Slight hints of coffee come at the end, adding a layer of complexity you didn’t expect. So let me repeat that this wine is a real sugar bomb, all the jam and juicy raisins overwhelm a finish that may very well seem too much. If you are looking for nuances, you have to apply elsewhere … But if you are looking for a skillful curiosity, you can get something from it. Overripe, fruity and without barrel or bourbon taste, this high-octane wine bursts with simple raspberry and blackberry aromas in a smooth texture.

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Wine Is a Gimmick Born Out of Necessity – VinePair

Bourbon Barrel-Aged Wine Is a Gimmick Born Out of Necessity.

Posted: Mon, 18 Dec 2017 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Red wine makes up 56% of the total volume and red grapes 63% of the total hectare cultivated. In addition, several California red wines are advertised as one of the most prestigious and sought-after wines in the world. Enter your email address to unlock full scores, detailed tasting notes, and FREE access to nearly 300,000 wine, beer, and spirits reviews. In addition, old vineyards naturally produce less fruit. This factor naturally limits the vine’s tendency to overproduce. While quantity is the ultimate goal, a problem, it is an essential factor in producing high quality wines.

A Little Story About The Ancient Romans

Next, I taste the first white wine, a Chardonnay that I have subjected to a bourbon barrel treatment. I have to say that the 1000 Stories brand, a Fetzer label that ultimately belongs to the Chilean Concha y Toro, is only matured in bourbon barrels. Zinfandel, Prospector’s Proof and Carignan are aged this way. They’re also the same price, $ 19, which clearly indicates the primacy of marketing and accounting in the winemaking process. A wasn’t very hopeful considering how difficult it was to get started in this category, but this wine does a little better than expected. It’s extremely sweet straight out of the box, but this is mitigated by some big berry notes – blackberry and blueberry, plus lots of milk chocolate, vanilla, and a few tea leaves.

1000 Stories Zinfandel Review

In recent years, a handful of wineries have experimented with aging their wines in bourbon casks. Bourbon barrels give very distinctive aromatic and aromatic notes and it is up to you to decide whether you like them. Bourbon barrels are most often used in red wines, especially full-bodied red wines such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Tannat. It adds alcohol, sweetness, caramel flavors, bourbon flavors, and smoke to the nose in various ways.

In Search Of Wisdom Over A Glass Of Bourbon And A Good Book

Individual batches of this fascinating wine began the aging process in traditional American and French oak barrels before being introduced into new bourbon barrels. The characteristic charcoal in these coveted vessels gave the nose and palate attractive smoky notes, the lasting impression is rich in vanilla, dried herbs and a hint of caramel. The mighty buffalo is an iconic symbol of American heritage, a legacy of a thousand stories, unique traditions, and a pioneering spirit.

Aging has such a broad impact on the smell and taste of the end product that it is strictly controlled to ensure a consistent product batch by batch. In the case of Scotch whiskey, distilleries have long-term contracts with suppliers specifying terms and conditions for the casks. Commonly used sherry barrels that started out as bourbon barrels are the container of choice.

Never The Same Story

Applies to shipping within California only. It does not apply to shipments to other countries. Orders with free local delivery of more than 3 or 6 bottles. The state’s most famous red wine region is of course the Napa Valley, where Cabernet Sauvignon rules. But California boasts a host of other impressive denominations. Much larger and climatically more diverse, Sonoma County also produces world-class California cabernets, along with wonderful examples of California Pinot Noir and Zinfandel.

Wine aged in Bourbon barrels takes USA by storm – The Drinks Business

Wine aged in Bourbon barrels takes USA by storm.

Posted: Fri, 13 Apr 2018 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Additionally, the winemakers have learned how well some of the old pruning and cultivation methods have worked and are trying to apply those principles to new plantings. Zinfandel wine made in the traditional way can be drinkless, easy to drink and with jam, or it can be aged in oak and full-bodied. Old grape varieties can be particularly intense and rich.

