The category that is often shunned by many whiskey enthusiasts but is just as easily adopted by bar lovers and casual drinkers. No other category makes people sink and defend their position with such passion. For many, flavored whiskeys represent everything that’s wrong with whiskey, from its added flavor to its cheesy packaging and undertone, to the fact that it even has “whiskey” in its name. For others, they’re memories of a fun evening with friends, their first encounter with something called whiskey, and a delicious way to enjoy strong alcohol instead of a beer or wine.

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Peanut Butter Whiskey is a 70-proof taste American whiskey made from peanuts. Skrewball is the most popular brand and the first on the market. Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey was launched in July 2018. Since then, several other competing brands have hit the market including Skatterbrain, PB&W, Sheepdog, and others.

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If you want to make it really chic, add some whipped cream. Sheep Dog Peanut Butter Whiskey is made in Kentucky and prides itself on its very natural flavors. It has a light caramel color with vanilla and caramel that combine on the palate with natural peanut butter, with subtle hints of whiskey. Leave it in the jar long enough and you will notice a little bit of caramel coming out. The nose offers warm peanuts with hints of wood and charcoal.

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The most famous whiskey drink with peanut butter? This quirky shortbread cocktail combines skrewball peanut butter and cranberry juice to make a drink version of your favorite childhood sandwich! We were inspired by Skrewball co-founder Brittany Yeng herself, who recommends pairing this whiskey with a cranberry flavor to reduce the sweetness. Almost everyone the couple approached initially laughed at the idea of a peanut butter flavored whiskey.

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Old fashioned peanut butter and jelly – this is where I learned my lesson. Rather make a simple syrup with Concord grape juice as a sweet item in your Old Fashioned. Non-whiskey drinkers love this peanut butter cocktail.

In the mouth it brings aromatic notes of vanilla and sweet caramel on a background of soft peanut butter flavors. The finish is slow and warm with more peanuts and a hint of sweet caramel at the end. Whiskey itself goes way back in history, and flavored whiskey in general is not new. However, peanut butter whiskey is fairly new to the scene. Today, many brands produce their version of peanut butter whiskey, but it all started with what many still refer to as the best peanut butter whiskey: skrewball.

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“When we called people to talk about whiskey making, they either didn’t answer our calls or listened to us and then laughed out loud in silence and then said no, thank you,” says Steve Yeng. “When we finally had a salable product, the same thing happened with the distributors; everyone thought we were crazy. They told us that nobody wants to drink it without trying it themselves.

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You’ll notice a warm and slightly dry bite that morphs into a combination of vanilla, caramel, coffee, oak, caramel, and whiskey flavors that pair with the ubiquitous peanut butter. The whiskey has a medium oak look and smells of hot peanuts and honey. On the palate, it is subtle and smooth, with strong and immediate notes of vanilla that manifest with hints of roasted peanuts. The most interesting thing about the considerable growth the brand has seen is that due to the blockages of the pandemic, it achieved it without the help of the local sector. While their whiskey is good on its own, it really shines in mixed drinks and is popular with bartenders and mixologists. As restrictions are relaxed and more people come out to eat and drink, the brand expects a sharp increase in bar and restaurant sales.

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While seemingly endless versions of flavored whiskeys fill the shelves these days, Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey is a force to be reckoned with. Who would have thought the whiskey and peanut butter combo could be this good? Even non-whiskey drinkers can testify to Skrewball’s fun taste, and once you mix it into one of our peanut butter whiskey recipes, you’re sure to be a convert. For this latest head-to-head challenge, I grabbed two small bowls of vanilla ice cream and drizzled on top of each whiskey. I have to admit that this test may have been a bit skewed as Skrewball is often praised by many for its ability to mix well with ice.

Peanut Butter Chocolate Old Fashioned Any combination of peanut butter and chocolate is a winning combination for me. This old fashioned peanut butter chocolate cocktail keeps bourbon on the forefront with most of the base liquor. However, if you prefer, you can split the difference between Pb whiskey and bourbon for a sweeter and more indulgent cocktail. Another great way to have Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey?

Peanut Butter Mayonnaise Sandwich – We Tried It So You Don’t Have To

It’s a nice hot drink, perfect for a rainy night or a cold winter night. It’s easy – all you have to do is add one and a half ounces of your chosen peanut butter whiskey to four ounces of hot apple cider. The drink has a unique, complex and long finish.

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This take on the classic uses skrewball peanut butter fudge whiskey instead of bourbon or rye. The drink couldn’t be more different from the original! Double up the bitter substances and add a little soda water to balance out the sweetness and you’ve got a touch of old fashioned Wisconsin flair. This is one of the many suggestions from Skrewball, and it’s very popular.

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The aroma of peanut butter is candied and nutty, with notes of custard and chocolate fudge. In the mouth it has a medium body with notes of caramel and corn that accompany the sweet and soft flavors of peanut butter. After four head-to-head challenges, the whiskeys were tied.

Read on for information about peanut butter whiskey and 9 other weird whiskeys that actually exist. They decided to sell themselves because they knew there was a market for their product. Because the idea for their whiskey came from their many years of research and development in Bar 1502 across from OB Noodle House, two hotel companies owned and operated by Steve and his family. As a self-proclaimed peanut butter fan, he had created a drink that beat all the other drinks at the bar by a ratio of five to one. It was made by a company called the California Spirit Company, according to the San Diego Reader, and has a special “proprietary formula” developed by Merrill that keeps the whiskey stable.

  • It was made by a company called the California Spirit Company, according to the San Diego Reader, and has a special “proprietary formula” developed by Merrill that keeps the whiskey stable.
  • They told us that nobody wants to drink it without trying it themselves.
  • This is one of the many suggestions from Skrewball, and it’s very popular.
  • Pour bourbon and peanut butter whiskey into a shaker glass.
  • I wanted to see how well these whiskeys work in simple cocktails.

And to be honest, I don’t know if one is ahead of the other. Both serve their purpose based on the given scenario, and both will please many for different reasons. Far from being for whiskey drinkers who are used to serving a bourbon that has only been flavored with an oak barrel and will serve its purpose over time. Even if I can’t imagine looking for them on my own in the foreseeable future, I won’t be quick to judge others who do too. I think it just reinforces the fact that people should drink what they want and encourage others to do the same.

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The result is a delicious, creamy and frothy dessert drink with strong flavors of chocolate and peanut butter. You can try a variety of peanut butter whiskeys in this recipe to see what kind of flavor profiles you get. Everyone needs a special note for their coffee sometimes, why not spice it up with a little peanut butter? All you have to do here is add one and a half ounces of peanut butter whiskey to four ounces of coffee.

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On the palate it is smooth and in addition to the creamy peanut aroma there are also subtle notes of vanilla, liquorice and oak. Over the years here at The Whiskey Wash we have watched the whiskey market evolve around the world and have shown you what is really just a taste of the wave of new bottling distilleries that are emerging. Over time, certain trends emerge, particularly in the flavored whiskey category.

Rating: Barrel & Banter Peanut Butter Whiskey

And judge me if that combination didn’t work out well. While I could easily see the exaggeration, just adding a dash to the vanilla ice cream gives the classic main dessert a nice, fantastic twist. Fireball and vanilla ice cream, on the other hand, are not so much.

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Both cocktails can be made to lick, and while they don’t surprise any bartender, they certainly serve a purpose. In the case of Skrewball, the peanut butter flavor is pulled forward and center as it flows through the chambord. The cherry helps to soften the intensity with the help of its juice, but in the end it is not up to the combination of Fireball and Ginger Ale.

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