Undergrowth, ripe plum, camphor and spices are just some of the flavors you can find in this full-bodied red wine. The daring palate is juicy and spicy with blackberry jam, plum, liquorice and tobacco together with an earthy hint of truffle. Velvety tannins ensure a perfect hold. Monte delFrà2016 Tenuta Lena di Mezzo; $ 60.94 points.

Plums After the wine tasting we will have lunch in a typical restaurant to taste the local cuisine. Amarone is a wine that you can drink with a lot of thought. The cost of winemaking is high because half the volume of the grapes disappears as the grapes wilt, which means that more grapes are needed for each bottle of Amarone than for other dry red wines. But the price for an exceptional Amarone doesn’t have to be exorbitant. We found a variety of great options for under $ 65, especially in the midst of the latest exciting 2015 vintage, making them irresistible must-buy items.

How To Find The Best Amarone Wines

Modern Amarone is produced in special drying chambers under controlled conditions. This approach minimizes the handling of the grapes and helps prevent Botrytis cinerea from occurring. With Amarone, the focus is on the quality of the grape skin, as this component gives the wine tannins, color and taste intensity. The drying process not only concentrates the juices in the grape, but also increases contact with the grape skin.

Velvety tannins give it suppleness, while fresh acidity keeps it in balance. Allegrini 2016 Amaronedella Valpolicella Classico; $ 85.95 points. Aromas of ripe plums, blue flowers and spices stand out in this full-bodied red in the glass. The smooth, concentrated palate impresses with its weightless elegance and delivers blackberry compote, ripe Morello cherry, liquorice and baking spices framed by enveloping, velvety tannins. 94 points from Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate / 96 James Suckling.

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Find a balance and try to spend an average of fifty dollars if you are sure you will like it. You can go lower, of course, but the flavors may not be as robust. It is a good idea to go to wine tastings and memorize the general flavors and types of wine that appeal to you.

Speri 2016 Sant’Urbano; $ 84.94 points. Made from organically grown grapes, this luxurious and full-bodied red wine has attractive aromas of baked plum, new leather, camphor and violet. Soft and enveloping, the delicious palate delivers bites of fruit cake, baking spices, fleshy blackberries and liquorice.

Amarone: The Delicate Red With A Bitter Name

Regardless of this, Amarone has only been produced for around 60 years. What happens during the app is simple. When the grapes begin to dry out, they also lose 25-30% of their natural water and wither, more like raisins than grapes. Strong and complex aromas of dried plums with “balsamic” traces. Quite dry, smooth and light acidity, with aromas of baked cherries, chocolate and cinnamon and structured and noble tannins. Serve with grilled or roasted red meat, game and hard cheeses such as Parmesan.

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What is closest to pure Amarone that you can get and that is from your growing region is your best and smartest choice. It comes from the Valpolicella region in northern Italy. The special thing about Amarone is not only the strict, delicate and often lengthy process, but the unmistakable deep and rich complexity of each sip. For the big red wine lovers, we know that after the first Amarone you will be waiting for more. Amarone Della Valpolicella, Veneto, Italy- Deep ruby red, full-bodied, with a very complex nose of nuts and almonds with a hint of anise. The flavors are extremely rich with a long, smooth finish.

What About Wine Mixes?

Aged in oak barrels balances and ages the flavors, adds complexity and is the best way to enjoy Amarone wine. Unlike other wines, where the toasted notes of oak ripening can overlay more delicate aromas, oak adds structure but is difficult to enjoy even against the strong and distinctive aromas. This way, aging really offsets how bold and ripe those flavors can be. Tedeschi 2015CapitelMonteOlmiRiserva; $ 99, 92 points. This single vineyard bottling opens with multifaceted aromas of new leather, forest floor, fragrant purple flowers and spices. The bold and tightly concentrated palate distributes baked plums, steamed plums, nutmeg and liquorice, framed by velvety tannins and tightly meshed.

  • It comes from the Valpolicella region in northern Italy.
  • In the morning, a tour of Verona is planned to enjoy its artistic heritage, then a visit to the Aldegheri winery, which requires no introduction.
  • This is the top wine of the winery, which is only produced in the best vintages.
  • Of the best flavors that Amarone has to offer.

The alcohol content easily exceeds fifteen percent. This process of drying the grapes (usually in a room with controlled temperature and humidity) is known as appassimento and is only used for a few other wines around the world. Amarone, or more formally Amarone della Valpolicella, will always be considered one of the most important red wines in Italy. Due to its unique production method, as well as the fact that the typical alcohol content is 15.5% or 16%, Amarone is also one of the most distinctive wines in the world. As a rule, Amarone itself is a dry or almost dry wine, although it can be semi-sweet when mixed with sweet grape varieties.

