As for the crab claws, a medium-strength champagne or prosecco will do. Sparkling wine should have citrus notes and a cleansing acidity that will refresh your palate. The tender crab meat goes well with the light, crunchy flavors. If cold crab meat is your thing, a bottle of sparkling rosé is a great alternative to sparkling white. With the scent of fresh berries and some minerality, a dry Beaujolais pét-nat like Terres Dorées has enough character to complement a light snack of chilled crab legs. Made from Gamay grapes, a red wine that goes well with seafood, it is tannin-free and easy to drink.

Best Wine With Crab Legs

The Destro de Carricante bottle is a particularly tasty bottle with floral lemon notes that enhance the sweetness of Dungeness. This is a bottle that you want to serve with a fresh mayo-free crab salad. A rosé like Long Island’s Wölffer Estate Rosé also has a refreshing saltiness that would go well with this type of Dungeness dish. But Dungeness crab meat has unique and delicious properties that set it apart from other wild Alaskan seafood. Savory and slightly sweet and meaty bites of Dungeness crab meat are often enjoyed with a variety of dipping sauces.

Other Wines To Try With Seafood

A fresh and light Sauvignon Blanc or a dry and fresh Pinot Grigio go perfectly with it. Avoid rosés with Syrah, Cabernet, or Zinfandel as the strong red aromas dominate the tender crab meat. Choose a light, dry rosé to blow dry so it doesn’t overwhelm your palette. When the stone crab season starts, you don’t have to stick with red or white wines.

  • Instead, its acidity offsets the crab’s sweetness and creates a truly delicious dish.
  • Pour in a Gray when the crab is cold and a Riesling when it is warm.
  • And Chile’s unique white wine is the perfect and humble background wine to make the dish shine.
  • Sure, a large, buttery Chardonnay goes well with freshly cracked crabs, but Pinot Gris and dry Riesling also have a rich mouthfeel and often layers of livelier fruit.

Dry, austere and crunchy, Chenin Blanc and Pinot Grigio are the wines to turn to when simply serving boiled lean white fish. Flounder, halibut, pikeperch, snapper, raw mussels or oysters go well with these wines. While crabs are delicious enough on their own, pairing your stone crab claws with the right wine will enhance the crab’s flavors to create a delicious meal. That means it won’t overwhelm the flavors of the crab meat. Instead, its acidity offsets the crab’s sweetness and creates a truly delicious dish. If you’re not a fan of white wines, you can pair certain red wines with stone crab legs.

Pinot Grigio

The sparkling wines and rosé wines are not only refreshing, they also go very well with the fresh flavors of the crab meat. In fact, some chefs steam crabs with champagne to enhance the crab’s taste. Simply put, you can pair any wine, including red wine, with crab. The only wines that we would avoid pairing with crabs are reds with plenty of body and intense aromas, such as Shiraz and Zinfandel. With its juicy, ocean-fresh sweetness, the Dungeness crab goes best with white wines that don’t drown out the rich but delicate taste of the meat.

Best Wine With Crab Legs

Lobster is a white wine accompaniment, it doesn’t go well with red wine. The salty taste of the lobster highlights the bitterness of the red wine, while the tannins of the wine highlight the salty iodine notes of the lobster. In contrast, lobster in a lighter sauce needs a light, firm, and slightly crunchy wine to balance out the flavors.

The Best Wine With Crab Legs

You don’t have to worry about seasoning your crab legs with a variety of spices because the Albariño will do it for you. The citrus peel in the wine goes perfectly with the crab to add a touch of flavor. As mentioned earlier, fresh crabs should have a sweet smell and taste. The first wine that comes to mind about steamed crab legs is the Riesling. The high acid content brings out the fresh taste of the steamed crab legs. You also have the flexibility to choose a dry or semi-dry Riesling as both variants are high in acidity.

When pairing red wine with seafood, there are two rules that you shouldn’t break. A tannic wine is likely to leave a slightly dry taste in the mouth. When it comes to pairing red wine with fish, you’ll want low-tannin wines instead; these wines can be described as soft or flexible tannins. In the case of wine, an acidic white wine such as Sauvignon Blanc, Grüner Vetliner or sparkling wine complements the citrus and fresh fish aromas. Regardless of what you drink, make sure it’s oak-free and low in alcohol, says Rodriguez. “A heavy oak chardonnay would taste like a piece of firewood in the mouth.

Why Shouldn’t You Drink Red Wine With Fish?

Crab legs are often served hot with melted butter, so a rich, buttery Chardonnay compliments the buttery flavors of crab legs. Not everyone is a fan of buttery chardonnay, but this type of chardonnay is very popular. Oak gives Chardonnay its buttery flavor, and for this pairing to live up to its 5-star Holy Grail, you need to find a Chardonnay that isn’t extremely oaky. These varieties of Chardonnay, when mass-produced, tend to taste like stale popcorn with butter and fake vanilla, drowning out the delicate flavors of crab meat. Albariño is an ideal wine to accompany your favorite stone crab recipe.

