The grapes are harvested at three different times with different degrees of ripeness. The early harvest provides citrus notes and acidity, while the middle harvest offers more fruity flavors. The latest vintage brings more tropical notes and more weight on the palate. The Del Rio Pinot has hints of forest floor, along with notes of dried red strawberries and tart cherries with medium acidity. The grapes are harvested overnight and left to soak in cold for three days before being crushed.

Best Wineries In Southern Oregon

Like other pinots from southern Oregon, it is characterized by well-ripe, soft tannins and medium acidity. Most of the rosé wines in Oregon are made from Pinot Noir grapes. Pinot intended for rosé is usually harvested in higher quantities, usually 3.5 to 4.5 tons per acre, rather than the usual two or three tons per acre that are typical of pinot for red wine production. Higher grades often result in less aromatic complexity, but this is less of a problem with rosés, where winemakers want to produce light, refreshing wines.

Like Umpqua AVA, the Rogue Valley area offers a complex geological puzzle with very different soils, mesoclimates, aspects and heights. The result is that many different grape varieties can be grown; recently more than 70. Belle Fiore produces wines from a number of native Italian varieties that range from Fiano to Montepulciano to Barbera. Valley View grafted Tempranillo onto 40-year-old root stems, making it possibly the oldest Tempranillo in Oregon.

Dobbes Family Estate 2018 Sundown Vineyard Syrah Rogue Valley

One of the wines worth looking for is the Augustino Estate Chardonnay. Produced in the reductive style, the wine stays on the lees for 10 months without stirring. The result is a pronounced mineral core with notes of flint and citrus fruits, enveloped in lively acidity. Augustino also produces a lush Pinot Noir of intense color with aromas of raspberry and cherry.

Oregon’s Troon Vineyard earns Regenerative Organic Certified label, one of 2 wineries worldwide – OregonLive

Oregon’s Troon Vineyard earns Regenerative Organic Certified label, one of 2 wineries worldwide.

Posted: Mon, 11 Oct 2021 15:04:07 GMT [source]

Rogue Valley is at the confluence of three mountain ranges: Klamath, Coastal, and Cascades. It has the unique distinction of having the highest elevation in Oregon for growing grapes. Planted at elevations of 1,200 to 2,000 feet, the Rogue Valley vineyards often grow on the steep slopes of the region rather than the valley floor. As in the Bordeaux region of France, the Rogue Valley’s hot and dry climate benefits from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, Tempranillo, Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc.

The Local Guide To Rogue Valley

Sipping wine on the outside patio is a very interesting experience as a colorful spectrum of wings land nearby! You’ll also love the views of the vineyard and the surrounding mountains. Troon Vineyard makes wines that thrive in the warm climates of southern Oregon. They have a wide variety of wines to taste in their lovely cellar and tasting room, with larger reds like Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah and some refined whites like Vermentino and Roussanne.

Best Wineries In Southern Oregon

Granite is rare here; Instead, the most important soil types are marine and stream sediments with concentrated volcanic rock in the east. Due to the slightly cooler climate, the dominant variety in the region is Pinot Noir, with Pinot Gris, Tempranillo, Syrah, Merlot and Chardonnay being available in decreasing quantities. The Quady Winery is located in the town of Medford, right on the crest of the Applegate Valley AVA. The fact that it was a former pear processing center is a symbol of the changes that are taking place in the area. The Applegate Valley was once covered with orchards; With this industry now in decline, grapes are taking over. While the rest of the Rogue’s vineyards are scattered and isolated, the Applegate is extensively planted and resembles the Willamette with its rolling hills lined with trellises.

Southern Oregon

Its recognition is well deserved, but southern Oregon is my favorite place to try wine in this state. As you drive through country lanes and small towns, you’ll find small boutique wineries, many of which are family owned. It’s an area where people get to know their neighbors and help each other. North of the California border, Rogue Valley is blessed with a temperate climate that is warmer and drier than the Willamette Valley further north. Frosts are rare and harmful insects are less threatening, which makes organic farming quite profitable.

Various cheese platters and trays with wood-fired pizzas are offered on the weekends. Try the Di’tani 2016, a mix of Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Malbec. This wine reflects the Rogue Valley AVA and the country’s terroir. I love a good old world Italian wine, and the 2017 Sangiovese doesn’t disappoint. Located on the banks of the Rogue River, 20 minutes northwest of Medford, this 300-acre vineyard is a cornerstone of viticulture in the Rogue Valley. The area’s largest producer, Del Rio, makes its own wine and also sells grapes to local wine growers in Oregon and California.

Oregon Wineries To Try Outside Of The Willamette Valley

To be pioneers in a place where it is still possible to be pioneers. But another Oregon wine country rises 230 miles south of the Willamette Valley. For the wine-loving traveler, this destination feels almost utopian. Here, tasting fees cost less than a latte; the hotel prices are really reasonable; The wineries go way beyond water biscuits (wood-fired fig and caramelized onion pizza with a 92-point 2012 Syrah, anyone?). And like Santa Barbara County, but unlike many other western wine regions, all types of grapes thrive. The tasting room is located on a hill with great views of the vineyards.

Great Oregon Wines Beyond the Willamette Valley – The New York Times

Great Oregon Wines Beyond the Willamette Valley.

