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The ending is short and hot and leaves nothing to be explored. It softens the peppery notes but still doesn’t add anything new. Cruzan Dark Aged Rum has a great thick viscosity that compliments the light sweet vanilla flavors.

Cruzan Rum Review

The maturation takes place in charred American oak. The label was renamed in 2014 and the 2-year age indication removed, which suggests that younger rums could be included in the mix. Light brown rum, distilled from fermented molasses. Matured for two years in used whiskey and bourbon barrels.

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The rum is very aromatic with notes of vanilla, molasses, oak and cloves. The first note on the palate is spicy without sweetness. This rum has a dryness that is comparable to a single malt whiskey.

Cruzan Rum Review

Some may like the strong spicy notes, but for us the aromatic nose led us to expect a rum that is worth discovering from start to finish. Cruzan Single Barrel Rum was part of the 2013 launch of the Distiller’s Collection, a line of perfectly aged rums. “Single Barrel” refers to the fact that the selected rums are matured in new American oak barrels for the second time after they have reached maturity.

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The golden yellow liquid coats the glass and leaves a syrupy string. The nose invites you with a balance of vanilla, toffee, orange and oak. I expect soft notes on the palate, but spices, spices, spices meet me. I give Clint the seasoning, but add cinnamon and allspice. The heat is dissipated immediately and there is nothing more to discover.

  • The rum is very aromatic with notes of vanilla, molasses, oak and cloves.
  • To our delight, Cruzan now has several sips of rum.
  • The light color is reminiscent of Chardonnay, a striking sign of its aging.
  • I expect soft notes on the palate, but spices, spices, spices meet me.
  • Matured for two years in used whiskey and bourbon barrels.
  • This month we chose Cruzan Single Barrel 5-12 Years because the label says it is “… the most excellent aged rum on the market”.

Alcohol has a strong presence that isn’t too astringent or too cleansing. On the palate, my first impression was of these sweet island marshmallows coated in toasted coconut. The body is light and crisp with a slight alcohol burn on the backend that faded relatively quickly but mostly refreshed me.

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I don’t have a lot of experience with different rums, but this one beats the Bacardi I used to mix with. It’s tastier than the Canadian whiskeys I’ve ever drunk. I recommend this if you want a good pure gold rum that can also be enjoyed neat.

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Oak camouflaged as a citrus peel and the taste of caramel toffee led the way with a dash of mixed nuts. I also taste deeper notes of charred sugar that give the impression of molasses and a slightly smoky feel that one finds when trying a sherry-infused liqueur. Perhaps some Spanish oak was used in the aging barrels for part of the blend. Cruzan Single Barrel Rum is made from a blend of rums aged for up to 12 years.

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Cruzan would find a warm home in the contents of a great cocktail. The instant softening of the zombie cocktail and other Polynesian drinks will grab the consumer’s attention. The flavor profile of this rum reflects its quality in every drink it is mixed with and will leave your guests amazed at its cocktail making skills. Cruzan impresses with its low sweetness and mild alcohol bite, considering the price. I have never found such a strong maple flavor in a rum.

When I decided to make Mai Tais, the recipe I found was for dark rum and white rum. Puzzled, I went to the liquor store and the saleswoman didn’t really know what they were talking about. Then someone else interfered and said contradicting things.

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I didn’t wear it to the party, but then I realized it was a very popular brand. Liquor stores should have literature on various brands and things for people like me who don’t know what is what. But I’m addicted to these things and I’m sticking to them.

A light dry rum that has matured for two to four years in used oak barrels for additional suppleness. While many other Cruzan rums have gone down in age, Cruzan Aged Dark Rum is still at least two years old. This rounded dark rum is made from molasses in St. Croix in the Cruzan Distillery, where fine rums have been made for over 100 years. The rum shows a rich bronze color in the glass. After pouring, I immediately noticed a rich caramel aroma that seems to have a nice oak spice embedded in the aroma.

It would be difficult to see the true stickiness when the taste of the alcohol hits the palate with its pike. While Cruzan Aged Dark Rum is a good rum, it lacks some of the complexities found in more expensive alternatives. She becomes a one-trick pony when looking for new flavors, but that’s where the Cruzan Dark Rum wouldn’t play best. I don’t taste a significant amount of oak or wood tannin, although my research suggests that Black Strap Rum was aged in American oak for two years.

The Cruzan® 151 is softer than any other rum in its test and is aged for at least a year in American oak barrels and is made using our same meticulous process. The strength and rich taste are strong in this one. Marketed as a $ 30 sipping rum, we think Cruzan missed the mark.

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Cruzan Single Barrel Rum begins as a variety of aged rums, distilled in column stills and with a vintage of up to 12 years. Once mixed, the rum rests in a new oak barrel for another year before being bottled. Each bottle of Cruzan Single Barrel Rum is poured from a single barrel, which can increase the color variation from batch to batch. Cruzan Aged Light Rum is a blend of rums that have been aged for 1 to 4 years in American oak barrels and then treated with a filtration process to create clarity. Cruzan Aged Dark Rum is a blend of rums that have matured for 2 to 4 years in charred oak barrels.

Cruzan Rum Review

The taste and aroma of black belt molasses predominate; but the firm presence of liquorice and maple gives the rum a seductive character. American Virgin Islands: Cruzan Dark Aged Rum, an exquisite blend of rums matured for 2-4 years in charred oak barrels, delivers a mild, medium-strong aromatic taste with every slow sip. The beginning is warm with a palate of oak, allspice, cinnamon and ends with a vanilla and spice finish. It’s better than Bacardi Gold, RonRico Gold, Don Q Gold on its own and as a blender.

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Our Estate Diamond ™ Dark Rum is named after our original sugar mill. This dark rum is expertly crafted to bring out the complex flavor of barrel aged rum. Cruzan® Passion Fruit combines a mixture of fine Cruzan® rum with the taste of fresh passion fruit to create a rum with an extraordinary taste, a light fruit aroma and a sweet citrus finish.

Cruzan Rum Review

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