The connection is Poland, where Chopin lived and Vodka was born. Chopin is a traditional potato vodka made from Polish potatoes. Despite the elegant milk glass bottle, it also has a very traditional taste for potato vodkas. At first easy to drink a little sweet, then medicinally at the end.

Chopin Vodka Review

The final distillation takes place in a custom-made copper still at the Distillerie de Maison Villevert-Chevancaux in the French countryside. The main vodka is 80 Proof and Cîroc offers 70 Proof flavored vodkas. The line includes apple, coconut, French vanilla, mango, peach, pineapple and red berries. It’s also very common to find limited edition flavors. I found Chopin vodka to be an excellent “shoot” vodka.

Chopin Vodka Review By Azwolverine

The smoothness is good and it worked great as a mixer. Chopin Potato is probably the best tasting vodka I’ve ever had. Almost any fermentable material can be used to make vodka.

  • In general, the results have been favorable, especially in recent years.
  • This French vodka is distilled five times from Mauzac Blanc and Ugni Blanc grapes.
  • All flavors use natural ingredients in a two-stage infusion.
  • It’s a small-batch Dorda Family Affair that first debuted in North America in 1997.

To make it official, Chopin is also starting his annual family reserve. The vintage product consists of “young” potatoes that were harvested at the beginning of the growing season and distilled four times to qualify as real vodka. “It’s almost like drinking mezcal and pisco having a baby,” says Caruso.

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The seductive aromas of vanilla and green apple combine to create a creamy and round palate and a long and clean finish. Won a gold medal in the 2011 San Francisco World Spirits Contest. I have to say this is my favorite potato vodka too. It’s also one of the few vodkas that I can only enjoy when it’s hot. When I’m in a bar and want to have a drink, I make it cold to avoid the watery taste that comes with a drink that is shaken. I didn’t try it because I didn’t know it was a potato vodka.

Chopin Vodka Review

Although they are best known for their potato vodka, their label expanded their portfolio to include what is considered to be the “best of ingredients”. Individual “Vodkas, which recently added to the range of caramel, chocolate and coconut liqueurs based on vodka. This French vodka is distilled five times from Mauzac Blanc and Ugni Blanc grapes.

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Handmade in Poland using old methods that have been around since the 15th. The result is an exceptionally full-bodied vodka with a smooth, clean finish. Chopin is still the best potato vodka I’ve ever drunk.

It has almost every flavor you need at the bar, from reliable citrus and vanilla vodkas to fruity flavors like açai cranberry, mango, peach, and pomegranate. It’s also the label to look out for when looking for delicious caramel, chocolate, or espresso vodkas. Following the trend of creating naturally enriched vodkas, Belvedere completely redesigned its line of flavors in 2021. They stopped producing citrus, peach, ginger and all other flavored vodkas. These have been replaced with organic infusions, including lemon and basil, blackberry and lemongrass, and pear and ginger. Belvedere also has two single-farm rye vodkas and Heritage 176 is refined with malted rye.

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Served cold, the vodka had an excellent texture and an almost creamy taste. The chilled vodka slid down my throat extremely gently, but I felt a slight stinging sensation in my throat after swallowing a room temperature drink. However, my personal favorite potato vodka is still not an everyday bottle at the current brand price. If I were a vodka drinker I would probably give 5 stars. Almost none of the “isopropyl alcohol” taste I usually associate with high-end vodkas.

The most common bases are grains such as barley, rye and wheat, but potatoes, grapes and corn are also used. Despite the variety of ingredients, the end product is almost entirely pure, clear and neutral. The light flavors and clean flavors of vodka are subtle, but they can be distinctive. It’s changing, but on average, Stoli offers around 10 flavored vodkas (37.5 percent ABV, 75 proof). These include the essential citrus vodkas and vanilla, as well as berries, cucumber and peach. The brand has also jumped into the dessert vodka craze, although salted caramel is the only flavor that remains.

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Sweet, almost cucumber-like finish that is not at all unpleasant. A little pricey for a blender but well worth the price if you’re drinking vodka on your own. If it’s as smooth as your famous potato vodka but adds a little more flavor like sobieski rye vodka, this could become one of my favorite martini vodkas. A Polish potato vodka of excellent quality, four times distilled; About five kilos of potatoes are needed for each bottle. Chopin has long been a favorite in style bars and has an enviable reputation as one of the best vodkas available.

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Vera Wang Launches Vodka with Chopin.

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This vodka is distilled from French wheat, which gives it a subtle sweetness in a five-pillar process. All Gray Goose vodkas are 80 proof and the flavor is simple. Le Citron and L’Orange are the staples of any well-rounded bar, and the pear vodka La Poire is one of the best for its flavor. Gray Goose regularly launches other vodkas, such as the Essences 70-proof line of botanical infusions that combine fruits and herbs. On a recent martini with olives, I was impressed by Chopin with its incredibly smooth drinkability and minimal stinging when swallowed.

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While you can expect to pay a little more for the higher quality, none of these vodkas are in the price range for true luxury. Many also contain impressive flavors and rarely disappoint when it comes to mixing a great vodka cocktail. Oh, very mild, hardly stinging, the aftertaste is not unpleasant. Probably the best potato vodka out there and probably the best premium vodka I’ve had in the ubiquitous Gray Goose price range. Rich nose, full of lemon peel and spices, stunning citrus fruits, coriander, strength and light flavors of black olives, sweet, medium-long finish.

It’s hard to find a bar or liquor store that doesn’t have at least a few bottles in stock. Introduced in 1979, Absolut is a Swedish vodka that is distilled from winter wheat and bottled with 80 proof. Most of the brand’s fame is the result of brilliant marketing campaigns that have established them as an industry leader. It’s a quality vodka, reliable and with a clean taste. Frederic Chopin has transformed the intricacies of the Polish spirit into charming and emotional music.

Chopin Vodka Review By Robert

The portfolio includes an equally impressive wheat vodka, and rye vodka is also the basis for the delicious Dorda Double Chocolate Liqueur. Chopin’s vodkas are 80 percent and designed to show the best flavor that can be obtained with locally grown single ingredient vodkas. Names like Absolut, Ketel One, Van Gogh and Titos are some of the most popular premium vodkas on the market. These can be “premium” brands, but they are also inexpensive.

Chopin Vodka Review

This Dutch vodka is distilled from a mixture of Dutch, French and German wheat. All flavors use natural ingredients in a two-stage infusion. Titos is a one-bottle vodka brand that doesn’t play with flavors. This is a pure, clean, and smooth vodka that you can drink neat or mix into any cocktail recipe. The distillation of corn in small batches is 80 percent and naturally gluten-free.

Chopin Vodka Review By Ben Twang

They are cooked whole with the skin before fermentation. @AZWolverine, I agree with your assessment of Chopin. While it’s as smooth as any vodka you’ve ever tried, something is missing.

Chopin Vodka Review

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