Technically speaking, it is not bourbon, as it has matured in “bourbon-soaked” barrels rather than in new oak. “This is an easily available whiskey with many of the characteristics of a good bourbon (may grain, caramel, vanilla, orchard fruit, and sweet spices) but in a much creamy form with softer edges. A short apricot acid sweetness elegantly to balance this would be a great introductory whiskey for someone dipping their toes in the bourbon pool. It is also a fitting suggestion for someone who wants to try something different in the American whiskey field. The taste is just as sweet, a candy made from candy cubes and a handful of nuts. The spice unfolds on the tongue, starts out mild but more pronounced than in the nose and becomes sharp over time.

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In today’s whiskey boom, it is often difficult to find a whiskey producer with whiskeys that are not only good but also have the whiskey style you prefer, be it bourbon, rye, or just plain good American whiskey. How are real quality whiskeys separated from smooth whiskeys? Unfortunately, these questions are not easy to answer. That being said, sometimes you get lucky and find a brand or distillery that always hits the mark, and for me one of those brands is Michter’s Distillery. With new brands spreading all the time, it is not surprising that Michter whiskeys are growing in popularity with wider distribution outside of the United States. I got the chance to try this very friendly whiskey during the WhiskyLive event last month.

Reborn Michters Owes Its Depth To The Female Palate

My friends and I tried this whiskey as no one in our group had tried Michter’s and we were impressed with how easy this whiskey is. From some of us who are regular whiskey drinkers to some of us who are new to whiskey, we all agreed that this is a good whiskey and even chose it as our whiskey of the evening. Michter has his main products as bourbons, I was expecting a strong wood or oak profile, but it was surprising that this is a very smooth and friendly American whiskey and the newbies liked it too. It was so smooth that we thought it would be hard not to empty the entire bottle at once once you open a bottle of it.

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Michter’s legacy comes from Swiss Mennonite farmers who distilled rye whiskey in 1753 and legend has it that this whiskey warmed the revolutionaries in Valley Forge. Indeed, the long and legendary story in Ellen Jaye is told brilliantly and in great detail. They trace their story back to a sale to Abraham Bomberger in 1850 until it was closed due to prohibition in 1919.

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First comes the sweetness, a concentrated quality, then the aromas of corn and rye smoke wood. There’s a clear link to Michter’s America’s # 1 unmixed American whiskey, but the new charred barrel makes the bourbon version a superior product in my opinion. Notes of oak, white pepper, honey, peaches and raisins lingered in my mouth for a while, with the predominant flavor being white pepper which gives the finish a subtle warmth and spice. The entry into the lower entry test gives you the opportunity to expand our access to a deeper taste profile, as was explained to me at Michter’s. Also, the fact that they combine roasting with charring their barrels gives the juice a deeper access to the taste hidden in the oak, as I understand it.

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Then buttered rye toast, corn porridge and a little vanilla come out of nowhere too late for the party. I wish it had a slightly fuller mouthfeel, but that could be due to poor testing and / or leakage. The mint brings us to the medium-length finish, which is slightly spicy and a little sweet. My final thoughts on Michter’s US ☆ 1 main range are that there really is a style of whiskey for every palate. What Michter’s has created are very versatile and deeply spicy whiskeys that always offer their drinkers a high quality whiskey, regardless of what expression they are looking for.

Michter’s Us * 1 American Whiskey

The label says it will not be mixed as the whiskey is not mixed with neutral grain brandy. The reason this whiskey is called “American Whiskey” instead of “Bourbon” is because of the barrels. Bourbon must be aged in new charred American white oak barrels, and this is aged in barrels that were previously used to age the bourbon, or “bourbon soaked” as the brand likes to say.

Michter’s US 1 Bourbon is made from a carefully selected oatmeal puree with the highest quality American corn. It is then matured to the highest level of perfection in barrels, which are often aged for more than eight years. Truly a “small batch”, each batch of our US 1 Bourbon usually consists of no more than two dozen casks which leave no room to “mix” imperfections and therefore require the excellence of each cask.

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As always with a distillery that is transitioning from distilling or contract sourcing to making its own whiskey, or continuing to do both at the same time, it will be interesting to compare flavor profiles. It gets even more complex with a single barrel release as each barrel is slightly different from the next and a distillery has to decide whether to try to replicate the whiskey it released or go down a whole new path. Regardless of what the future holds for Michter’s, I highly recommend enjoying this bottle in the present, or maybe grabbing two and picking up one to see how it can withstand a single-barrel release from Michter in a decade. It’s really nice, sweet and fruity like a bakery made from almond, turbinado and pear extract.

