On December 31, 2021 we will have selected the 10 best Walla Walla wineries of 2021 with your votes. Renowned and drinkable wines are easy to find at Basel Cellars. This is a 96 acre farm with nearly 30 acres of vineyards. This is an old ranch set against the backdrop of the Blue Mountains.

What to Do (And Where to Go Wine Tasting) in Walla Walla, Washington – seattlemet.com

What to Do (And Where to Go Wine Tasting) in Walla Walla, Washington.

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The owners, Toby and Chris, started their winery in a garage with a single bay. Today they continue their search for outstanding artisanal winemaking. Their own vineyard in the Rocks district south of Walla Walla is maturing and they hope to be able to produce their first wines. Your terrace is the perfect place to enjoy the delicious red Semillon or Ceres mix exclusively for members while enjoying the beautiful Blue Mountains. If the weather doesn’t allow you to enjoy the terrace, don’t worry! With the telescope in the tasting room, you can still look over the valley to the mountains beyond.

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Anyone who goes to the Walla Walla Valley wants to visit the best wineries. Without a doubt, it is not easy to choose the best among 120 good wineries. Founded by a local boy who became NFL star quarterback Drew Bledsoe and his wife Maura, this winery is in a converted barn-style building. This may sound like a country-chic vanity project, but Doubleback takes advantage of the estate’s vineyards to produce an extraordinary Cabernet Sauvignon.

Best Wineries In Walla Walla

Since you’re not at a counter, it’s much better to enjoy the people you are with and don’t feel obliged to overhear a banter over wine if you don’t want to. An impeccable modern design is well balanced by the friendly staff and the natural rustic flavors of its delicious wines and a well thought out menu of traditional Spanish tapas. Founded in 1981 by Rick Small and Darcey Fugman-Small, Woodard Canyon is the second oldest winery in the Walla Walla Valley. Woodward Canyon, a pioneering Washington State winery, is known for producing persistent and aging Cabernet Sauvignon. The Woodward Canyon Tasting Room is open daily and the wines are sold nationally and internationally. After Greg Harrington became the youngest Masters Sommelier in history at the age of 26 in 1996 and ran several prestigious wine programs across the country, Greg Harrington founded Gramercy Cellars.

Eastern Main Tasting Rooms

Owner and winemaker Kelsey Albro Itämeri focuses on grapes from the foothills of the Blue Mountains, where she is currently planting a vineyard. Take a look at the exciting Merlot and Syrah from Les Collines Winery, further proof that Itä is a producer to watch. Michelle Wine Estates cleverly explores an area of the valley northeast of downtown at this winery that few others have planted. The wines, which are all red except for a rosé and a Viognier, find something special there, such as the mixture of red berries and spicy herbs that is contained in the extraordinary Merlot-laden Uriah. Sister brand Helix explores the various 11 million acres that make up Washington’s Columbia Valley through many of their individual vineyard bottlings.

Best Wineries In Walla Walla

The name Walla Walla means “many waters” and this fertile valley is a welcome oasis surrounded by the sagebrush desert of eastern Washington. Also known for strawberries, sweet onions, and wheat, Walla Walla Valley crosses state lines with a third of the vineyards across Oregon’s Columbia River. Blessed with little rain, persistent winds to cool off and pronounced temperature fluctuations during the day, the wines of the Walla Walla region are well composed and carefully produced. Waterbrook Winery dates back to 1984 and has been one of Walla Walla’s best-known wineries ever since. They offer guests a tasting room, a world-class winery, year-round events, and a 49-acre vineyard in the Walla Walla Valley. Northstar Winery is on the Walla Walla’s Best Wineries List and is known for producing one of the most prestigious Merlots in the world.

Westside District Walla Walla Wineries Home To Some Of Walla Walla’s Oldest Wineries

Sister Bledsoe Family Wines in downtown Walla Walla offers more variety, from Syrah to Chardonnay. Guests can now experience the Armstrong family’s wines in their beautiful tasting room in the historic center. Due to government guidelines, guests are currently staying on the Armstrong’s terrace, which is partially covered with tents, and enjoying their selection of wine tasting flights. Although there are heaters under the tent, guests are encouraged to adapt to the weather. The Armstrongs also have comfortable blankets and hats for sale. Reservations are possible from Monday to Saturday from 12 p.m.

The Rivalry Lives On: Canoe Ridge Vineyard And Waterbrook Winery Team Up With Cougar And Husky Athletics – PRNewswire

The Rivalry Lives On: Canoe Ridge Vineyard And Waterbrook Winery Team Up With Cougar And Husky Athletics.

Posted: Wed, 15 Sep 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

As a multigenerational company, the winery is conscientious in all aspects of wine production. His vineyards were planted in the family’s wheat fields in 1981. The wine tasting takes place in a restored farmhouse from 1870. Most people stay in a downtown hotel when visiting Walla Walla.

The Best Wine In The Walla Walla Valley

Eritage is outside the city, surrounded by vineyards and wheat fields. It has a bit of a built-and-want feel, but given the quietness of the rooms and the quality of Chef Brian Price’s cuisine, travelers would be stupid if they didn’t. -Zucchini Salad: a combination that sounds strange but tastes fantastic.

