“Bottled-in-Bond” is a government regulation that aims to ensure the purity of spirits. To receive such a label, a whiskey must be distilled once during the “distilling season” – from a single still in a single distillery – and then properly matured for four years in a government-controlled “bonded warehouse”. TJ’s Bourbon is another great bourbon to make a great cocktail.

From spring 2018 this product will simply be called “Four Roses Bourbon”. In 2017, Jim Beam’s Old Grand Dad whiskey line was almost phased out. Thanks to rising whiskey prices and a consistently strong product, the brand – OGD for short by fans – has meanwhile achieved cult status. Since it’s not a “hype” whiskey, it doesn’t have a famous name and it’s not a limited release that isn’t talked about, but I do challenge you to get a bourbon with this much firepower at this price point Find. Also unique is their relatively low corn puree, which uses an amazing amount of rye and malted barley, creating a tangy bourbon that’s great to drink over ice or in a cocktail. Some devotees will say that you just can’t go wrong with Elijah Craig and frankly we consider ourselves part of that lot as well.

Elijah Craig’s Barrel Test

We hope to try the high rye bourbon that Bulleit distilled for himself one day and see if it ends up being significantly different, but until that day, their flagship brand is likely to remain a reliable option under $ 30 . Lexington comes to us from Wyoming and has the Kentucky spirit firmly under control. The beak of barley, corn and rye puree creates a complex palate of rye seasoning and corn sweetness together with a nice touch of oaky vanilla in the background. This is a great whiskey for cocktails or just on ice. As one of the few releases by Four Roses, this bourbon, similar to its other expressions, features a finely balanced blend of bourbons that results in a unique profile that you cannot find anywhere else. Of course, the nose in the spirit is smooth and subtle with a hint of winter spices, the palate is balanced with honey, roasted oats and fruits and a very vanilla finish.

Best Bourbon Under 30

Its puree peak consists of corn, rye and malted barley. This Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey has no age and is bottled with 90 proof. In 2018, Luxco opened Lux Row Distillers in Bardstown, KY. So expect the bourbon to be made there in the future. Despite the above ideas you may have regarding Evan Williams’ more readily available expressions, its single cask offering is certainly something worth enjoying on a regular basis. In fact, bourbon won a multitude of awards a few years ago and acts like a bourbon cocktail or sundowner for the award.

Best Bottled In Bond: New Riff Bourbon

This one comes from the Buffalo Trace / Sazerac Distilleries in Nelson County and has a light oak charcoal atmosphere with a bit of spicy rye lurking under the alcohol. Redemption says its raison d’etre is to make rye whiskey popular again. While not overtaking bourbon as the American liquor of choice, rye is bigger today than it has ever been since it dominated the American liquor landscape more than two hundred years ago. It’s spicy, bold and goes really well in a cocktail. Rye Expression from Redemption is a great option to get the full effect. With a puree that contains 95 percent rye grain, this is a sweet and sour whiskey with notes of fruit and mint.

Suffice it to say, this is a brand that has converted many and will convert many more. Not that it really matters too much; What’s on the shelf still tastes like a classic Tall Roye bourbon, and if it’s not Four Roses juice yet, it’s a pretty good knockoff. You get the combination of more spices, spicy rye bread and baking spices along with the slightly sweeter, fruity profile that 4R has in common, which makes Bulleit an interesting combination of rye-driven fullness and seasoning. It is not for nothing that it has been successfully launched on the market as a “bourbon cocktail” for years, because the rye puree note creates a taste profile that shines really well on an old-fashioned weekend evening or a Manhattan night.

Elijah Craig Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

I find the flavor profile of the brand “love it or hate it” to be a scenario for many drinkers, but the back combination of fruit, sweetness and flavor / mint always has one that I’m eager to return to. This is a classic expression of one of the original and oldest distilleries in the country. Just one sip of this iconic Kentucky Straight Bourbon will get you addicted, whether you’re mixing it into a cocktail or sipping it straight. It has a nose full of sweet caramel, caramel eclairs, hints of cinnamon and flavored rum, followed by brown sugar, toffee, and sweet oak on the palate and ends with a moderately long round of sweet spices, cinnamon, and toffee.

