To flavor this liqueur, a mixture of Creole spices is added for up to a month to give the rum a unique flavor that is complex and perfect to drink. KrakenBlack Spiced Rum is distilled in Trinidad and Tobago from naturally sweet molasses, matured for one to two years and then mixed with eleven spices. Captain Black says “Charred Double Blackened Oak” on the label, which ensures the rich black color. Clove and vanilla top the flavors of the rum, which many speculate was created to compete directly with the popular marketing campaign, the sea creature, octopus. It looks like a cheap liquor that is usually mixed with cola.

Captain Morgan Rum Review

A proprietary blend of Caribbean spices is added before bottling at 70 Proof. The Captain Morgan Slice Apple is made with premium rum, natural apple flavor, spices and natural flavors. Mai Tai is a classic rum cocktail, but to make a good one, a good spiced rum is key. Try The Kraken: Depending on the brand, this dark rum is enriched with a “secret blend of spices”, with strong notes of vanilla and nutmeg that lead the flavor charge. This Captain Morgan Spiced Rum is famous for a reason. It’s easy to drink, mild on spices, and on the sweeter side of the flavor spectrum.

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Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum is made from molasses, water, puree and yeast and distilled in a continuous still. After distillation, the clear brandy ages in oak barrels for up to a year to give the rum a golden color and character before the flavors and spices are added. The brand’s taste is achieved through a patented recipe that is blended with the rum mix in the final stages of production, using native spices from the Caribbean islands. Captain Morgan Sliced Apple has just been released. It is one of the 13 Captain Morgan strains in the current Captain Morgan range.

No, but winning the white rum isn’t just about producing the best rum. Diageo did well enough with Captain Morgan White Rum to be really competitive in this area. With a little effort and a little bit of marketing, Diageo should quickly capture much of the market share Gallo has gained from Shellback. After drinking this rum several times, I finally had time to write a review. For starters, this is the first flavored rum I can remember drank and it has been replaced by Sailor Jerry’s in my favorites, but it’s still a good flavored rum.

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Captain Morgan is a great addition as long as you aren’t looking for more complexity than this Solo Red Plastic Cup deserves. This cocktail is a bit like a classic rum and cola, only you add lime juice to it too. The lime perfectly balances the sweet cola, making it one of the most refreshing drinks to enjoy on a hot summer night, as well as one of the easiest.

  • Bayou is a rum distillery in Louisiana, and the flavorful expression really reflects the roots of the people there.
  • I used to think this was great until I tried better condiment rum like Sailor Jerry, Kraken, Chairman’s Reserve, etc.
  • Diageo did well enough with Captain Morgan White Rum to be really competitive in this area.
  • The other spices are difficult to identify individually, but the cola flavor seemed to be present.
  • Finish with a hint of spicy ginger taste and a mild, warm spicy bite.
  • “Rum Reserva del Presidente is delicious,” says Holguin.

It is probably the most famous spicy rum in the world. I used to think this was great until I tried better condiment rum like Sailor Jerry, Kraken, Chairman’s Reserve, etc. It has a nice scent of vanilla and liquorice, but it’s all downhill from then on. Extremely rough on the palate, tastes like rum mixed with neutral grain brandy.

Best For Rum And Cola: Captain Morgan Spiced Rum

He said, “Wow, that stiffness is tough.” From the mouth of babies. At first glance, it smells almost as sweet as one of those flavored liquors, something like Fireball or Skrewball. There’s no doubt that this is from the molasses, but that may not explain all of the sugar I see here as the rum has a distinctive “artificially sweetened” hue. Overall, it smells like someone has poured half a bottle of vanilla extract into a pound of brown sugar. Which, to be fair, is a delicious concept and the beginning of every good baking experience.

Captain Morgan Rum Review

The bouquet is fleshy with warm fruits, tropical hints, spices and a lot of cinnamon. On the palate it is creamy, very smooth and velvety, with a good rhythm, a lot of freshness and a strong finish of vanilla and sweet spices. It’s not very stubborn, but in terms of alcohol, it can withstand impact and you can also safely use it to make suggestive cocktails like Scorpion. The nose is immediately familiar, a slightly sharp portrayal of vanilla and cinnamon, with a hint of citrus in the mix.

