NÉBOA is made from grapes from 75 year old vineyards grown on slate soils, which gives this wine a unique character due to its precise position in the world. In the nose, the minerality predominates, definitely a product of the terroir, together with predominantly lemon-citrus. The smooth and balanced minerality on the palate is combined with a little sweetness, which softens the crunchy acidity. Clean and fresh with weight on the palate, this would make an excellent wine to go with fish dishes with a little spice.

Affordable wine pairings for classic takeaway options – Metro.co.uk

Affordable wine pairings for classic takeaway options.

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A vegetarian, plant-based and meatless curry for a healthy alternative to lunch or dinner. This Indian-style stew is packed with flavors and spices and goes perfectly with the best red wines. A vegetarian soup recipe is all it takes to warm your hearts over a delicious dinner. You need to pair this delicious soup with a light, crisp and fruity white wine. Are you looking for a fancy dinner recipe that you can prepare in the comfort of your own home? Open some bottles of rich white wine and pair it with this delicious garlic crab recipe.

We Celebrate National Albariño Month With A Little Enthusiasm

It’s perfect to complement and enhance a mild chicken breast recipe. A simple and perfect dinner recipe if you’re looking for a meal idea for the whole family. Perfect as an idea for a packed lunch and a perfect dish for parties together.

Albariño wine is a crisp white wine made in the Rías Baixas region of Spain along the Atlantic coast. It is estimated that more than 99% of all wine produced in the Rías Baixas is white. Most Albariño wines are very dry and aromatic with a pale golden color in the glass. The flavor profile is packed with citrus and stone fruits like mango and apricot. When visiting the New York waterfront, I went to a local wine store recommended by my friends. I asked the owner to recommend his favorite white to go with the fish dish we prepared that evening.

Spanish Albariño

In contrast, warmer regions with loamy soils produce albariños with ripe fruit characteristics and less acidity. The cooler climate and sandy soils of Galicia create an Albariño with more citrus flavors and more acidity. Albariño offers a light and refreshing body with high acidity. Expect flavors of lemon, lime, pear, grapefruit, honeysuckle, nectarine and the occasional orange peel with subtle notes of granite and basil on the nose. The slightly bitter taste comes from the thick skin of the grapes, which makes Albariño ideal for cleaning the palate. This is the best sweet potato curry recipe with an amazing flavor profile.

Albarino Wine Pairing

With the amount of tropical fruit, La Caña goes well with white fish tacos with mango salsa or any type of tropical seafood that focuses on fruit and fish. From its ancient origins in Spain, Albariño has developed into a unique and sought-after Spanish wine. Combine a bottle of Albariño with light fish or chicken dishes or serve it alone as a delicious starter. We publish an average of two blog posts per week, most of them with food and wine pairings, as well as tasting notes and information about the winery.

Primary Flavors

Albariño goes best with all types of seafood, especially white fish. Other dishes such as risotto with seafood, fish tacos, oysters, clams, clams and everything else from the sea go perfectly with this white wine. The crisp and fresh flavors of Albariño / Alvarinho make it a perfect combination with many fish dishes. The grape is grown near the Atlantic Ocean and local seafood is a great food option.

  • This almond milk and shrimp combo is a must as it has a full flavor similar to Thai coconut curry.
  • It also goes well with a variety of cheeses, snacks and lighter dishes.
  • This pairing guide has everything you need to know about pairing Albariño and Alvarinho.
  • A perfect combination of mussels and basil for a healthy soup recipe.

Tangent is a pale straw yellow wine that expresses itself with a large citrus nose dominated by ripe mandarins. It has a sharp acidity in the mouth, which leads to a long and clean finish. The fresh fruit flavors become soft on the tongue and the overall feel of the wine is fruity and fresh. The Albariño La Caña 2017 has a bold nose with tropical fruit aromas, with pineapple and mango bursting at the seams. The wine is fermented in the barrel for eight months, which gives it the ability to support its own weight and complexity without affecting the fruity taste.

Wonderful Watermelon Recipes

Spanish tapas, grilled vegetables, caprese and even a Caesar salad go great with this wine. As you can see, this wine is diverse enough to complement all kinds of dishes. The winemaking process here rarely involves oak aging, so you don’t have to worry about overwhelming vanilla flavors.

