puree bill, providing a unique drinking experience every time you open the bottle. With the large number of different bourbon options available, it can be difficult to find the right choice if you don’t know what to look for.

Whiskey Review: Town Branch Bourbon – The Whiskey Wash

Whiskey Review: Town Branch Bourbon.

Posted: Sat, 25 Sep 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Today $ 20 will barely cover the cost of a cocktail plus tip, and yet here is the Evan Williams 1783 Small Batch in sleek, redesigned packaging at a very affordable consumer price. Sure, bourbon doesn’t stand out from higher priced bourbons, but what it does is throwback bourbon when consumers can expect quality at a low price. The annual barrels used in conjunction with the 90 degree shift help the bourbon just enough to deliver a sip that is easy to appreciate and enjoy. The wallet-friendly price and sweeter flavor profile also allow for easy, guilt-free cocktail experimentation. All in all, Evan Williamsn 1783 Small Batch offers tremendous value to consumers that they can see as a welcome side.

Evan Williams Literally Helped Build Louisville

I hope to try the White Label (100 Proof Bottled-in-Bond) version of this very soon, and I feel like the extra boost from the higher alcohol content could make a difference. But don’t fall asleep with Evan Williams’ black label on. If you were looking for a selection of premium whiskey to drink for every occasion but didn’t find the right option, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll go over all of the key tasting articles and the notes you take while drinking these two whiskey options so you can make an informed purchase decision about which is best.

To make it as easy as possible for you to take, we’re going to give you a rundown of your classic bourbon whiskey options so you can get an idea of how all of your other choices taste like. If you drink this, it’s no wonder it sells so well. This bourbon brings a lot to the table and, for me, fulfills a lot of requirements in terms of taste complexity, maturity and general drinking experience. Because of this, it is slightly ahead of its competitors when it comes to bourbon, which is competitive in both price and taste. It also goes great in bourbon cocktails with oak and rye influences, which really come into their own and prevent it from getting lost in all the other flavors of an old fashioned or whiskey sour. This is a great introduction to the Evan Williams Bourbon family for anyone new to the brand or new to bourbon.

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