The aromen are a bit more mutated and underestimated than before – although I say there is a real improvement that the aromen immediately begin when they take one swallow. The aromes coming from this glass are more saturated than I normally expected for a silver tequila, and for good effect. There is the herbal agave note that falls me the gras and a hauch of zitrus, which are the textbook components they would expect from a tequila. In this case they are more clean and legible than offered with others. When the aged tequila is filtered to remove its aged coloring, the liquor obtained is referred to as crystalline.

(perfect for the cognac drinker found in a tequila bar.) a hauch of fruity sweet illuminated the palate, and given the deep and strong this tequila makes a superior swallow. As for the cocktail, it combines with light but fat fruit juices. The tequila dobel was created by a leader of the 11th generation jose cuervo tequilas, juan sonntag beckmann legorreta.

Comments: Master Dobel Diamant Tequila

What remains is a crystalline tequila, fed by its rich and soft taste. Named by his creative Juan-Domingo beckmann legoretta (Do-Be-L) a 6th generation leader of a tequila brand that they have heard, josé cuervo. Diamonte refers to the crystal clear liquid, which after a patented filtration, which eliminates congeners and most of the color of the mix of repos, aged and extra tequilas. The agave is used, is a source farm in the deep of jalisco.

Dobel Tequila Review

Strong notes of agave, vanilla, oak, minze " touch of seasons of erde " clean and mature.

Tequila Diamant

At the end it was medium with a certain complexity. Large agaven flavor with hauch of alcohol and pfeffer, vanilla and aromas of flowers. This is the new favorite woman mix in margaritas. The more it unites in the sweetest rocks, is the end. The master dobel is unique that it is an amazing “Diamond” tequila, which has been filtered twice to remove the color of the egg barrels. Believe it or not, that is not a “white” tequila.

  • The aromes coming from this glass are more saturated than I normally expected for a silver tequila, and for good effect.
  • He and the Distileros teachers (the “masters”) anguiano frames and luis yerenas were the greener of dobel.
  • The level of the spice is built with the time in the back – black pfeffer, almost like zimt & black likör.
  • In a perfect world, the level of sweet would be a little lower (10%?.) reasonable price to boot.
  • Spicy, tastes good with some alcohol notes, and ends wet with perhaps a citrus note.

Spicy, tastes good with some alcohol notes, and ends wet with perhaps a citrus note. I tried a worse juice from a bottle of $40, so the price doesn’t bother me. However, there is no vanilla, caramel or chocolate that would normally expect from the ageing of the barrel. It was not insulting, but it was lacking in character. If they see their competition so beautiful, then there is probably more taste here.

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But josé cuervo also makes platinum, a tequila without ageing, which can be enjoyed directly, and is wonderful in cocktails. Another of so fewer known products, the old tequila josé cuervo family reserve, is one of the best we have tried. If someone had a jewel russia, this is first about the same experience. The aromen begin to crawl the postgot, with this herbal note, which first followed by a bit black spicy. I don’t get as much zitrus as I expected, based on aroma, but what seems to be mostly in postgot.

Dobel Tequila Review

Once the fermentation is completed, a slightly alcoholic liquid remains which is not almost pure or strong enough to be tequila. The next step of the process is to distill it twice in nuts, which concentrates the spirit and increases the alcohol content. It would take a past until the curved family embraces the call of distilling ghosts, but until 1880 the family had begun to produce commercially so sprit for sale.

Proximo Spirit

Originally known as “Mezcal de Tequila”, the Mexican government finally – after a lot of lobbying – allowed them to call it a unique name that is simply known as “Tequila”. The first bottle josé cuervo tequila came from the line in 1906 and a new massive category of distilled spirit was born. What makes the master dobel diamant unique is his combination of old tequilas. The majority of crystalline tequila is from a source; never two, and definitiw not three. Diamant is literally the first transparent multi-aging tequila in the world.