1000 Stories Zinfandel Bourbon Barrel Aged

Mendocino, CA – Some Zinfandel parcels are aged in American and French oak and then refined in used bourbon barrels, adding rich aromas of vanilla, dried herbs, caramel and cloves to the wine. You will have many wonderful stories to tell when you serve 1000 Stories of Zinfandel to your friends. Deep, deep purple invites you in, and rich raspberry and spice flavors seal the deal. What began as an experiment has now become a passion. As time went on and the wine developed, it became clear that the result would be exceptional. The story of Bob and Charlie is no longer a secret and is shared in every 1,000 story bottle.

1000 Stories Zinfandel Review

1000 Stories Zinfandel has a deep, rich purple color. The nose is intense of raspberry fruit, with spices of black pepper and a hint of cloves and dried herbs. In the mouth it is full of ripe tannins, large black and red fruits, followed by a variety of spices. The wine ends with a touch of warmth that lasts over and over again.

Red Wine

Expect black fruit and spice flavors overall. The full flavors and a little sweetness make Zinfandel a great addition to grilled and grilled meat, especially those cooked in sweet sauces or tomato-based. It’s the perfect combination of wine and bourbon. There are hot grapes and sweet caramel and vanilla. Scotch whiskey must have matured in oak barrels for at least three years. Pure bourbon must have matured in oak for at least two years.

  • While the proportion of Cabernet vineyards that are even over 25 years old is minimal, it is quite possible to taste the fruits of a fully ripe Zinfandel vineyard often at half the price.
  • If you can find it, I recommend grabbing a bottle or two.
  • The batch is then completed with a layer of smoke resulting from the new aging in bourbon casks.
  • But if you are looking for a skillful curiosity, you can get something from it.

The label on the bottle shows a magnificent buffalo and reminded me of a groundbreaking expansion into the western United States. Zinfandel is one of California’s classics and has been popular there since the days of the gold rush. The red Zinfandel grape thrives in warm climates, especially in parts of the Central and Sonoma valleys. When fully ripe, Zinfandel grapes contain high amounts of sugar, which can be completely fermented to a dry, alcohol-rich wine or partially left as residual sugar. It is obvious that this wine was aged in fantastic bourbon barrels. If you can find it, I recommend grabbing a bottle or two.

The vast majority of these are dedicated to Zinfandel. While the proportion of Cabernet vineyards that are even over 25 years old is minimal, it is quite possible to taste the fruits of a fully ripe Zinfandel vineyard often at half the price. I share my adventures in wine and life in hopes that you will want to drink some of the amazing wines that I discover along the way. I will share with you valuable and entertaining stories and information about wine, food and travel … Perhaps you enjoy it so much that you buy a wine I recommend or some merchandise I have designed.

1000 Stories Zinfandel Review

This blend shows the warm and delicious character of Zinfandel, which is emphasized by the time in our charred bourbon barrels, which gives the wine an elegant smoky finish. Over time, barrel aging refined the wine, adding depth and nuance to its daring character. A powerful new batch of 8-12 year old barrels was incorporated into the blend, resulting in 24% Old Bourbon and 3% New Bourbon in this batch.

The story of hard work and tenacity of our country lives on in each of us today and remains the essence of the character of America. This is the inspiration for 1,000 Stories, a unique wine that has matured in new bourbon barrels and reflects the pioneering spirit of our winemakers. It wasn’t a quick process, but creating something by hand that meets the highest standards is rare.

1000 Stories Zinfandel is aged in American and French oak barrels that were used for bourbon. Part of the wine was matured in new bourbon barrels from the famous bourbon houses Heaven Hill and Four Roses. 1000 Stories Bourbon Barrel Aged Zinfandel is a fairly new product. When I saw it at my local liquor store, I had to pick up a bottle. Offer valid for any online order over $ 150.

All wines listed on our website have been properly stored in a temperature controlled environment to ensure they do not spoil. Deep ruby color; ripe and tasty with blackberries and spices. Spicy, long and balanced, this wine matured in new and used bourbon barrels under the guidance of the winemaker Bob Blue. A touch of Petite Sirah and Syrah enhances these flavors even more with strong spices of black and white pepper. The batch is then completed with a layer of smoke resulting from the new aging in bourbon casks. California is a wine colossus; alone it is the fourth largest producer in the world.

1000 Stories Zinfandel Review

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