Taste wines from different regions, including the Rhone, Bordeaux and Sancerre, and learn how each region produces different wines. Try wine-friendly sandwiches like French cheeses and cold cuts for lunch while sipping in a comfortable converted cellar in central Paris. Paris Wine Day Tours offers you a day trip to the vineyards of the Loire Valley and Burgundy. The trip from Paris includes a visit to two vineyards and several red, white, and rosé wine tastings made from different grape varieties and appellations such as Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé, and Coteaux du Giennois. The Paris Wine Day Tours also include a visit to a cheese factory, local grocery store, and historical monuments.

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VinePair Podcast: The Past Inspires the Future at Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars.

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Guided wine tastings are available from € 30 per person and for committed drinkers from € 5 full glasses. The multilingual founder Olivier Magny serves his bar with people from all over the world, which makes the bar a popular meeting place for international travelers of different mother tongues. Guided day trips to several French wine regions are offered as well as wine tours on the Seine and private tasting dinners. When traveling to Paris, you must visit the wine tasting tours for a healthy experience, as a trip to Paris is incomplete without wine tasting. Here’s a guide to some awesome wine tastings that will leave you wanting more. Experience the long-standing culture and traditions of the Champagne wine region on a guided wine tasting from Paris.

The Best Wine Tasting In Paris

And the different dishes, wines, chocolates and cakes that we were allowed to try. There is also a wine merchant who can tell you a thing or two about pairing food and wine. The city has a variety of Parisian wine tasting tours, from two-hour classes that guide you through the ins and outs of French wine, to full-day educational tours with a professional sommelier. The French know that wine and cheese are made for each other.

The small vineyard here was revitalized in the 1980s, and 600 Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier vines produce between 400 and 1,300 pounds of grapes per year. Since 2011, Club Vaugirard has been auctioning wine bottles in the 15th century town hall once a year to collect donations for charity. It’s also a good idea to explore the city center wine tour option.

Paris In Two Days

Majestic castles and wine tastings make this unforgettable day trip to the enchanting Loire Valley. Skip-the-line entry to Chambord and Chenonceau castles is included, with your choice of a licensed guide or audio guide. Take a look at the extravagant glamor of the French aristocracy and get a taste of life in these Renaissance residences. Discover the joys and history of Champagne on this full-day winery tour from Paris. In the Champagne wine region, visit the home of Moët & Chandon or Nicolas Feuillatte and meet a local producer. Learn about the growing, harvesting, and bottling process, and taste different types of champagne.

Best Wine Tasting In Paris

It is believed that provoking sensations is the key to understanding wine. The fifth room appeals to the ultimate meaning of a wine tasting: taste. Wine tastes will be discussed at the end of the tour, where visitors are invited to try different wines. “Les Caves du Louvre” is a fascinating and educational place to learn about French wine. Taste varieties from France’s top five wine regions and learn their stories without leaving Paris.

Clos Montmartre, Butte Montmartre

It’s an industry favorite and a must-see, especially for natural wine lovers. Le vin qui parle offers you a luxurious French wine experience. Whether you are a connoisseur or a beginner, Le vin qui parle enables you to explore the treasure of French grape varieties in a relaxed and easily accessible manner. The store has three programs: Introductory Wine Tasting, Open Wine Tasting, and Private Party Nights. The offer for the party night starts from 10 people, whereby you can also invite an expert to your home for the night. O Chateau is ideal for drinkers who want to try their hand at tastings while snacking on cheese platters and small plates.

Best Wine Tasting In Paris

The Vino Club oenology courses will give you in-depth knowledge of French wines with tastings. The team will introduce you to the world of wine tasting in an original and entertaining way, with humor and lots of interactions. From tasting wine to discovering grape varieties, to the concept of aging and all the secrets behind combining wine and food, Vino Club will teach you everything about wine. The Wine Club’s oenological events take place in a star hotel in the heart of Paris. They are usually accompanied by cheese or charcuterie to make learning even warmer and friendlier.

Guided Tour And Wine Tasting In A Royal Parisian Winery

There are guides all over Paris ready to take you for organized tastings at local wineries and wineries. MY GOD.!!!! I give this tour five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Our guide Nicolas took us on an incredible walk through Montmatre and shared the most incredible anecdotes and stories that made this experience an unforgettable one. This part of the city is very different from the streets of the city center. Here people hung out on the streets, in parks, and in restaurants.