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It can be enjoyed alone or with a variety of cocktails, both hot and cold. This type of rum is ideal for various tropical drinks or hot toddies in the colder months. Many different brands include a spiced rum among their expressions, often using botanicals and flavors that capture the essence of where it is made. According to some experts, these are some of the best spiced rum to drink right now. 3.5 / 5 A perfectly flavored rum for the house bar.

Review: Captain Morgan White Rum – Drink Spirits

Review: Captain Morgan White Rum.

Posted: Wed, 12 Feb 2014 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Another thing to keep in mind is that this is one of those few liquors that gives me a headache 40 minutes after ingesting small amounts. The best way to enjoy this red good is to mix it with coca. Captain Morgan Spiced Gold is an inexpensive, low-flavored rum with little personality or substance. The faint vanilla tones are overlaid by indescribable aromas of distilled alcohol, resulting in a liqueur of exceptional hardness with an unpleasant finish that is unusual for a 70 percent alcohol. “Lots of sugar and sweetness in the nose, like a carnival candy with a vanilla packet. The other spices are difficult to identify individually, but the cola flavor seemed to be present.

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This distillery makes many different expressions including this flavored rum. Its name is based on the number of spices used as flavors, including allspice, vanilla, pepper, and juniper berry. “Rum Reserva del Presidente is delicious,” says Holguin.

An amateur reviews: Nobleton’s Duckett Rums – Kansas City Pitch

An amateur reviews: Nobleton’s Duckett Rums.

Posted: Mon, 27 Sep 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Captain Morgan White is NOT a Puerto Rican rum, so comparing it to this rum category is a logical mistake. White is an alternative for everyone who doesn’t care about the original Capt spice. But they still want something sweeter than bottles of Bacardi.

Review: Mezan Panama 2006 And Jamaica Xo Rum

However, all I know is spiced rum, I usually drink it mixed with 60/40 rum / cola or Dr. Pepper. I plan to switch to higher quality rums that I won’t be able to drink until after Christmas when I’m hoping to get gift cards for the liquor store. Captain Morgan White Rum is much sweeter and smoother, but a little less structured than Bacardi Superior.

Captain Morgan Rum Review

Seagram liked Levy’s recipe so much that they bought it and used it as the base for their new rum. This aging process, along with the blend of spices, adds notes of vanilla rum, brown sugar, and dried fruit. Manufactured in Truro, Massachusetts, the Twenty Boat is named for the rum racers who roamed the Cape Cod Bay area and beyond. Spices used for flavor include cardamom, vanilla pod, anise, and rose hip, all of which are available from the nearby Atlantic Spice Company. This spicy rum is further proof that the artisan movement can also produce spirits beyond whiskey and gin. Kraken’s vanilla notes go well with barritts, while the subtle spicy notes of rum and ginger ale keep the vanilla in check.

If you like it, you probably like other flavorful rums too: Seemann Jerry’s, Kracken, and Gosling’s Black Seal are some good ones. Over the cola with a lime wedge on a warm summer night and it’s fine. At only 70 degrees it should be easier on the palate, but CM is hard in itself. My son, who has just turned 21 and is learning to appreciate spirits, needed spiced rum for a recipe.

It has a light amber color with a sweet and spicy aroma. The taste is good for a $ 20-25 rum with cinnamon and other spices that works well in almost any cocktail. There are some better flavored rums out there, but this rum’s popularity will make it a must have in home bars.

It also looks like there is some nutmeg and cinnamon on the edges. I have a large collection of small bottle style 200ml bottles that are made of glass and plastic and I have reviewed the spirits of both types of bottles. I’m not sure if that’s true and I would appreciate further feedback. The plastic bottle is available in stores anyway and therefore has to be serviced from time to time. It is a classic distillate without edges, but also without defects. It’s the classic super smooth rum blended to please everyone.

Captain Morgan Rum Review

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