Best Wineries In Walla Walla

Mark Ryan’s tasting room is small but cozy and the only tasting room downtown with a motorcycle in the window. The staff are very knowledgeable and incredibly enthusiastic about what makes their shades of red big, bold and unique. In addition to the estate’s 41 acres of vineyards, the grapes are also sourced from carefully selected Washington State vintners. Inspired by the old world, Woodward Canyon wines are winery and designed to be paired with food for a complete sensory experience. The vineyard is proudly grown sustainably, is LIVE certified and safe for salmon. All of this makes Woodward Canyone one of the best Walla Walla wineries to visit.

Wines From Itä

The Swiss-born winemaker Jean-Francois Pellet brings the sophistication of the Old World into his Bordeaux-style wines – he values subtlety over boldness. The tasting room isn’t fancy or fussy, but it has a sleek elegance. The highlight is the back yard, where you can try Cabernet Sauvignon and enjoy beautiful views of the valley and the Blue Mountains. If you like it here, also take a look at Amavi Cellars, which are located and owned just minutes away. You can vote on the wineries on the list until December 31, 2021.

  • He started the winery to produce Rhone and Bordeaux-inspired wines with a distinct Washington influence.
  • All of this makes Woodward Canyone one of the best Walla Walla wineries to visit.
  • They offer guests a tasting room, a world-class winery, year-round events, and a 49-acre vineyard in the Walla Walla Valley.

Their longstanding relationships with historic vineyards give Barons the opportunity to source grapes from some of the oldest vineyards in the Columbia Valley and Walla Walla. Coupled with a state-of-the-art winery and barrel aging facility in Walla Walla, their downtown Walla Walla tasting room lets you enjoy extremely fine Washington wines during your visit. We hope this article has helped you decide where to go for your next Walla Walla food and wine tasting. If you can’t visit Walla Walla Valley Event during WWander, don’t worry, Visit Walla Walla and the Walla Walla Wine Alliance always have something fun and delicious along with the close-knit community. Known as one of the best wine regions in the country, this lush valley boasts more than 120 wineries covering 2,900 acres of grapes. A unique combination of climate, character and culture makes the Walla Walla Valley wine exceptional.

Visits are only possible on Saturdays, however, if space permits, so reservations are strongly recommended. All Eritage rooms have private decks or patios, all the luxury bedding and large bathtubs to soak in while deciding which wineries to visit the next day. All details are not available in previous Walla Walla hotel options, most of which have been extended to Holiday.

Best Wineries In Walla Walla

They came with a dream of starting a winery and today their dream is a reality with three vineyards and tasting rooms in Walla Walla and Woodinville, WA. Sleight of Hand Cellars offers world class unpretentious wines. Located in the heart of the Washington Wine Country, the winery offers endless views of the vineyards and valley. Expect all the finesse but no fuss on your next trip to Sleight of Hand Cellars. Located in a historic Frenchtown school, 41 is a third generation family business and one of the best Walla Walla wineries to visit.

They are unique in that many of their grapes are grown on Red Mountain. This is an incredible growing region in Washington that gives these full-bodied reds a subtle smokiness that really is something special. Not everyone can harvest grapes from the Red Mountains, because the producers often work with wineries that have built a relationship over many years.

Founded in 2000 in the Walla Walla Valley of southeast Washington, Saviah Cellars is dedicated to creating exceptional wines that combine winemaking excellence with traditional winemaking techniques. The winery strives to produce rich and skillfully balanced wines that have varietal characteristics that reflect the unique soils and climate of the Walla Walla and Columbia valleys. The first commercial harvest from Saviah Cellars was only 300 boxes. Winemaker Richard Funk and his wife Anita, both Montana natives, moved to Walla Walla in 1991. Saviah is a last name of Anita’s great-grandmother, a teacher, artist, and writer who settled in western Montana in the early 20th century.

One Of The Best Wineries In Walla Walla Not To Be Missed

After moving from downtown in 2014, Walla Faces can now be found in the popular Walla Walla Incubators. Housed in a block of five unified pastel colored houses, Walla Faces not only focuses on perfecting its esteemed red wines, but also supports the local art scene right down to its custom wine labels. Visitors can continue their visit to the wine country and spend the night in one of the nearby inns in the city center or in its vineyard. Rick Small, the founder of Woodward Canyon Winery, grew up in a farming family.

Best Wineries In Walla Walla

Most of the produce comes from local farms and if you stop by Frog Hollow Farm, for example, the next day, as I did, the whole farm-to-table food concept comes to life. Success that resulted in a traffic jam that the police had to clear. She still organizes the event every May and offers more than 100 types of traditional tomatoes, vegetables, herbs and flowers, as well as goats for the children to pet. If the winery stopped here it would easily be among the best in Washington, but Rotie also releases exciting blends of white wine and a stunning white Grenache. A new tasting room looms over your estate’s vineyard in the Rocks District. Walla Walla winemakers have been producing wines with a real sense of place in the Walla Walla landscape since 1995.

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