After filling yourself with art, you’ll stop at Les Caves du Louvre to taste three different types of wine with a professional sommelier who will guide you through your Parisian wine tasting. From a full burgundy to bubbly champagne, wine is an inseparable part of French life. But you don’t have to venture out into the country to experience the best that France has to offer. Set in an 18th century cellar in central Paris, this guided wine tasting will teach you all about winemaking and give you plenty of opportunities to try the good things on the go. A wine tasting experience is unique to its location and host. From beginner to expert; from the most elegant cavas to organic and natural wines.

Replica Tasting

The Burgundy wine region is famous for producing some of France’s best wines, and this full-day tasting tour from Paris is the ideal place to start. Explore the vineyards and wineries of Chablis and Northern Burgundy; Taste red, white, and rosé wines at expert wine tastings; and enjoy a delicious lunch with wine tasting at a family-run winery. Thanks to the TGV express service, Bordeaux is now only two hours from Paris by express train.

Best Wine Tasting In Paris

For € 75 you can create your own wine, design your own label and take it home with you. While reading Paris’ wine history can be a great way to learn about the country’s love for wine, a wine tasting with an expert sommelier is the most comprehensive tour.

The Best Wine Tasting In Paris

They’re usually small, producing a few hundred bottles at most, which are expensive and difficult to come by. Away from the usual tourist attractions but is often overlooked. Considered one of the best, if not the best, wine tasting spots in Paris. For the great quality of the tasted wine and the true love for wine of all the people who work there, of course. The real upside, however, is that whether you are an expert or a complete beginner at wine tasting, you will be amazed by what is on offer.

  • Although this trip would be easy to do in one day, staying in Lyon for as long as possible is ideal simply to explore the beautiful architecture and exceptional food scene.
  • Spend a decadent afternoon in the French capital with a wine and cheese tasting in Paris led by an expert sommelier.
  • The city has everything from high-end shops to Michelin-star dinners to elegant tasting rooms, making it the perfect day trip for anyone looking to drink in style.
  • “Les Caves du Louvre” is a fascinating and educational place to learn about French wine.
  • You will hear unforgettable anecdotes about famous wines such as Saint Emilion or wines from the Loire Valley.

Criticism of the event indicated that the wine tastings lacked scientific validity due to the subjectivity of taste in humans. A quick search on Airbnb reveals a variety of wine tours organized by Parisian locals right here in the city center. Nobody knows French wine like a local, so who better to trust their tasting experience than someone raised with their so trained palate? The tasting starts from € 32 and includes a full wine tasting and a guided tour of the wineries.

Take your knowledge of French wine to the next level with a guided wine and champagne tasting in an atmospheric cellar in Paris. Sample six different wines, including Bordeaux, Sancerre, Rhone, and Champagne, over the course of a night as you learn how to properly taste wines and read a French wine label. It’s a relaxing way to deepen your cultural knowledge while tasting great French wines. Upgrade to have a plate of cheese or cold cuts while you drink. You will learn to recognize the geographical origin of French wines with all your senses, from smell to touch! Of course, after learning the keys to blind wine tasting, you’ll try them all.

Best Wine Tasting In Paris

You will hear unforgettable anecdotes about famous wines such as Saint Emilion or wines from the Loire Valley. Combining a cultural visit with some delicious tastings, the Promenade des Sens will take you on an unusual stroll through Paris for 3-4 hours. The agency organizes a luxury group trip to renowned wine merchants in the Saint-Germain-des-Prés district. During the wine and champagne tasting, the wine experts give their opinion on other historical anecdotes about the monuments of the district. Parc Georges-Brassens is at the lower end of Paris, near the former slaughterhouses of Vaugirard.

Beautiful Paris By Night: Discover Paris’s Most Famous Landmark By Night

It is located in the elegant Parisian suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine and is still easily accessible by public transport. The company sometimes mixes wine and cheese tastings and organizes day trips to regions of France such as Champagne if interested. On arrival in Alsace, stroll through the city of Strasbourg see the centrally located cathedral and walk along the river (pretzel in hand, of course) to admire the flower-lined windows of the city’s half-timbered houses. For wine tastings, it’s best to rent a car, though, if you can, nothing beats picked up at one of the local train stations by a producer, many of whom are more than eager to coordinate with thirsty guests.

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