The Beginner’s Guide To Amarone Wine

The drying process creates a polymerisation of the tannins in the skin, which contributes to the overall balance of the finished wine. Amarone production is actually a fairly recent development. Over a thousand years old, local producers used native red varieties and naturally dried them to make a sweet red wine now known as Recioto della Valpolicella. It was not until the mid or late 1950s that some manufacturers produced a dry red wine using the Appassimento process. Legend has it that the early examples of Amarone were actually a lucky mistake as the winemakers allowed the grapes to dry for too long, resulting in a dry rather than sweet wine.

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Aromas of ripe red plum, new leather, blue flower and pipe tobacco mix in this deep red. The full-bodied palate shows plums, raisins, liquorice and sandalwood as well as velvety and tightly woven tannins. The Amarone is produced in 19 municipalities in the north-eastern province of Verona and is made from dried grapes, a method known in Italian as passimento. After harvesting high quality grapes that can withstand the grape drying process, the grapes are carefully placed in a single layer in wooden boxes or on bamboo shelves to allow air to circulate.

Zenato Amarone

Zenato2015 SergioZenatoRiserva; $ 97.93 points. Violets, ripe fruit with black skin and new leather are just some of the flavors you get in this big and bold red. Powerfully structured, the full-bodied palate presents itself with prunes, fruit cake and liquorice, framed by velvety and tightly woven tannins. Amarone della Valpolicella, or simply Amarone, is an Italian red wine made from partially dried grapes of the Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara varieties. In 2009 he received the status Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita. After harvest, the grapes are typically dried for 120 days, resulting in a stronger, more concentrated wine with minimal acidity.

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Known for its very strong and powerful taste. It is also high in alcohol, up to one percent. Amarone is a firm favorite here in Vincarta. That’s why we wanted to give you the spotlight you deserve. In this short guide, we’ll explain everything you need to know. From the history, creation and taste of a typical bottle of our favorite wine.

In Search Of Amarone: A Four

Aromas of leather, menthol, dried fruit, exotic spices and a balsamic note emerge in this full-bodied wine. On the firmly structured palate, a tannic backbone supports dried black cherries, raisins, liquorice and tobacco. The acidity gives your wine a fresh, luminous and wrinkled feel. The best Amarone wines are characterized by high acidity as they help create the pronounced ripe fruit flavor for which the wine stands out. Modern wines need to be particularly acidic, while vintage wines with a medium acidity can go through to develop the more complex and earthy tones.

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You will also notice the heat of the alcohol showing in the end, but the meaty fruit flavors won’t let you get the better of you. Like many other famous Italian foods and wines, Amarone was accidentally discovered. In fact, a sweet, red dessert wine called Recioto was originally made in Valpolicella. In the 1930s a barrel of Recioto was forgotten in the cellar and the wine continued to ferment until it was dry.

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While our main goal is to give a broad overview of Amarone, there is plenty of refreshing data for the fans. In the morning, a tour of Verona is planned to enjoy its artistic heritage, then a visit to the Aldegheri winery, which requires no introduction. His wines are huge and luxuriously rich, with lots of dark and explosive spices emerging from a sea of puree.

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The tannins provide a certain astringency, which is balanced by the ripe and classic fruity flavors. They also provide structure and give strong, rich flavors more punch. Compared to traditional Amarone wines, modern wines tend to taste a little less strong and fresh and show ripe fruit aromas with more residual sugar, which leads to more semi-dry wines. They present softer tannins and a smoother finish, but also have a remarkable balance. While there are many grape varieties throughout the growing area, including Molinara, Corvina, and Rondinella, Amarone receives the most attention. The grapes from northern Italy are valued for their special “dry” and taste properties and are significantly less sweet than many grapes from the same region.

Traditional or aged wines tend to be exceptionally complex, with earthy notes and even a touch of caramel from the drying process. These varieties typically contain a higher alcohol content, up to an average of seventeen percent. Since these wines tend to mature in barrels for a long time, they tend to be round and balanced, robust wines with deep flavors. If they don’t age enough, they may be at risk from less structured tannins. Valpolicella is located in the province of Verona, in the large Veneto region near Venice.

Amarone is a well-known Italian red wine that is dry. The reason for its nickname is simply to distinguish it from other wines from the same region, which are typically sweet wines. While wine is fairly well known, it is also true that not many drink it regularly as it also tends to be more expensive than other well-known red wines like Merlot and Pinot Noir.

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