Best served neat, Gray Goose is one of the original ultra-premium vodkas on the market, offering a deliciously crispy taste with a smooth finish. This suppleness is due to the fact that Gray Goose is distilled five times. It’s one of the creamiest vodkas available with a clear, grainy nose and a spicy palate with a hint of star anise. I always drank this years ago and thought it was great vodka and how times have changed. I think Absolute has very little alcohol flavor when refrigerated, but when served at room temperature, that flavor comes out.

It’s one of the best Russian vodkas out there, and this brand has a wide portfolio of vodkas. The original is 80 proof, there is a 100 proof version, Stoli Gold is distilled from wheat and there is gluten-free vodka. Made from French winter wheat and water from the Cognac region, this French vodka was one of the first super premium vodkas to hit the market. With its toasted and spicy notes combined with a creamy finish, it’s easy to see why it remains a classic. Van Gogh Vodka is a benchmark for vodka with a smooth, clean and refreshing taste.


Most plain vodkas and almost all Russian vodkas are made from wheat, while Polish vodka prefers rye and Finnish vodka prefers barley. If vodka is made from anything other than potato or cereal grains, like Ciroc, which is made from grapes, it must be legally declared on the bottle. Thanks to its low price and wide availability, it is one of the most famous vodkas in the world. Its light taste means that it is a vodka intended to be mixed into cocktails to extract the complementary flavors of the other ingredients.

Belle Meade Bourbon Review

I kept a bottle of Absolut in my bar for years thinking I had a good quality product. It wasn’t until after enjoying numerous taste test brands that I realized how inferior Absolute is. It’s definitely not a vodka to drink on its own or in a martini. The nose is a bit complex and interesting in a pleasant way. When it’s on you’ll have a gill burn and can start a fire in your rice sack, but on rocks with a moment or two of melted ice, this stuff provides a complex, full-bodied, wheat-based experience. Various suggestive aromas, light sweetness, good mineral water, winter cereals, filling in the mouth and little aftertaste.

Neft Vodka

This French vodka is distilled five times from Mauzac Blanc and Ugni Blanc grapes. The final distillation takes place in a custom-made copper still at the Distillerie de Maison Villevert-Chevancaux in the French countryside. The main vodka is 80 Proof and Cîroc offers 70 Proof flavored vodkas. The line includes apple, coconut, French vanilla, mango, peach, pineapple and red berries. It’s also very common to find limited edition flavors.

The portfolio includes an equally impressive wheat vodka, and rye vodka is also the basis for the delicious Dorda Double Chocolate Liqueur. Chopin’s vodkas are 80 percent and designed to show the best flavor that can be obtained with locally grown single ingredient vodkas. Titos is a multi-billion dollar “small batch” brand and a top-selling vodka in the United States.

Review: Absolut Watermelon Vodka

The result is an incredibly smooth liqueur with hints of pear, citrus and honeysuckle. It is crystalline with a slightly sweet smell and a round, plump taste. This is a vodka known for its many tasting notes, making it ideal to drink neat. Svedka’s affordable price makes it a great brand of vodka to have in your liquor cabinet at all times. Made from Swedish winter wheat and distilled five times, it is a column-distilled vodka with a spicy note after an initially sweet note.

  • With today’s great emphasis on “staying local” and supporting “artisanal” brands, it should make you feel good to know that all of the Absolut Vodka consumed worldwide comes from this small place.
  • It’s one of the creamiest vodkas available with a clear, grainy nose and a spicy palate with a hint of star anise.
  • “It’s almost like drinking a glass of spring water,” he said.
  • Thanks to the clean, absolutely neutral, high-percentage processing, it can be mixed wonderfully into cocktails.
  • Absolute Watermelon at 76 degrees is a bit heavier and the higher octane rating is obvious.

Warm drink has a very soft, smooth taste and a bitter finish that reminds me a bit of liquorice or a not-so-sweet fruit. Chilled in one go, it loses some of its taste, but still retains its suppleness as expected. Every bar in town has it on hand for a reason, it’s an excellent cocktail. I think the aftertaste mentioned above makes it a great pair with citrus flavors. I love it with orange or lime juices and especially grapefruits.

Absolut Vodka Review From Becky

The finish is warm, with a long, spicy heat, pure vodka and a sweet and sour watermelon peel taste. Absolute Watermelon at 76 degrees is a bit heavier and the higher octane rating is obvious. From a taste perspective, Absolut Watermelon is perhaps the most delicious watermelon-flavored vodka on the market today.

Belle Meade Bourbon Review

The vodka is made from a single farm winter wheat and uses old school distillation methods including the use of a vintage copper column. “Some vodkas can be extremely hard to taste and others can even be brutal on the nose. The vodkas I tend to go for are the easiest vodkas to go down or make a great starting point for my mixes.

Absolut Vodka Review From Marius

A hint of citrus and a hint of sweetness make for a lingering finish that goes well with many classic vodka cocktails. The ingredients of Gray Goose come exclusively from France, where it is also distilled and bottled, with winter wheat from Picardy and spring water from Gensac-la-Pallue. He also has a proof of 80, claiming that unlike many of his competitors, his vodka only requires one distillation. Chopin is still a brand of unflavoured vodka, although it evolved from potatoes.

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Nelson’s Green Brier Tennessee Whiskey Review – Paste.

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And is made exclusively from winter wheat and pure well water. It stands out as the cleanest vodka on the market thanks to its continuous distillation process, developed by founder Lars Olsson Smith. Absolut Vodka has a clean taste with light grain tones and fruity notes. We test Absolut in different ways, pure, cold and mixed.

Worthy of its high price, it is a delicious and exclusive vodka that, if found, should only be enjoyed neat. Beluga is produced in the Mariinsk Distillery in the heart of Siberia; one of the cleanest and most peaceful areas of Russia for the environment. This distillery uses state of the art equipment and advanced quality control systems at every stage of production to keep the Beluga brand at the forefront of the ultra premium vodka category. As a relatively straightforward liqueur, vodka can be distilled from almost anything. It is mainly made by fermenting potatoes or grains like wheat or rye.

High quality vodkas have 96.5 percent alcohol, while low quality bottles have 95 percent. There are only two ingredients in a bottle of vodka: 60 and 40 percent ethanol and water, respectively. Plain vodka is the most popular cocktail liqueur in the world due to its lack of taste, and the strong flavors or flavors come from the distillation process rather than the liqueur itself.

About Absolut Vodka

As I said, it goes well together and that is a good thing. I haven’t had a chance to make a martini yet, but I don’t expect any major ups and downs with it. I still prefer Stolli and Sobieski to Absolute, but I don’t drink that much vodka these days either. This is a good vodka, but not great, now surpassed by other better ones on the market. Inspired by three centuries of Dutch family tradition of distillation, this wheat vodka is made from a combination of modern column distillation and charcoal-copper stills that give the brand its name.

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