Posted: Fri, 17 Sep 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

With a warmer climate than the Willamette Valley, Applegate Valley wineries grow varieties such as Syrah, Grenache and Marsanne Roussanne. You will be amazed at the wide variety of wines made here and how much fun it is to explore the hidden tasting rooms along the winding roads of the valley. There’s no option to visit every winery on this list, so pick a few to get started and plan your own tour. Or, for the full Rogue Valley wine experience, join a vineyard community and enjoy exclusive year-round access to the region’s best wineries. The Cricket Hill Winery motto is, “Do one thing and do it well.” They specialize in French wines, especially Cabernet Franc. By wasting their time and attention on a single red wine, they have succeeded in producing excellent wines from this variety.

Founded in 1991, Rogue Valley AVA is part of the larger Southern Oregon AVA. It is also home to the largest concentration of wineries in southern Oregon. And with four wine routes, 53 tasting rooms and 88 wineries, there is a lot to discover in this undiscovered wine region. When Earl Jones was a resident doctor in San Francisco, his love of wine was only exaggerated by debt.

Understand Pests And Diseases In The Vineyard

Every now and then an intersection offers a gas station, maybe a deli. The locals seem as crunchy as they are conservative, as evidenced by the placement of Second Amendment signs in a sandwich shop alongside their range of yerba mate teas. In fact, there are as many wineries as there are microclimates (55 to be precise) and this wide range of wine styles matches the many attractions in the area. At the back of the tasting room is a field where local hang-gliders and paragliders land after jumping from a nearby hill.

  • The area’s largest producer, Del Rio, makes its own wine and also sells grapes to local wine growers in Oregon and California.
  • The tasting room is located on a hill with great views of the vineyards.
  • The wine has a pronounced weight on the palate, but retains a remarkable acidity.
  • The Willamette Valley is Oregon’s most famous wine country and is famous for its Pinot Noir.

There is no characteristic grape variety, few rules and some justifiably impressive wines. These five Rogue Valley wineries are definitely worth a visit. Weisinger produces a considerable amount of wine, but none goes very far. “We sell 98% of our wine direct to consumers, most of it straight from our tasting room,” explains Eric. That statistic seems remarkable for a location four and a half hours from the nearest major city, but the busy I-5 has an endless stream of customers.

The grapes are completely harvested, if not a little overripe (26.3 Brix) and have 14.5% vol. The resulting wine is strong and powerful with aromas of green and stone fruit and a hint of dried figs and dates. There is a very slight sweetness along with notes of creamy citrus, caramel, and woody spices. The wine has a pronounced weight on the palate, but retains a remarkable acidity. At its best, this is the fiercest, bold, powerful, aromatic, yet retains a delicacy and crisp acidity that a Viognier from a warm region normally lacks. Kriselles Sauvignon Blanc is one of the most complex white wines produced in Oregon and could be counted among the great Sauvignon Blanc wines in the world.

Best Wineries In Southern Oregon

Of its almost 700,000 hectares, fewer than 3,000 are under vines, which are mainly grouped around the town of Roseburg. The number of wineries is also small, and it is a known but little discussed fact that much of the fruit from the area is shipped north to the Willamette Valley Blends. While it’s difficult to generalize about such a large area of land, Umpqua can be considered a middle ground between Willamette and Rogue.

Irvine And Roberts Vineyards

Wayne and his late wife Deedy Parker founded Melrose Vineyards, a beautiful winery in the Umpqua Valley near Roseburg, Oregon, overlooking the South Umpqua River. Wayne had 20 years of farming experience growing raisin grapes in California. In 1996 they moved to the Umpqua Valley, which they said would be one of the best wine growing regions in America. The farm is now 250 acres and is known for producing high quality fruit that many prestigious Oregon wineries purchase through long-term contracts. The varieties produced include Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Viognier, Riesling, Pinotage, Pinot Gris, Syrah, Tempranillo, Baco Noir, Merlot and Dolcetto.

Best Wineries In Southern Oregon

On the way to the Willamette, they stopped in Abacela for an informal tasting. There they met Earl Jones, who listened carefully to her story. It took Terry and Sue a year to get there, but in 2002 they had bought land, built a winery and tasting room, and moved all of their operations north. Pebblestone focuses on its acclaimed Tempranillo, Viognier, Cabernet Franc and Pinot Gris varieties, among others. In 2018, the Ellises opened their tasting room in a large barn, complete with patio tables and umbrellas with plenty of outdoor space. The secret may not last as the tasting rooms are open all the time and 1,000 hectares of grapes have been planted in just one year.

With little money, he learned to bypass Bordeaux and Burgundy in favor of Spain’s relatively affordable wines. He developed a particular fondness for Tempranillo and soon drank on his way “to the tree, to Vega Sicilia”. Decades later, after a long career as a doctor and teacher, Earl completed his passions and decided to build an American winery dedicated to his favorite Iberian grape. Knowing that he couldn’t bring Spanish soil into the US, he instead focused on weather compensation. The Umpqua Valley AVA is huge and diverse, but its cultivation is limited.

The wine has a good structure with soft, ripe, well-integrated tannins and a remarkable acidity. Agate Ridge grows 17 varieties and currently produces wine from 14 of them. His Pinot Noir is large and strong with strong tannins and medium acidity. It offers distinctive red and blue berries, but without the typical Warmburgunder jam. When he and his wife Sue decided to own and grow their own vineyard, their lives changed. “We searched California from top to bottom but found nothing in terms of price or attractiveness.” In 2000 they decided to visit Oregon.

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