9 of the Best Cheap Bourbons Under $30 – VinePair

9 of the Best Cheap Bourbons Under $30.

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This limited edition offering was personally selected by Fred Noe, Jim Beam’s seventh generation master distiller. Bourbon ages in charred new American oak for 5-6 years, but the whiskey is not cold filtered. This step is usually done before bottling and skipping results in a fuller flavor profile. This bourbon was named Whiskey of the Year by Whiskey Advocate, and Minnick was on the tasting round. “It was a very, very nice bourbon,” he says wistfully. It doesn’t have the toughness you’d expect from a 133.2 bourbon, and it isn’t cold filtered, just uses light filtration to remove the draft charcoal flakes.

Old Forester 100 Pp

Aged in oak barrels and filtered with charcoal, Ezra Brooks offers a buttery corn nose and vanilla aroma on the tongue amid honey, mocha and maple syrup. The finish contains more creamy vanilla, but with a little hot pepper. A popular bourbon for anyone looking for versatility and value, Ezra Brooks is the rare sour puree that comes at such an affordable price. The additional ripening allows the expression to absorb more sugar from the wood, which gives it a slightly darker color, richer taste and fuller nose than other expressions. A great classic Knob Creek Bourbon features rich corn and oils that rival custard, caramel, and dried coconut, contrasted with a balance of minty freshness, a hint of rye whiskey baking spice, and hot white pepper on the finish.

Cocktail Queries: What Are the Best Bourbons Under $30? – Paste Magazine

Cocktail Queries: What Are the Best Bourbons Under $30?.

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This is a pure Kentucky bourbon, and it’s the entry-level bourbon for the brand. Four Roses has two separate mash bills that you can use for your bourbons. One is marked with recipe “B” and consists of 60% corn, 35% rye and 5% malted barley. The other is Recipe “E” and it’s made from 75% corn, 20% rye, and 5% malted barley. In addition, Four Roses uses up to five different strains of yeast for their bourbons. Over time, the bottle with the yellow label has changed and the label has lost its yellow color.

Jim Beam Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

This 12 year old bourbon is smooth and balanced, with sweet notes of crème brlée, vanilla and oak. And for the price, this bourbon has a bourbon complexity that is typically twice its value. It goes without saying that if you mix it up, you should do it at your own discretion, as it is a bourbon that is definitely worth drinking on its own. Outside of Kentucky, you can find distilleries making bourbon in almost every state today, from small artisan businesses to larger, up-and-coming establishments.

Best Bourbon Under 30

It also offers a surprisingly elegant profile with a nutty aroma complemented by light toffee and a palate full of oak, vanilla and cinnamon. Four Roses Small Batch has an average aging of 6-7 years and offers some nice impressions of citrus, stone and red fruits as well as a variety of rye, oak, mint and light caramel spices. As with the four roses, the rye is definitely there, but here, too, there is a bourbon that manages to combine the spiciness of the rye with a considerable sweetness – something that some bourbon drinkers may never have experienced. Four Roses Small Batch is also very easy to drink, to the point that some may lack assertiveness, but that is exactly what makes cigars an effortless sip.

However, it’s not that all bourbons have to be made in Kentucky, despite the high-profile rumor. Elijah Craig Small Batch Bourbon is named after a Baptist reverend and master distiller known as the father of bourbon. Elijah Craig is credited with being the first to age whiskey in a charred oak barrel, and stories from old women suggest that he found the secret by accidentally burning their oak barrels. Elijah Craig Small Batch is distilled from a traditional bourbon puree with 78% corn, 10% rye and 12% malted barley and then stored for 8 to 12 years in new 3-carbon American oak barrels.