Dobel Tequila Review

Dobel is a mixture of reponed, in the age of one, two and three years, in European white egg barrels, and then filtered to remove all color. Tequilas in the mixture are distilled from 100% blue agave from a single farm in jalisco, mexiko. Technically considered as a reposed, is the first transparent multi-aged tequila. The blue weber agaven plants to produce diamonds grow for 8 to 10 years, and are hand selected from a small number of dobel family properties. The liquid is distilled twice and in ice barrels of Europe east, for different time. The result is a completely innovative concept and a unique taste.

Semi-sweet agave, vanilla, winter green & intense seasoning. Very rich with good density and enforceability. The level of the spice is built with the time in the back – black pfeffer, almost like zimt & black likör. The general level of sweetness is quite pronounced, but never exceeded. An immediate quality impression " something new " modern.


A mixture of reposed, aged and xa, from new oak barrels from the south of europa, filtered as a white look, with little of the finer points each of the expressions. I find nothing here for the nase and this is an important part of the experience. I want to smell agaven or barrel, but I feel that the leak has eliminated everything.

They can expect to pay between $40 and $60 for these tequilas and they are worth every swallow. Oted pay for weine in a future order, plus any local alcohol tax, at the time of the order confirmation. There is no bitterness, no unpleasant aromen, nothing terrible. But despite the full of toity and branding, he did not take off my socks. And if it is mixed in a cocktail, it is practically inevitable from a light gin or wodka.

Supposedly a mix of repo, anejo & extra anejo – the additional age/the mature seems. Icy influence is obvious, but subtle, mostly to reach in the finish. I love the aromas of vanille & anise along " the feeling of the mouth is set. In a perfect world, the level of sweet would be a little lower (10%?.) reasonable price to boot.

This is a “Diamond Reposado”- still warm, smoked and oak, but colorless. Reserve the master dobel the tequila diamant is made in the traditional remains of pot and say that every aspekt of production is made by hand. The “tequila masters” are anguiano frame and luis yerenas. Unusual in tequilas, the spirit is a mix between extra-anejo, anejo and reposado tequilas. Tequila can have a wild and crazy call, but this unique mind is created according to strict guidelines to ensure authenticity and consistency. Is distilled from the fermented juice of the blue weaver agave plant and comes only from a certain region of mexico, centered around the western condition of jalisco.

Dobel Tequila Review

Is not as agave-forward or sweet as many tequilas that is good or bad depending on their preference. Very classic and clean, it smells more like a whiter than an old tequila. In mouth they get a soft texture filled with mouth with pfeffer, agave, apple and oak aromen.

These aromen were also successful when we added ice, and when they mix in a cocktail, they disappear practically completely from the equation. Like the other tequila josé cuervo, this version starts with a 100% blue agaven fruit. Agave plants are harvested and so leaves are cut behind the hard core. A great aromatic power comes immediately before the master dobel diamant meets so lips. If they are a splash, light beer, person type wodka, it could not be her ding. To the first deaf there is no doubt that the heart of this mind is deeply aged and intense.

Dobel Tequila Review

What began as an old tequila, which challenged all logik in diamant, has become a complete portfolio of master dobel tequilas, which are equally impressive and soft. The brand started in 2008 with this unique bottle and now includes a trio of standard tequila offers, as well as a smoked silver known as humito. From the beginning this was a very lightly flaming tequila. The notes they decided to present for the party were late and relatiw demolished.


I love the line of the most common tequilero, especially the vintage and the Dobel diamond. Dobel diamant is a mixture of reponed, aged and extra old, which is then filtered to remove the color, therefore as crystalline. I recently received a bottle master dobel diamant tequila, a spirit that is a silver tequila on the first look.

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There’s A New Ultra-Aged Addition To Cristalino Tequila Category.

Posted: Fri, 30 Oct 2020 07:00:00 GMT [source]

As weeping and other unique spirituoses, tequila is made according to rules for origin. Tequila can only be found in the state of jalisco, the city of tequila, and parts of the surrounding states of guanajuato, michoacán, nayarit and tamaulipas. Must be made from blue agave and after additional rules for ingredients and aging.

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