Wine, etc.: In wine, variety is the spice of life COMMENTARY – Capital Gazette

Wine, etc.: In wine, variety is the spice of life COMMENTARY.

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Although they are the same grape, there are some variations in these wines that allow different types of pairings. Another important formula to keep in mind when preparing a well-coordinated dinner is: “What grows together goes together”. One of the most perfect examples of this combination of food and wine is albariño and seafood. This seafood stew is the perfect family meal recipe that you can make in under an hour. A seafood dinner recipe with a combination of mixed seafood and chorizo flavors that will satisfy your seafood cravings.

Why This Wine Is Paired With This Recipe:

Before we learn more about Albariño Food Pairing, let’s review its history. Albariño is a delicious, crisp and refreshing white wine that is ideal with seafood. When you say wine in Spain, everyone turns to this characteristic wine. It comes from the northwest coast of Spain near the Rías Baixas in Galicia. In fact, this region is known as the birthplace of the Albariño.

Albarino Wine Pairing

Terras Gauda 2016 Abadía de San Campio Albariño (Rías Baixas); $ 20.89 points. The moderately floral aromas of stone fruit and fresh carrot juice enter a round, balanced and well-formed palate. This wine has a slightly light taste with a medium-long finish.

Everything About Albarino Wine

Fish and shellfish go perfectly with the acidity, salt content and citrus flavors of this wine. Albariño / alvarinho is also good as an aperitif, with cheese, tapas and many lighter dishes. This pairing guide has everything you need to know about pairing Albariño and Alvarinho. Albariño and Alvarinho make refreshing white wines with high acidity and citrus aromas. The Albarino wine is best for those who like a slight acidic or salty taste in their wine. Albarino is naturally lower in sugar due to the processing of the grapes.

Albarino Wine Pairing

Our newly created teen didn’t think about the wine pairing aspect of the prawns, but knew this would go well. The minerality and freshness of the Albariño is a perfect companion for seafood. To add to the pairing, there’s the salty taste of the soy marinade I use for the shrimp. Like most white wines, the Albarina grapes ripen by removing the skin from the grape.

Galicia, Spain

Clams, oysters, clams, scallops and prawns – basically all kinds of seafood go well with Albariño / Alvarinho. The Albarino is absolutely perfect in combination with fish of all kinds. The fresh acidity of the wine combines well with the aromatic qualities of the fish and also works as an effective palate cleanser. Wine is best enjoyed with sole, trout, halibut, and sea bass, and seafood such as shrimp and crab. The next time you’re out for tapas or throwing a tapas party at home, impress your friends by knowing which wine goes best with those tasty bites. As expected, the Albariño from the Rías Baixas goes better with the Easy Sauteed Shrimp, which I made at the request of the birthday child.

Albarino Wine Pairing

Albariño and Alvarinho go well with a wide variety of dishes, especially those from the sea. This grape variety produces fresh white wines of high quality and high acidity that are ideal with fish and shellfish. The albariño and alvarinho combo also includes cheese, vegetarian dishes and, believe it or not, pork. This wine guide will tell you more about the best way to pair Albariño and Alvarinho with food. La Marea is medium-bodied with a balanced acidity and strong citrus fruit aromas on the palate. Oysters or a crab dish also go well with it, served raw or with a light tempura and lemon butter sauce.


There are so many creative recipes made with cauliflower; one of them is delicious vegetarian gnocchi. This healthy gnocchi recipe is perfect for those on a strict low-carb diet. You can serve this Italian gnocchi recipe with a nice bottle of white wine. Albariño / Alvarinho is an excellent choice for seafood and fish. Thanks to its high acidity and minerality, wine made from this grape goes well with many different dishes.

It’s also good for those who want to watch the amount of sugar they add to their body. The albarino usually goes well with foods that may have originated from the coast. This type of wine goes well with lighter meats like fish or shellfish and salty cheeses like feta. Albarino can also complement vegetables such as green sauce, peppers or lettuce. When vacationing near the coast, ask for albarino to go with your next fish dish. This grilled chicken breast dinner recipe has a sweet, salty, and tangy flavor profile.

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