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A stream of toasted wood will keep things from getting too cute. The finish is defined by its lingering vanilla aftertaste and a slightly sharp sheen. Michter always sounded like an Irish brand of cola to us, or maybe one of the trillions of failed diagnoses in an episode of House. It’s actually an invented word and the brainchild of mid-20th century distillery owner Louis Forman, co-owner of the Pennsylvania distillery with Charles Everett Beam, yes, that family. After the takeover by Forman, he named the first sour-sour-mash whiskey “Michter’s” after his sons Michael and Peter, which made Michter’s the Kimye of American whiskeys.

Michter’s Us * 1 Bourbon

The only explanation I can find for this is the very low security of entry that Michter uses for these whiskeys. With a lower input test, the whiskey interacts better with the sugars and flavors in the barrel (i.e. more flavors) during aging and less water is needed in the end to achieve the desired test. Because of this, there are also fewer alcohol burns generally associated with whiskeys that are just as tasty as these. Overall, the result is a range of smooth, yet flavorful whiskeys that can be fully appreciated by both seasoned connoisseurs and newcomers to American whiskey. From the mainstream, the Sour Mash Whiskey is the star of the show for me with its complexity and flavors, but honestly the rest is not far behind.

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It is unclear whether these were used by Michter or someone else, but it seems clear that the barrels have a little less to offer the whiskey as it ages. A second linguistic point of contention is the label “unmixed” offered by Michter, since American whiskey is never diluted with neutral grain spirits. That’s great, but it doesn’t mean that every bottle isn’t a “mix” of different whiskeys of different ages and experience. To be fair, these are not false definitions, but excellent marketing. KY, USA – Unlike bourbon or rye, this whiskey is aged using barrels soaked in whiskey to create a unique, rich flavor profile.

Us1 American Whiskey

We started the event with this whiskey and at the end of the night we returned for another drink to end the night. Unfortunately, this particular bottle will be released in my country next year, so my friends and I are eagerly awaiting the arrival of this bottle to get our hands on it. The designation of a straight bourbon means that the whiskey follows these guidelines as well as the age on this charred oak of at least two years. They deserve the Kentucky Straight Bourbon label if you follow these and are distilled and aged in Kentucky for at least a year.

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I was once a firm believer in the creed that a brand known for offering a high quality product should hold on to that product and not, as a football coach put it, be “too chic”. I’ve tried enough false starts in the bourbon world to build my righteousness (see the B&B archives for examples) but more than one made me question this. Bourbon is matured for at least 2 years and usually around 4 years in order to achieve its specific taste profile. Michter’s Bourbon retains a test rating of 91.4 when bottled, which gives it a slightly higher volume percentage than average alcohol content than most of its competitors in the market. Very fruity and sweet, this Michter whiskey drips positively with caramel and caramel, enlivened by toasted notes and a hint of vanilla and dried fruits.

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This allows for a mild taste with a less intense smoky and charred influence found in bourbons. Instead, it tastes of sweetness, oak, mint and spices. Today the whiskey is distilled, aged and bottled at the Kentucky Bourbon Distillers for Chatham Imports Inc. Michter’s website says it’s pure bourbon, but strangely enough, it doesn’t say that on the bottle label.

The word “unmixed” refers to the fact that it does not contain grain-neutral saliva. The label itself refers to “Bourbon Soaked Barrels”, a clear indication of the use of ex-Bourbon barrels. Since the blend does not contain any neutral grain spirits, the whiskey is “unmixed”.

Michters Us * 1 American Whiskey Review

It ran into financial difficulties in the 1990s, sold its whiskey holdings, but was recently repurchased and reopened in 2006. Since the 1980s, the brand has been produced under contract with distilleries in Kentucky without their own distillery. Michter’s announced plans to build a $ 7.8 million distillery in Louisville to serve as the home of his whiskey.

  • It is unclear whether these were used by Michter or someone else, but it seems clear that the barrels have a little less to offer the whiskey as it ages.
  • Corn, honey and vanilla are immediately noticeable when swallowed.
  • Michter’s website says it’s pure bourbon, but strangely enough, it doesn’t say that on the bottle label.
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