  • Hopefully never try to sell bottles of this for $ 100 or $ 200, people will see $ how they do it with Blanton.
  • Outside of Kentucky, you can find distilleries making bourbon in almost every state today, from small artisan businesses to larger, up-and-coming establishments.
  • There is cheesy sweetness and a moderate oak presence, along with a blooming red fruit that turns into a fairly strong “cherry compote” note with repeated sips.
  • With a puree that contains 95 percent rye grain, this is a sweet and sour whiskey with notes of fruit and mint.
  • In an increasingly fragmented and allocated whiskey market, Knob Creeks classic small-batch bourbon stands out.

Subtle vanilla, toffee, and ashy oak charcoal are perfect for a cocktail, julep, or even a whiskey and soda. There is a nice caramel-apple sweetness that is wonderfully balanced by a tangy oak charcoal. But just because it’s “simple” doesn’t mean it’s not complex or good. Pour a little over an ice cube and enjoy it all day. Evan Williams definitely makes a return to the list with his Bonded 100 test.

The variables are different for each person, but everyone wants to get as good a bottle as possible for the price they are willing to pay. Fortunately for bourbon lovers, this style of whiskey offers value that few other categories can match. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a great bottle. If your budget hits a cap of around $ 30, there are plenty of bourbons, including single-barrel and bonded varieties, to suit all tastes.

Best Bourbon Under 30

Its iconic straight bourbon is aged in warehouses in central Washington for five years after being distilled outside of Seattle. The rich palate of buttery caramel, sweet vanilla, and ripe fruit can rival any bourbon made in Kentucky. It is bottled at 90 degrees, but if you are looking for something stronger, the distillery also offers a barrel-proof version. And while Wild Turkey 101 will have a bold presence in classics like Manhattan and Boulevardier, this affordable bourbon is well balanced enough to be drunk on its own or over ice, as long as you don’t mind a bit of heat. The further maturation in oak produces a deep amber-colored bourbon, filled with the aroma of brown sugar and caramel, which turns into vanilla toffee, citrus fruits and a hint of spices on the palate. With a test of 101 (50.5% ABV), this Wild Turkey Bourbon offers a solid punch on a long finish with a nice dash of rye flavor.

Bardstown Bourbon Company Château De Laubade

The flagship Maker’s Mark is still a charming and approachable bourbon that’s especially great for the casual sip, though it also gets along pretty old-fashioned well if you prefer it on the sweeter side. Caramel, cinnamon, citrus and vanilla cream are classic flavors here, along with a more bread-like toast, but it’s pretty close to the bullseye that many bourbon drinkers imagine when they think of brown liquors. Maker’s Mark appears to be particularly mild in terms of ethanol presence with its’ 90s proof, making it a particularly attractive option for first-time bourbon drinkers.

Rich vanilla, caramel, and cherry are often cited as signature tasting notes, and there’s a reason BT was the gateway for so many in the world of bourbon, at least before all of its products were sold. They Came So Hard To Find However, Buffalo Trace’s flagship bourbon is one of the few BT products that can still be good value as long as you can find it around the MSRP $ 25. Hopefully never try to sell bottles of this for $ 100 or $ 200, people will see $ how they do it with Blanton. Wild Turkey contains classic Kentucky bourbon flavors of caramel corn, vanilla and honey, with earthy rye, char, a hint of mint and a rather dry finish, leaner and less dessert than some of the competition. This is bourbon for the daring; It always has been and always will be.

Best Bourbon Under 30

The higher proportion of wheat gives this Kentucky Straight Bourbon whiskey a softer and more delicate mouthfeel. Wheat as a secondary grain provides subtlety and contrast and gives the spirit a gradual creaminess and sweetness that is superior to most recipes of corn, barley malt or rye. Named after an immigrant from Wales who settled in what is now Louisville in 1783, Evan Williams is the second best-selling bourbon brand after Jim Beam. A single barrel whiskey means that the product is taken from a single barrel, rather than a combination or mix of several barrels, in order to achieve a consistent flavor profile. When buying whiskey, the occasion, the selection and your mood influence the bottle you choose.

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