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“Matured for four years and then filtered, this white rum retains all the beautiful vanilla notes from the barrel,” says Marrero. The use of this barrel-aged rum adds a certain complexity to the refreshing aromas of mint, sugar and lime of a classic mojito. It also brings notes of oak and white chocolate into play without detracting from the presentation of this classic summer drink.

Best Dominican Rum

Bacardi, one of the most famous rum brands in the world, has excellent premium expressions with ages, like this eight year old golden rum. This is a good rum to drink, although it also works well in classic cocktails like Old Fashioned or Manhattan. Look for notes of oak, spice, and dates, along with hints of smoke from almost a decade in the barrel.

Alegro Anejo Rum 750ml

If you’ve tried some of the cheaper Bacardi rums, give it a try and get ready for a completely different taste experience . Holmes Cay imports some really excellent barrel rums, including this 2005 Barbados bottling. No color or sugar is added to this rum, which is distilled at the Foursquare Distillery.

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This maturation usually takes place in used bourbon barrels, but can also take place in stainless steel tanks or other types of wooden barrels. The rum is matured in dark oak, while storage in stainless steel tanks remains practically colorless. After aging, the rum is blended to ensure a consistent taste. In the case of rums that have aged in oak barrels, they can then be filtered to remove impurities and candy added to give a darker color. This light white rum is distilled in the Flor de Caña distillery in Nicaragua.

Rum Journal: An Eye-catcher From The Dominican Republic

This is one of the most versatile rums on the market today. Additional aging has made this rum soft and honeyed enough to drink and enjoy on its own. However, at the incredibly low price of around $ 15 for an attached rum, you can use it as a blender with no guilt or embarrassment. Therefore, every bar should have a bottle of Brugal Añejo.

Siboney is something of a boutique producer in the sense that it isn’t too big and its rums are a little hard to find, but it’s worth the effort and price. The Reserva Especial ($ 25) is aged in oak barrels for at least five years and develops a sweet taste of dark caramel, toffee, and spices. Some of my friends think it’s too sweet, but if you smoke a good cigar I don’t think you have this problem. The color is darker than the other rums here and the aroma is relatively mild. Some countries require the rum to be aged for at least a year.

The Factories That Make Rum

Sugar cane is the main ingredient in rum production, after harvest it is made from sugar cane juice and molasses. Most of the rum produced is made with molasses, but it can also be made with sugar cane juice. Yeast and water are added to the base ingredient to start the fermentation process. The type of yeast used in this part of the process determines the type of rum that is made.

Best Dominican Rum

Rum varies depending on the country of origin, but in general there are a few different types of rum: white rum, dark rum, aged rum, flavored rum, agricole rum, and overproof rum. This can be confusing at times, as each nation has their own rules about how their rum should be distilled and aged, but luckily, a little research can help pinpoint exactly what is in the bottle. Here are the best rums for every occasion, from white rums for refreshing cocktails to aged rums for contemplative sips. Bermudez ($ 32) is perhaps the best-known name in the DR rum industry. Ron Bermudez (Ron is rum in Spanish, not the boy’s name) was created in 1852.

Reflections On Five Of The Best Rums From The Dominican Republic

The resulting mix of rums aged four to 14 years has candied apricots on the nose along with dried fruits and vanilla with a dry, slightly tannic finish that will appeal to red wine lovers. The Brugal brand was founded in 1888 and produced the first aged rum in the Dominican Republic. There are more expensive rums in Brugal’s portfolio, but the XV (starting at $ 35) offers some of what you’d want to combine with the Symmetry. The XV mixes three to eight year old rums in American white oak barrels and then ages the blend for two or three years in sherry barrels. The result is a soft, amber-colored nectar, full of fruit with a long, sweet finish.

  • It then ages in French oak barrels that previously contained cognac and is best served alone or over an ice cube to highlight the aromas of toasted wood, spices and dried fruits.
  • This distillate is often aged in barrels for a period of time, often in American ex-bourbon oak barrels, to give the spirit taste and color.
  • This light white rum is distilled in the Flor de Caña distillery in Nicaragua.
  • The aroma is buttery and seduces with lots of fruit and oak.

It is aged for 14 years in ex-Bourbon barrels (three of them in Great Britain) and is bottled with a cask strength of almost 64 percent ABV. It’s easy to drink even with this high alcohol content, but a little water opens it up and reveals an exciting variety of spices, fruits and vanilla on the palate. The rum is slightly sweet as Venezuelan law allows sugar to be added, but there are some really light and rich fruit notes throughout, along with a nice balance of vanilla and banana flavors. So instead of using cheaper white rum, indulge in this bottle to make piña coladas. Although no one knows exactly what rum is, it is a high quality liquor that many enjoy.

Rum Bombarda Falconet 8 Years Old 750ml

It’s time to upgrade your dessert routine with little effort.

The aroma is rich in notes of citrus, pink pepper, vanilla and dried fruit, with a taste that combines a sweet body of citrus and eucalyptus. Bermúdez is the most famous surname in the Dominican rum industry. It was Don Diego Bermúdez, one of Christopher Columbus’ first companions in Hispaniola, who brought sugar cane to the island to extract alcohol, the main ingredient in rum. Ron Bermudez was founded in 1852 and was the creator of Amargo Panacea, a famous aperitif rum that was the first Dominican spirit.

Bermudez 1852 Jubilee & Arturo Fuente Hemingway Classic

Vizcaya represents a complete line of Oliver & Oliver products and named this expression after the impressive age of the spirit. It ages on average for years in bourbon barrels and is made with fresh sugar cane juice instead of molasses. Sugar cane, but the manufacturing processes are different). They are known to be strong, but this VSOP hits notes of coconut, banana, and spice and dried fruit for an elegant finish.

Best Dominican Rum

Although dark rum is not an officially recognized category, it is aged rum that has had a dark appearance from the time it has been in a barrel interacting with the wood. Of course, there can also be caramel or molasses coloring in the liquid to darken the color. Plantation Rum is a great dark rum with only a little caramel color. Ron Barceló was founded in 1929 and is the third of the “three B’s” of the rum industry in the Dominican Republic.

Vizcaya VXOP is made in the Dominican Republic using traditional methods that date back to 19th century Cuba. Using locally grown sugar cane, Vizcaya ferments sugar cane juice in small batches before aging in oak barrels for eight years. Cask 21 Rum has a very smooth finish with aromas of warm and smoky spices, cinnamon, vanilla, cloves and ginger followed by a hint of tropical fruits. This rum has won countless awards in some of the most prestigious spirits competitions in the world.

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This elixir is one of the oldest rums made on the island by 3 generations of the Alfonso Cochón family. It ages in white barrels and is made in very small quantities. Siboney is the most authentic Dominican rum as it is made from local products. Starting with alcohol from the juice of Dominican sugar cane. It is distilled and, depending on the product, stored in American oak barrels for a year to 15 years.

Best Spiced Rum: Sailor Jerry

The latest bottling of this best-selling rum from Puerto Rico is an elegant entry into the world of rum for whiskey lovers. This is because the blended liqueur is aged for at least 7 years in American white oak barrels, the same type that gives bourbon its distinctive taste. Expect similar notes of vanilla, deep caramel, and spice along with the notes of grilled stone fruit and tropical fruits that rum fans keep coming back for. The Caribbean may produce some of the most famous rums in the world, but don’t rule out the Pacific islands.

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