70% of the whiskey comes from the still, 62.5% is poured into the barrels and matures on the staves for 6 months before entering the barrels. The palate convinces with an initial sweetness that houses remarkable aromas of light caramel, honey, steamed vanilla and brown sugar. Behind the first aromas hide leather, charred oak and a spice of rye that bubbles upwards. The flavor combination is solid because they all work together very well and have a more “classic” bourbon flavor profile. While the flavors are likely to be more subdued based on the evidence of the bourbon sport, what is there is impressive and enjoyable. As for the flavors, they are once again perfect for a good bourbon and follow the aroma quite well.

Blanton'S Bourbon Review

While wheat whiskey tends to be softer, a touch of rye in a puree tends to bring out a little more fruit and spices, which go very well with caramel and charcoal. It’s worth noting, however, that the final flavor profile will vary from barrel to barrel (that’s the idea). Does this consistency property help justify why it’s suddenly one of the hottest bourbons in America? No, not really, that head-scratching thought is a whole different animal.

You Can Collect The Horse Plugs And It Will Drive You Crazy

Aside from the fun wrapping tricks, the unique thing about Blanton is its consistency. In a world where individual kegs can vary widely, Blanton’s tends to deliver a consistent, solid spout year after year. On the nose it offers fresh citrus fruits, caramel, apple, toffee, cereals and spices; balanced but subtle. The palate really opens up the experience by perfectly balancing buttery oak, caramel, salt, orange, raisins and late season spices. The finish slowly fades the spice, forgiving burnt sugar, caramel and vanilla as they slowly fade like memories of a perfect day.

Blanton’s 3 Bourbon Whiskey Expressions — Explained, Rated, & Ranked – UPROXX

Blanton’s 3 Bourbon Whiskey Expressions — Explained, Rated, & Ranked.

Posted: Wed, 07 Jul 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

We think Blanton’s is a bit like Lil ‘Sweet from Diet Dr. Pepper Commercials looks like sprinkled with some vanilla, citrus and oak on top. A good single barrel bourbon just isn’t big enough to compete with other newer, better tasting, and simply better offerings in its price range. A brilliant mix of rye, floral notes, tea, oak, corn, pomegranate, orange peel, spice cake and corn that shows through on this one. The palate is full of spices, corn stalks and toffee with a hint of pepper. A pleasant finish with nuts, corn husks, caramel and black tea.

Michter’s Small Batch Bourbon Review

I really don’t have much to say about Blanton’s that one of the other reviewers hasn’t already said. Basically, Four Roses Single Barrel and Woodford are my personal choices for the best bourbons without cask strength. I haven’t bought a bottle of this yet because it’s a little more expensive than the other 2, but it’s only a matter of time before I do. Aside from the price, there are few flaws with Blanton’s, it’s silky smooth with a fairly thick body and a delicious sweetness that makes for a long-lasting finish.

I get caramel, vanilla, toffee, maybe a touch of baked apple, a touch of orange peel and some strong sweet corn. If you like Buffalo Trace, you will likely love Blanton’s (though I don’t promise you’ll keep it for double the price). Clean, it tingles a bit, and a little rye flavor comes out, which I didn’t find in the ice cream scoop. Clean, it still has wonderful sweetness, chivalrous smoothness and a nice, persistent finish, although the rye makes some of the candied notes harder to distinguish. It’s not as spicy as Woodford or OF Signature, but the finish is longer and could even be milder than Woodford (although Blanton’s official NAS, it is most likely significantly older than Woodford).

Evan Williams 12 Year Old Bourbon Review

However, it does offer bottle buyers the option of buying a single barrel bourbon, which is almost certainly mostly a well above average or very good bourbon. People tend to forget that single barrel bourbons aren’t all going to taste the same. In fact, that’s what often makes single barrel bourbons so unique. The fact that Blanton’s can reproduce its spout so accurately from barrel to barrel year after year is an impressive feat.

Blanton'S Bourbon Review

(Because you’re sharing a bottle of this with someone who thinks Jack is strong, Booker’s, you can’t do that) five stars out of five. That’s part of the magic and curse of a single barrel product. Bourbons are typically made by blending whiskey from multiple barrels to achieve the desired flavor profile.

Review: Blanton Original Single Draft Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey

Blanton’s is around 9 years old and is located in Buffalo Trace’s Warehouse H, the only metal-clad warehouse there. Made from the same top quality corn, rye, and malt as Elmer T. Lee and Ancient Age, it is a hand-filled single barrel product. It’s one of my favorite whiskey bottles, if not my favorite, with collectable bottle caps each containing a Blanton letter. It was launched in 1984 with great success by master distiller Elmer T. Lee as the first single barrel bourbon in modern production.