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Cavas are affordable and easy to drink, which makes them a great bottle to serve with a relaxed selection of hot crab legs and pretty much any dip you suggest. Pour in a Gray when the crab is cold and a Riesling when it’s hot.

Easy Wine Pairing For Dungeness Crab Legs

It seems appropriate to combine such a meal with equally rich and opulent wines. But also nuanced, aged or buttery red and oak whites exaggerate and tire the palate. Sometimes simple and clean is better, like yin to yang the crab. The Chardonnay is high quality, but slim and barely covered with oak. The super cool sparkler from Italy is festive and goes with the theme. And Chile’s unique white wine is the perfect and humble background wine to make the dish shine.

Best Wine With Crab Legs

When it comes to pairing white wines with jumbo crab claws, we recommend a Chablis, Albariño or Pinot Grigio. Northern California’s commercial Dungeness crab season begins November 15th, so it’s time to prepare. In addition to tartar sauce, melted butter and sourdough, wine is also often on the table.

Let’s run through our favorite wines to pair with their fresh Florida stone crab claws. Asian dishes like Thai crab cakes go well with lighter, acidic wines. Seafood doesn’t always have to be accompanied by white wine. In fact, some fish dishes go well with grape varieties like Pinot Noir and Merlot. This list will help you plan which wines to go with your next fish dish.

Sure, a large, buttery Chardonnay goes well with freshly cracked crabs, but Pinot Gris and dry Riesling also have a rich mouthfeel and often layers of livelier fruit. Pour in a Gray when the crab is cold and a Riesling when it is warm. Spicy foods are difficult to combine with red wine as the tannins and spices can overwhelm your palate. If you really want to pair your flavorful seafood with a red wine, opt for a lighter wine like Pinot Noir, Gamay, Cinsault, or a lighter Zinfandel. These wines are tasty without having too much tannin or alcohol.

Wine Accompaniment With Crabs: Our Conclusion

And with 12% vol., This Pét-Nat contains little alcohol, so you can drink it without rushing to the next meal. For years, diners have been told that drinking red wine when eating seafood can create an unpleasant fishy aftertaste. The general rule was red wine with meat and white wine with fish. Seafood can taste great with some red tones, while some white wines can spoil the meal. Chablis is light and low in acid, so it doesn’t drown out the stone crab taste. It’s a balanced white wine that works wonders on the palate when paired with crabs.

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A buttery California Chardonnay would work with crabs dipped in melted butter, but this type of wine generally has oak flavors that can overwhelm seafood. But let’s say you’ve just made a plate of steamed crab legs with clarified butter or aioli. Its balanced buttery profile corresponds to the richness of the creamiest and fattest preparations from Dungeness. Even a New World Chardonnay can work well if it’s not too calibrated. Eden Road’s Long Road Australia bottle goes great with crab legs that are oozing with butter.

Wine Accompaniment With Seafood

So next time you try a crab dish and have a yen for a red wine, I recommend you try a young pinot noir, beaujolais, or sangiovese. The low iron and tannin content of these red wines, along with their relatively high acidity and fruitiness, make them one of the best red wines to pair with crab dishes. When pairing Dungeness with red wines, consider pairing the bottle with the sauce or dressing too. Muscadet is a French white wine that is light, crisp and slightly mineral / salty with a salty kiss on the finish. In addition, Muscadet’s apple, lemon, lime, and pear flavors are refreshing and enhance the delicate flavors of crab meat.

Best Wine With Crab Legs

What to drink Sparkling, rosé and even red wines go perfectly with crabs. The champagne bubbles help cut through the melted butter that has dribbled on your crab legs and keep your taste buds clean. Meanwhile, the yeast and toast flavors of champagne complement the butter. With champagne, you also get refreshing aromas of citrus fruits, peach, apricot, pear and apple, which go perfectly with the sweet crab meat. Chalk, smoke, and minerals complete the flavors of champagne, and these added notes complement the salty flavors of the sea-kissed crab. Dinner on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve is usually luxurious, even sumptuous.

Light, crisp white wines with citrus fruits harmonize perfectly with the textures and aromas of marine life. While a brave Malbec can overwhelm the crab, white wines enhance the crab’s flavor and make the dish even more delicious. A lemon wedge and some melted butter can also do the trick. Or, you can enjoy more delicious options like crab linguine or crab cakes. Grown on the volcanic soils of Mount Etna, Carricante is a suitable seafood destination known for its salt and acid content.

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