Blanton'S Bourbon Review

A bouquet of honey, vanilla, light-colored chewing gum and orange-citrus peel opens things up. Softly underneath there are hints of charcoal and toasted sugar that struggle with floral notes. Light cinnamon and baking spices complete the whole thing. The flavors are nuanced and attractive, creating a satisfying opening to open the sip.

But Blanton’s Gold Edition Arrives At A Nearby Store

If you know anything about the world of bourbon whiskey, you’ve probably heard of Blanton’s single barrel bourbon whiskey. If you haven’t tried Blanton’s Single Draft Bourbon, we’d like to take this opportunity to pique your interest and explain what you might be missing out on. The darker aspects of the charred wood have all but disappeared, just a little bit of brown sugar and caramel vanilla in their place.

Blanton'S Bourbon Review

I still can’t understand how complex this is while it’s so incredibly slick. Perfect nose with some of everything that happens in the flavor profile. Fruity, sweet, cinnamon and oak seasoning, all wrapped in a bourbon that will always be at the top of my list. These, along with Elmer T Lee (both BT Mash Bill # 2), are gems. Blanton’s original single barrel, which gave it its full title, was the brainchild of another longtime bourbon fan, Elmer T Lee. In Colonel Blanton’s time it was customary to select individual kegs for bottling for private use, but they were never available to the regular consumer.

It’s sweet, but not too sweet – a little spice from rye, dark cinnamon, nutmeg and fresh oak bring balance. Very good bourbon Easy to drink Lots of taste, vanilla, honey, caramel and a little spice is just nice. I originally rated this fair because I only had it once in a bar. Pour it in, add a few drops of water and let it breathe. While bourbon is generally mixed by brand and distillery to achieve a desired flavor profile, a single barrel bourbon categorically refuses to mix.

Charred oak notes cross the line more to the charred side of the flavor spectrum here, but that cherry flavor stays in the darker aspects. The brown sugar is more of a sticky caramel toffee with a hint of vanilla, sweeter and richer than usual and is accompanied by a hint of sourdough bread. At the end there is a bit of pear and a bit of black pepper from this rye component, which stays nice in the aftertaste. The original king of the single barrel bourbon holds a special place in the hearts of many bourbon drinkers.

The original Blanton single barrel comes from the middle sections of Buffalo Trace’s Warehouse H and was once intended for ambassadors, dignitaries, and family and friends of Colonel Blanton. In 1984, however, Blanton’s Bourbon was the first bottled single barrel bourbon to go commercially. Blanton’s original single-cask bourbon has a history that shares many namesake of the Buffalo Trace Distillery. Colonel Albert B. Blanton was originally President of the George T. Stagg Bourbon Distillery until 1952, now known as the Buffalo Trace Distillery. As Lee neared retirement, he decided to introduce one final product. A year before his retirement, Lee began marketing the first commercial single barrel bourbon, naming it after the late Colonel Blanton’s.

Whiskey Review: Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon – The Whiskey Wash

Whiskey Review: Blanton’s Single Barrel Bourbon.

Posted: Thu, 13 Oct 2016 07:00:00 GMT [source]

When it finally hit the US market, it was priced up to 200 percent above the average price of a bottle. It took a while, but over time it built a loyal following and the break, as they say, is history as almost every other distillery launched their own single-barrel offerings. Blanton’s is distilled by Buffalo Trace in Frankfort, Kentucky, who is famous, not to mention the exact contents of their Mash Bills # 1 and # 2. We know that Blanton’s are made from Mash Bill # 2, a “high rye” puree, is distilled. – This means that after the higher proportion of common corn in Buffalo Trace Bourbons, the remainder of the mash bill is rye.

Tasting Notes: Bourbon Blantons Single Barrel

The body is very smooth and the flavors that emerge make it effective and sometimes perfect. Gentle and calm at the same time, but with aspects of lively hustle and bustle, it is enough to adapt to most occasions, from pensive solitude to dinner with friends. If there were complaints, it would focus on the profile’s lack of uniqueness. However, this is a problem that can be easily resolved if done correctly.

  • Clean, it tingles a bit, and a little rye flavor comes out, which I didn’t find in the ice cream scoop.
  • – This means that after the higher proportion of common corn in Buffalo Trace Bourbons, the remainder of the mash bill is rye.
  • Blanton’s is around 9 years old and is located in Buffalo Trace’s Warehouse H, the only metal-clad warehouse there.
  • But now we know that single-barrel bourbons like Blanton’s brave it.
  • On the nose it offers fresh citrus fruits, caramel, apple, toffee, cereals and spices; balanced but subtle.
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